Art-tastic Monday – Samurai Fox

I thought it’s be good to see what the characters from Star Fox looked like, since I have no knowledge of the series and (like most fics) there’s not much description given in the fic Herr W is riffing. Fan art is plentiful for the series, finding some that doesn’t feature female characters “enhanced” in structurally unsound ways is a bit more tricky. I have managed to find this little gem, which I quite like. The artist has an entire series of works based on different video games done in the same style.

376: Protective Secrets – Chapter 3

Title: Protective Secrets
Author: bim-bam58
Media: Manga/Anime
Topic:  Fruits Basket
Genre: Romance/Tragedy
URL: Chapter 3
Critiqued by Ghostcat

Salutations, delightful Patrons!

I’m here with the next chapter of my Fruits Basket fic, which I’m sure will be a non-stop cavalcade of excitement and action! Or it will be just as dull and pointless as the previous chapter, where the only thing of note to occur was Tohru’s lackluster revelation that she’s taken lessons in an unspecified martial art. It’s a toss-up at this point.

According to the Author’s Note at the beginning of this chapter it is actually half of a much longer chapter that the author decided to divide in two. That’s always a good sign. I’ll skip over the AN itself, since it’s not important to the fic, and jump right into the fic itself.

Given the author’s history of timesquiggling backwards and replaying the same scenes, I’ve returned to the DRD-proof bunker/ snack depository for my own safety. We’re out of cupcakes, though – but I did find my spare bottle of coffee-flavored rum!

Well, not really. I just put rum in the coffeemaker again.

:sips drink:

Onward to adventure!

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375: New World Order I: A planets Corupption – Chapter 11

Title: New World Order I: A planets Corupption
Author: Hustle Loyalty Respect
Media: Video Game
Topic:  StarFox
Genre: Adventure/Romance
URL: New World Order I: A planets Corupption: Chapter 11
Critiqued by Herr Wozzeck

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome back to this take on the New World Order.

Today, we actually hit the last chapter in which—surprise—nothing actually happens. Well, okay, something does happen, but it’s not a major plot element. Oh no. This isn’t a major plot element at all.

It’s a sex scene.

I swear to God, the most eventful thing that happens in this chapter is that Krystal boinks Jason-Stu. We sat through ten chapters of nearly non-stop stupidity, for a freaking sex scene.


Let’s just get this out of the way now. And yes, since this chapter has a sex scene, consider this a disclaimer saying that this installment of the New World Order riffing is NSFW.

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374: A Jedi’s Destiny: Episode I: Rise of the Sith Chapter Twelve, Part Eight

Title: A Jedi’s Destiny: Episode I: Rise of the Sith
Media: Movie
Topic: Star Wars / Land Before Time
Genre: Sci Fi / Adventure
URLA Jedi’s Destiny: Episode I: Rise of the Sith – Chapter 12
Critiqued by TacoMagic

Welcome back to another installment of the gargantuan chapter 12 of A Jedi’s Destiny.  Last time the fic seriously jumped the shark.  The datapad of endless knowledge (DEK) that Stupadawan has been carrying around just happens to be the key to not only unlock the secret base of super-secret awesomeness, but also to transfer administrative control of the base to Markus.

I honestly don’t know how anyone can think that this is a well crafted plot twist.  All the positive reviews of this story only go so far as to prove how unable people are to recognize quality… or incredible lack thereof.

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373: Once in A Lifetime – Chapter 1

Title: Once in A Lifetime
Author: NotWithoutYou
Topic: The Avengers
Genre: Romance/Humor
URL:Once in A Lifetime Chapter 1: A Stranger in New York
Critiqued by: Kate

Forward by Taco:

Kate is the snarking genius behind our sister site (as she mentions and links below; check it out, it’s good stuff).  We at the Library have been badgering Kate for a while to write a few guest posts for us, and she has obliged, much to our delight, and soon, to yours.


*Beware! Here be spoilers!*

Hey, readers! As I am a first-time snarker in this lovely library, allow me to introduce myself: I’m Kate. I make fun of Twilight. A lot. When I’m not making fun of Twilight, I need some other things to snark at, which is why I’m here. Today, I have for you a craptastic piece of Avengers fanfiction. The Avengers is one of those movies that spawned a metric asston of OC fanfiction, which means you can’t surf without drowning in Sues and crack fics. I had plenty of options to choose from.

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