Fillertacular Special: AdmiralSakai and Serketry Riff Even More Godawful MLP Fanart (And A Wikipedia Page)

Hello hello all you patrons! Somebody didn’t post something somewhere, or something, so we’ve got an empty posting slot and a crapton of terrible MLP fanworks that Serketry and I riffed in Steam chat- and also a random Wikipedia page that pissed me off and I bothered him about. So let’s dive back into the wonderful world of anthropomorphic horse-girl pinups, bizarre facial expressions, and EEEEDGE!

As always, expect some rather more risque than usual visuals, and Serketry will be in bold.

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Fillertastic Special: AdmiralSakai and Serketry Riff Terrible MLP Fanart Episode III– Revenge of the Shit

You should know the drill by now. There’s a lot of My Little Pony fanart out there, and most of it is terrible or has unpleasant implications or is just plain confusing, and so Serketry and I riffed it over Steam chat and then reformatted everything into a Library post.

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Fillertacular Special: Admiralsakai and Serketry Riff MORE Terrible My Little Pony Fanart!

Hello hello, all you patrons. Someone didn’t get their riff in on time again, so that means it’s time for more chatlogs riffing the worst of the worst (or at least the funniest of the worst) My Little Pony fanart scraped from the depths of the fansite Equestria Daily!

Ok, fine, some of it’s not necessarily bad in a qualitiative sense; some of it’s just baffling or has uncomfortable implications to be read into it. But worthy of snark, regardless.

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Artastic Wednesday: Moblin Style

Unfortunately February continues to pound on me.  This week it was a quartet of being on-call, having to work overtime on a project that was dumped on me without much notice, blowing out a tire and having to spend many hours trapped at the auto repair shop waiting for them to replace it, and FPM throwing out her back while we were shoveling about a foot of snow off our driveway.  All within about three days of each other.  That all left me without any time or energy to actually get something written.

So, instead I give you this tribute to Carl and his people!  I searched up any moblin fanart I could find, and let me tell you there… is not a whole lot of it.

Even so, I did find a few to share with the class.

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2195: By Griffin Law — One Shot

Title: By Griffin Law
Author: moonking
Media: Animation
Topic: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
Genre: Romance, Drama, and “Dark” (but it’s actually just porn)
URL: Chapter 1 and Chapter 2
Critiqued by: Serketry and AdmiralSakai

The ‘fic under review today contains highly explicit and bizarre sexual content and… just… ick.

It’s a cold November day in RIFFCON, and the lone janitor makes his rounds, switching on consoles and turning up the thermostat. Seeing another opening…

Morning y’all, I’m Serk- wait…


Why isn’t this working?

*AdmiralSakai wanders out of another room in a bathrobe and Rainbow Dash slippers and promptly trips over some errant JPEG artifacts*


What’s all this?

Dammit, I’m snopping wrong. Morning, sir.

And a fine morning to you as well!

It won’t be for long, we got another orphan on the scopes.


*Sees that it is By Griffin Law*

You had to go and pick this one, didn’t you?

I’m just working down the list.

Yeah, full disclosure, I’ve read this thing cover to cover already, and… well, I won’t say it’s my least favorite clopfic, although I’m not really sure what my least favorite clopfic is since the stories I hate the most aren’t clearly for porn but rather grimdark or edgy ‘fics with a lot of sexual content in them, but…

So it’s tied for least favorite?

Yeah let’s just go with that.

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