107: Bill Nye: Episodes Not Released to Children – Chapter Three

Title: Bill Nye: Episodes Not Released to Children
Author: The Slinky Master
Media: Movie
Topic: Bill Nye the Science Guy
Genre: Humor
URL: Bill Nye: ENRtC – Chapter Three
Critiqued by TacoMagic

Welcome back to the third, and final, episode of Bill Nye: Episodes Not Released to Children.  I’ve been asking myself constantly, “Taco, what could this Fic really use?”  And by constantly, I mean at least once.  It took me a while, but I finally came up with an answer: this fic really needs a wall of dialogue.  Luckily for us all, the author was more than happy to oblige with episode 3!  95% of the episode is dialogue, which fills that need very nicely.

But before we charge headfirst into this murky pool of dialogue, once again the author has provided a very poignant note on the chapter that must be shared.


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106: Smurf of the Dead – Chapter Four

Title: Smurf of the Dead
The Smurfs
Horror / Tragedy
Smurf of the Dead – Chapter Four
Critiqued by Addicted Reader

Welcome back the Smurf of the Dead, a painfully-written Smurfs fanfic in which there is a zombie virus infecting the Smurfs.  Here are the salient points of the previous 3 chapters just to get everyone caught up:

1.  We’re dealing with standard zombies here – a bite or scratch spreads the infection, and a shot to the head is the only way to kill them.

2.  Chernov is a tall, green, author-insertion, know-it-all, douchey hero Smurf.  His house contains technology way beyond what the rest of the Smurfs have.

3.  15 Smurfs are currently barricaded in Chernov’s house hiding from the zombie Smurfs.  Chernov went out with bitten-but-not-a-zombie-yet Hefty Smurf to look for suvivors.

4.  The grammar is so bad that it hurts to read the fic.

5.  That’s it.  Let’s get this over with.

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105: Heading Toward the Horizon – Chapters Eleven, Twelve, and Thirteen

Title: Heading Towards the Horizon
Author: AngieRosie
Media: Movie
Topic: Pirates of the Caribbean
Genre: None Listed
URL: Heading Towards the Horizon – Chapter Eleven
URL: Heading Towards the Horizon – Chapter Twelve
URL: Heading Towards the Horizon – Chapter Thirteen
Critiqued by Lyle

Good morning!  In an explosion of inspiration, our author has uploaded up to Chapter 20 of her shipwreck of a fic.  I’m going to try to pump out multiple chapters if I can, especially since she seems determined to merely follow the general plot of the 4th PotC movie.  The good news is that the fic is now completed.  Huzzah!  Before we begin, however, I’ll recap.

*takes a deep breath*

Jace/Jaicee, a Pirate-Sue who isn’t actually a pirate as I doubt she’s ever done anything pirate-y in her entire existence (except maybe download music off the internet), was sent 260 years into the future when she was 8 years old because Captain Barbossa wanted her dead.  After lighting her stove on fire with the cunning use of water, she gets kidnapped by Barbossa in the future and, using a “neckless” her father (Jack Sparrow) gave her before she went forward in time, she goes back in time to her original era, but 8 years into that era’s future.  Are you following this okay?  Don’t worry if you aren’t; it doesn’t make sense even if you know what I’m talking about.  Anyway, she meets Dad again.  Together they take fifteen minutes to locate her mother (Angelica Teach), who found her own way back in time without any specification of how she did so.  Now, for reasons unexplained (a lot is left unexplained in this fic…) they’re on the Queen Anne’s Revenge, following the plot and dialogue almost verbatim from PotC: On Stranger Tides.

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Sunday Special – Dr. Who’s Sonic Screwdriver

Good morning!  I know in the past we’ve used Sundays for good fanfiction and Tuesdays for various degrees of art, but as our wonderful editor Tovah has been snarking on Tuesdays (and as we have no good stories to share at the moment) I’m going to highlight some art today.  Even though we have yet to have a Dr. Who fanfic riff, I’m sure it’s forthcoming so I don’t feel bad about jumping the gun and posting some amazing Dr. Who art.  Lara found this gem:

This was done by the talented SheldonSands.  You can find her deviantart account here:  SheldonSands.  Go get lost in her gallery.

Have a wonderful Sunday and we’ll see you tomorrow!

104: Flight 815 / All My Secrets Away – Chapter Seventeen

Title: Flight 815 / All My Secrets Away
Author: LostLover22
Media: Television
Topic:  Lost
Genre: Adventure/Romance is the listing
URL:Flight 815: Chapter Seventeen
Critiqued by Indy

Another week of the continuing adventures of Dawn and I can safely say that I’m still bored as hell with this story.  There was so much insanity at the beginning, so I stupidly assumed that the story would continue to be amusing.  Boy was I wrong.  But I don’t give up easily, so we’re going to finish this thing, even if it bores us to death.

We are on chapter 17, which is titled Boar hunting.  I, for one, can’t wait to see wait sort of trouble Dawn will get into while hunting boar.  The chapter starts off with a bit of narrative describing Sawyer chasing a boar out of his tent one night and a synopsis of the survivors going after Ethan and Charlie killing him.  Really, if I wanted to know what happened on the show, I would just watch it.  I have all of the seasons on DVD or BluRay.

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