2240: Madness – Oneshot


Author: FreddysNightmare1984
Media: Movie/Book
Topic:  Cujo
Genre: Horror/Tragedy
URL: Chapter 1
Critiqued by Ghostcat




Hello, dear Patrons, and welcome to a very short little oneshot that is from a source material we’ve never covered before – Cujo.

Yeah, I was kind of surprised that there a Cujo fanfics, too. There aren’t very many by fanfic standards, but there are even a handful of crossovers. Hope you’re ready to see the word rabies so many times that it starts to look like a made-up word!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the source materials, let me give you a brief synopsis;

Like most Stephen King works, the story revolves around the inhabitants of a Peculiar Small Town in Maine. The primary focus is on a young family – Vic and Donna, with their son Tad – who have just moved from New York City, but there are a handful of locals as well. Of primary concern is the Camber family – Joe, a local mechanic who happens to be an abusive asshat, his wife, Charity, and son Brett – who are the owners of the infamous Cujo. Joe, being an all around terrible person, doesn’t bother getting his dog vaccinated so when Cujo chases a rabbit into a small cave and subsequently gets bitten by a very startled bat, the poor Saint Bernard contracts rabies. Charity wins a small sum in the lottery and hides the fact from her husband while convincing him to let her take Brett to visit her sister for a week. Joe agrees, mainly so he can go whoring in Boston with his alcoholic neighbour Gary. Vic has to leave town for work due to a marketing disaster with a cereal that makes it look like you’re vomiting blood, so Donna takes their car (a Ford Pinto) to Joe’s for some repair work. Prior to her arrival, however, Cujo, driven mad by the virus running unchecked through his system, has attacked and killed Gary and Joe. Donna sees the dog acting strangely and tries to leave, but the Pinto (being a Pinto) breaks down, trapping Donna and Tad inside. There’s some more interpersonal relationship stuff that is really quite good despite the fact it was written while Stephen King was taking all the cocaine, but the main horror aspects are focused on Donna and Tad being trapped in the car, facing heatstroke and dehydration, while Cujo waits just outside. Donna does attempt to escape to the house to get help but is severely bitten, adding to their troubles. Vic comes home to find his house trashed and Donna and Tad missing, and it is first assumed that the ex-boyfriend Steve ransacked the place and kidnapped Donna and Tad so at first no one is even looking in the right place, and when a sheriff does finally visit the Camber house he is eventually killed by Cujo, thus prolonging their captivity. The book and movie differ on some points, but the basic facts (except for the ending) remain the same. It’s the sort of plot that would never occur to anyone in modern times, since the increasing sense of desperation and isolation would vanish with a single cell phone call.

Now that that’s over with, on to the fic! Since it’s short, let’s start with the summary.

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2165: Fight For Freedom — Oneshot

Title: Fight For Freedom
Author: Shadowflameking
Media: Cartoon / Video Game
Topic: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic / Fallout
Genre: Sci-Fi, Tragedy, and ‘Random’
URL: Fight For Freedom

*It’s a quiet morning at RIFFCON; absent the Admiral and his retinue of highly trained soldiers snarkers, the audible hum of computer equipment softly fills the room. That is, until a bearded, bespectacled human in a jumpsuit makes his way inside, pushing a mop bucket. He sits down at the vacant console an-*

Alright, that’s enough of that. Morning, y’all, I’m Serketry, one of Admiral Sakai’s staff. Sorry, no aliens this time, just me. While technically my list of duties includes I.T. support, squad-based tactics, and all things Homestuck, MLP, and Fallout, most of my assignments have been more… janitorial. Which means I’m here to start mucking out the Orphanage. This here’s my first riff all by my lonesome, so I’m gonna start with something that gives me the home field advantage…

Fight For Freedom, by Shadowflameking, featuring Gore, Violence, and Death.


How thoughtful of you, fimfiction, to just lay it all out like that. This isn’t the first MLP/Fallout crossover travesty this site’s seen, and with what’s still in the Orphanage, it won’t be the last. It’s either this or keep mopping the floors, and, between you and me, I’d rather riff a dozen shitty MLP fics than clean up after Guard-Novitiate Nina. *shudders*

Welp, time to go to work.

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1903: A spiritual waffles after an isolate existence – One Shot (But it’s actually 10 chapters)

Title: A spiritual waffles after an isolate existence
Author: Hamiltonlover2002
Media: Book/Musical/TV Show/Fanfiction
Topic: Harry Potter/Hamilton/Sherlock/Possibly My Immortal/Supernatural/Kitchen Sink
Genre: Tragedy/Supernatural
URL: Chapter One
Critiqued by Angie

Prologue lolz:

*takes a long drink of blood from a bottle she has* Alright, I guess I might as well search for fics to review so I have work set out for me after I finish Unknown Origins. Mmm…*clicks on a fanfiction*

…this can’t wait.

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1631: Merry Christmas Daniel & Tragic Christmas Story – Oneshots





Generic winter solstice greetings, Patrons!

I hope you are enjoying whatever holiday you may or may not celebrate. Since I’ve finished up with my last fic, I thought I’d follow my pattern from last year and go looking for a holiday-themed oneshots. And, lucky for you, I found quite a few! These two from the Danny Phantom series are both super-short, so today’s a two-fer post!

“WOO-HOO! Double trouble!”

:sigh: Also, Syl is back. And I’m pretty sure she’s drunk.

“Well, your bathtub is full of eggnog and I don’t want it to go to waste.” :sips from giant novelty mug shaped like a reindeer:


“You’re welcome!”

:deep, long-suffering sigh: Great.

Just a quick re-cap of the premise for the source materials, since I’ve covered fics from this section before I’m not going to go too in-depth. The animated show follows the adventures of Danny Fenton, who (thanks to a malfunction in one of his parents’ ghost-catching gadgets) can transform into a ghost form called Danny Phantom. Hijinks ensue.

“Sexy hijinks?”

Depends on the fanfic.

A word of warning; while both of these fics are technically Christmas-themed, they are not light and frothy drabbles. Prepare yourself for extremely serious subject matter.

:Syl reaches across the desk and places a festively blinking Santa hat on Ghostie’s head:

…Thanks, that really sets the tone that I was going for.

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1517: No One in this World is Perfect – One Shot

Title: No One in this World is Perfect
Author: Draco Malfoy is Blonde
Media: Books / Movie
Topic: Harry Potter / The Great Gatsby
Genre: Tragedy/Angst
URL: No One in this World is Perfect
Critiqued by Addicted Reader

::Addicted Reader wanders absent-mindedly into the Riffing Room::

::looks around::

Oh, there are Patrons here!  I guess I should do a riff.  Hold on, let me go find something.

::starts rummaging through ff.net::

Well, last time we were in the Harry Potter crossover section, specifically the bottom of the list where the canons with exactly one crossover story are listed.  Let’s keep looking there.

::scrolls for a while::

Oh, Great Gatsby!  That must be that odd little underwear fic from a while ago.

::clicks link::

Huh, it’s something else.

::spends a while clicking links and mumbling something about dashes and underscores::

Ok, so there are two listings for “Great Gatsby” under HP crossover.  There are four fics, including the underwear one, under one listing and just this one under the other.  The fic is short and the summary presents a premise worth looking at, so here goes:

Short conversation between Jay Gatsby and Severus Snape; because women are fickle or dead. (Gatsby didn’t die.)

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1473: Twitanic – Oneshot

Title: Twitanic
Author: WonderfullyMade
Media: Film/Book
Topic: Titanic/Twilight
Genre: Tragedy/Romance
URL:  Chapter 1
Critiqued by Ghostcat



Hello, dear Patrons!

I was browsing through my pile-o-fail the other day and thought to myself; “You know what I haven’t looked for recently? Twitanic fics!”

Because sometimes my brain really, really hates me and wants me to suffer. So why should I suffer alone?

For those of you who are newcomers in the Library, “Twitanic” is a name that numerous fanfic authors have given fics that blend together that town bicycle of fics, The Twilight Saga, with the 1997 film Titanic. This one is the fourth such fic I have worked on. The fics are completely unrelated, yet the exact same title keeps popping up. ‘Tis passing strange, it is.

This particular Twitanic is quite short in comparison to all of the others I’ve worked on, just a quick little oneshot to slake my thirst for this strange little side-fandom and give me a chance to wear my History Nerd hat. Let’s take a look at the summary, shall we?

Edward and Bella catch a ride on the Romantic Titanic for a Honeymoon right after the wedding in Breaking Dawn. They have a wonderful time till disaster strikes! Can Edward save Bella from the freezing Atlantic Ocean? Please R&R!

I don’t care if you tack “romantic” on to the name, if you call your cruise ship “Titanic” then you are just poking the hornets’ nest of fate with a sharp stick made of your own hubris. Unless this is the original Titanic, in which case – Wow. You aren’t do a very good job establishing the setting or time period, since the wreck and the wedding take place decades apart from each other and you’ve done nothing to link them together.

On to the fic!

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1076: Philosopher of Earth – Chapter Three

Title: Philosopher of Earth
Author: Evilcheez271
Media:  Television
Topic: My Little Pony
Genre: Tragedy / Adventure / Sad / Human / Gore
URL: Chapter Three
Critiqued by Crowbar

Oh hey-ho, everyone! This is The Magnificent Crowbar, and I am finally back with the next chapter of this… Trite.

Oh, and the last one was quite a while ago, so here’s a refresher.

Hoo boy, I should not feel even a little bit happy about this.

Anyways, here’s Philosopher of Earth, chapter 3! Enjoy.

*A painter secretly locks and barricades all exits from the viewing room*

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