1925: Maya and Raider – Chapter Eight

Title: Maya and Raider
Author: Eclipsepheniox
Media: Video Game
Topic: Borderlands
Genre: Adventure/Romance
URL: Chapter 8
Critiqued by Delta XIII

Well, I made a promise to myself that I would get to at least Chapter 8 by the end of the year, so let’s get this over with.

Maya and Raider
Chapter 8

(I’m all out of jokes for these parts)
(you guys got any ideas?)

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1923: Secrets Revealed – Chapter 7


Title: Secrets Revealed
Author: River Styx1201
Media: TV Show
Topic: Danny Phantom
Genre: Friendship/Romance
URL: Chapter 8
Critiqued by Ghostcat



Hello, dear Patrons, and welcome to the second-to-last installment of Secrets Revealed That’s right, just one more of these to go after this!

But first we have to get through this chapter. Hoo-ray.

Nothing very important happened in the last chapter, just a little more background into why Amethyst went all cray-cray. (Amethyst and Papa Sue’s families arranged a marriage between the two of them because they were such good friends but Papa Sue hooked up with Mama Sue instead and Ameythyst took it about as well as one of those tryhard mansplainers who bitch on social media about how treating a woman with basic human decency should entitle them to unlimited sex.)

A/N- Sorry for the wait. High school is a drag and I have been swamped with homework and orchestra UIL rehearsals. *sigh* Well, here’s chapter seven. Hope you enjoy and please review.

Oh, honey. I know high school feels like the worst thing ever at times, but things can get so, so much worse than that.

Chapter 7

Two Weeks Later

Isis Sue woke up from a coma to discover that she missed a zombie apocalypse?

Danny’s POV


I really need to screen these fics better.

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1918: Secrets Revealed – Chapter 6

Title: Secrets Revealed
Author: River Styx1201
Media: TV Show
Topic: Danny Phantom
Genre: Friendship/Romance
URL: Chapter 7
Critiqued by Ghostcat



Hello, dear Patrons, and welcome to another chapter of Secrets Revealed! The secrets have already been revealed, namely that Isis Sue is an angel with lots of very useful superpowers that she never uses even after being kidnapped and tortured for three days. Isis Sue was rescued (and quite quickly once Papa Sue actually did something) and the ‘evil’ dark angel Amethyst – who turned out to be a jealous ex-girlfriend – was beheaded by Papa Sue.

That’s one way to deal with a crazy stalker ex.

Most of what little plot there was seems to have been resolved, but there’s still a few chapters to go. Yay. And now, on to the fic!

A/N-Just a filler chapter and to clarify some details about why Amethyst felt justified for her actions.

:rubs forehead:

It really aggravates me when I see stuff like “Oh, this is just a filler chapter” because the author is essentially saying that this chapter has no meaning and is just taking up space. If a chapter – or a paragraph, or a character, or even a sentence – serves no purpose then it DOES NOT BELONG. Ninety percent of editing is cutting shit like this out of a work.

And what was wrong with Amethyst’s motivation? She was a scorned ex, which is one of the oldest forms of motivation in the world. It’s clichéd as hell, but it really doesn’t need any elaboration.

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1912: Secrets Revealed – Chapter 5

Title: Secrets Revealed
Author: River Styx1201
Media: TV Show
Topic: Danny Phantom
Genre: Friendship/Romance
URL: Chapter 6
Critiqued by Ghostcat



Welcome back, dear Patrons!

I hope all of our American Patrons are enjoying/enduring the annual Festival of Consumerism that is Black Friday, and that all of our international Patrons are amused/alarmed by my fellow countrymen’s antics. I have plans of my own – I’m going to be chilling at home, snuggling with kitties under my super-plush down duvet and thanking the Fates that I work banker’s hours instead of working in retail.

But first, the fic!

In the last chapter, Isis Sue witnessed Danny’s transformation and immediately dragging the three main cast members to her home where she filled them with Doritos while she explained her Tragek Backstory – she’s an angel and her mother, brother, and a former boyfriend have been killed by a faction of ‘dark angels’ because the Sith rarely explain their actions reasons. Even after revealing that she has several very useful superpowers, Isis Sue was easily kidnapped by series villain Vlad Plasmius and a dark angel called Amethyst.

I think that was everything, let’s move on to the next chapter.

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1911: A customary waffles to an isolated existence – One Shot (Chapters 1 – 8)

Title: A customary waffles to an isolated existence
Author: Hamiltonlover2002
Media: Books/Musicals/Fanfiction
Topic: Harry Potter/Hamilton/My Immortal
Genre: Humor and Romance
URL:  Chapter One
Critiqued by Angie

It gets worse!

Welcome back, guys, gals and non-binary pals and I’m reviewing the long awaited sequel to “A spiritual waffles after an isolate existence”. This was written more than a year after the original because it’s clearly a story that needed to be continued. This sequel is significantly shorter, clocking in at just under seven hundred words, where the original was around sixteen hundred. Keep in mind these are both several chapters long. It’s also significantly worse, seeing as the grammar quality took a massive nose dive.

(Note: When I copied this onto Google Docs, it rounded out to one and a half pages. This is going to be mighty fun.)

Let’s begin.

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1907: Secrets Revealed – Chapter 4


Title: Secrets Revealed
Author: River Styx1201
Media: TV Show
Topic: Danny Phantom
Genre: Friendship/Romance
URL: Chapter 5
Critiqued by Ghostcat




Hello, dear Patrons, and welcome to another chapter of The Adventures of Isis Sue (with special guest Danny Phantom). In the last pair of chapters, Isis Sue went over to Sam’s house, where she hung out with the gang and beat them at Shoot the Filthy Communists Call of Duty, and then got knocked unconscious when one of the stock ghosts made a half-hearted ‘attack’ that didn’t really serve any purpose except to make Isis Sue suspicious of Danny. The next morning, after Danny offers Isis Sue some of his pants-candy – which, oddly enough, is not a euphemism – there was yet another attack by a different stock ghost that led to Isis Sue hiding in the Suddenly Appearing Bushes to witness Danny’s transformation and confront him about it.

Now, on to the fic!

A/N-Finally, a long chapter.

This chapter is much longer than the previous chapters, which averaged out at under a thousand words each while this chapter is nearly twice that. As we have stated before in the Library, there is no set length to a chapter, provided that you convey the information you want to within that chapter – but since the first few chapters of any work should set the stage (so to speak) by introducing the audience to the world and the characters they probably should not have whizzed by like the fic was set on fast forward.

There isn’t much action in this chapter, but there is some more information on Isis for those who wanted it. So, without further adieu, chapter 4.

I think I just figured out why the chapter is longer. Would probably be a good idea to brace yourselves for some more Sue-stroking, gentle Patrons.

Chapter 4: Secrets Out

Gee, I wonder if there’s going to be some big secrets revealed in this chapter?

Danny’s POV



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1906: Butch x Reader: I Think You’re Pretty

Title:  Butch x Reader: I Think You’re Pretty
Author:   Ugly Kitty Cat Sweater
Media: Cartoon
Topic: Power Puff Girls
Genre: Romance/Friendship
URL: Butch x Reader: I Think You’re Pretty
Critiqued by TacoMagic & Swenia

Hey, patrons!  As promised, this week I’m brining you a smut fic!  Featuring trains!  Since it’s a smut fit, well, somebody insisted on helping.

“Hi, patrons!  Let’s get to the sex already!”

The train sex.

“Wait, trains?  Why are trains having sex?”

Did you not see the context last week? This is a Thomas and Friends fic.

“I feel lied to!  I didn’t sign up for train sex!  Why didn’t you say anything!”


“Why didn’t you make me pay attention!?”

Anyway, for anyone wondering, this is Butch:

He’s a breakdown truck with a big-ol winch on him.

*Swenia waggles her eyebrows*

Oh for crap’s sake.

“If you’re going to rope an unsuspecting gal into train sex, you can’t blame her for enjoying herself anyway.”

Anyway, Butch’s main job is assisting when stuff breaks by dragging or towing it.  Pretty easy.  He doesn’t appear a whole lot in the show, but the vast majority of the characters are like that, appearing in only one or two episodes yet somehow cultivating sometimes quite rabid followings.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s check out the summary!


“That’s a good sign.”

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