1877: Toxic Promises – Oneshot

Title: Toxic Promises
Author: Girl With The Dandelion
Media: Movies
Topic: Land Before Time / Jurassic Park
Genre: Romance / Angst
URL: Toxic Promises
Critiqued by TacoMagic




Thanks, bud, I think I’m good now.

So, it wouldn’t be a one-shot marathon without something with dinosaurs in it!


Adopted doesn’t count because it wasn’t a one-shot.

Anyway, for our obligatory Dinosaur fic, I’ve got a cross that could possibly work!  It doesn’t, but it could!  The cross is Land Before Time and Jurassic Park.  And I’m saying it could work because they both involve dinosaurs.  You know, sorta like how The Shawshank Redemption and Ace Ventura both have humans in it!

Since neither of these are new canons, we can just get right to it with the summary!

What normally would have taken months, even years to adjust to, took only a few minutes for Cera to fathom.

Hey look, overwrought prose in an angst fic, who could have predicted that!?


Look, personally I consider the word misuse a bonus, but you can call it what you like.

Given that summary and the edgelord name “Toxic Promises” you all should have some idea of what we’re getting into.  So let’s go!

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1815: Adopted – Chapter Five, Part Two and Chapter Six

Title: Adopted
Author: Angie J Trifid (Tony Terrace)
Media: Movie
Topic: Jurassic Park
Genre: Friendship/Romance
URL: Adopted
Critiqued by TacoMagic and Eliza

Hey, patrons!  Welcome back to Adopted, this week we finally finish off this turkey!  And then hopefully we can get on to doing some wholesome, cleansing one-shots.

“What about the Raptor and I rewrite?”


“But you prom-”

NOPE!  Recap!

“Last time the raptors hovered around Annie’s insensate body while waiting for the bruised rib to heal enough for her to regain consciousness.  Eventually she did wake up and quickly joined Fitz for some exposition of the previous chapter.  Other than a few more blobs of Nedry hate, that was pretty much it.”

Onwards to glory!

“You’re in a strange mood today.”

I had two hours of sleep last night and am already on my fourth coffee!  I added espresso to this one!  Let’s do this!

“Well okay then.”

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1807:Adopted – Chapter Five, Part One

Title: Adopted
Author: Angie J Trifid
Media: Movie
Topic: Jurassic Park
Genre: Friendship/Romance
URL: Adopted
Critiqued by TacoMagic and Eliza

Heyo, patrons!  Welcome back to Prehistoric Bestiality 3 Adopted.  If we split this chapter up, we’ve got just enough fic left for two installments.  So soon we’ll be free of Raptor and I forever!

“Until you do the rewrite.”

So basically forever!  So, what happened last time?

“Well, Fitz hurt his leg, Annie fixed it, Fitz and his sister baton-passed the point of view a bit to exposite his affection for Annie, and then Muldoon and nameless keeper twelve shot Fitz’s father.”

That feels like a lot of progress for one chapter, especially given that the first three chapters limped along like a wounded sloth.  I’d pretend to be surprised that the pacing is so inconsistent, but I won’t insult the intelligence of our patrons like that.  Instead, let’s get this party rolling!

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1801: Adopted – Chapter Four

Title: Adopted
Author: Angie J Trifid
Media: Movie
Topic: Jurassic Park
Genre: Friendship/Romance
URL: Adopted
Critiqued by TacoMagic and Eliza

Welcome back to Raptor and I Life with Raptors Adopted!  The totally-not-a-ripoff-of-other-ripoffs fic!  With me again as my raptor correspondent is Eliza!  Say hello, Eliza.


You didn’t do the joke.

“What joke?”

*Taco heaves a sigh*  Recap?

“One of my lesser kin, Sharifa, tried to eat cola can and Rae May Anna had to come in and save her by cramming an arm down her throat.  I think that was it.”

Well, that does gloss over the half-chapter of padding where Anna was supar skerd of the raptors!  And the other half where he boss had to wake her up to do something that should have been the Veterinarian’s job.

Anyway, let’s see what the next chapter is all about.

Chapter Four: Gunpoint

I suppose it’s too much hope for that the raptors get their claws on some guns.



“Raptors have talons, not claws.”

Technically talons are just a kind of claw.

“Technically humans taste wonderful!”

Talons it is.

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1795: Adopted – Chapter Three

Title: Adopted
Author: Angie J Trifid
Media: Movie
Topic: Jurassic Park
Genre: Friendship/Romance
URL: Adopted
Critiqued by TacoMagic and Eliza

Hey, folks!  Welcome back to Adopted! Another Raptor and I clone that’s not even trying to pretend it isn’t a Raptor and I clone!

“Hopefully this week we will get to see more raptors.”

Even if we do, I’m not so sure they count as raptors.

“Last time we got introduced to our new Rae!  This model of Rae is referred to as Anna and is the kennel help variety as opposed as the original botany flavor.  The first thing Anna does when arriving in the island is ignore everyone and then notice the dinosaurs.  After that, we went over to the newest model of Sorin called Fitzroy.  He banters with his sister over dinner, complains about the parental pressure to marry, and then makes a bet with his sister over that involves sexually assaulting Nedry as the stakes.”

You make it sound so good.


This week opens with the now standard author’s note featuring her copy-pasted disclaimer and a gaggle of responses to her reviews.  We’re just going to skip all-

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1788: Adopted – Chapters One and Two

Title: Adopted
Author: Angie J Trifid
Media: Movie
Topic: Jurassic Park
Genre: Friendship/Romance
URL: Adopted
Critiqued by TacoMagic and Eliza

Hey guys, welcome back to Wednesday!  Now that we’ve finally put Heroes and Villains behind us, it’s time for a month or so of palate cleansers.  You know what that means: One-sho-

*Eliza slips into the room holding a fic in her talons.  It’s bound in heavy chains with a plethora of locks holding them fast.*

No.  Put that away.  I’m not going to do that one.

“But you promised everyone.  It’s been enough time, Taco, you have to do it.”

But, those fics are so bad, I don’t wanna!

“I’ll help if you like.  I do have some insight into this particular set of fics.”

No!  Go get something else.

“You can have this Caramel Macchiato I picked up from Lina’s.”  *Eliza holds out a Suddenly There™ cup of coffee.*


*Taco eyes up the coffee*

Fine, you win.  Pop it on the screen and let’s do this thing.  Patrons, this week we have for you Adopted, one of the many fics directly inspired by Raptor and I.  For those of you who have been here a while, or have read through our massive archive of riffs-

“Or have read the minions page.”

Yes, or that.  Anyway, those of you who’ve done one of those will recognize that fic as the one Eliza was rescued from.

“The same one you tried to put me back into.”

It’s been over three years, let it go.


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1555: MLP Jurassic Equestria – One Shot

Title: MLP Jurassic Equestria
Author:  RedlinRanger
Media: Television / Movies
Topic: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic / Jurassic Park
Genre: Drama / Horror
URL: MLP Jurassic Equestria
Critiqued by Darth Overlord (Retired) Crunchy

*Crunchy stalks into the room and peers around*

I suppose it was too much to hope that he was hiding in here.  No matter, let us see what the girls have picked out for me.  Hmm, “MLP Jurassic Equestia.”

Obviously I was unkind to something in a past life.   Which is entirely likely as I have been unkind to a great many in this one.

Hello, gentle patrons, you might notice that Taco is conspicuously absent this week.  After fleeing from the scene of last week’s riff, he managed to give the Darkwraiths the slip and is very likely hiding in one of the sub-levels.  Since not even I know how many of those we have down there, it could be quite some time before they find him. He seems quite dedicated to not being found because announcing a free donut and coffee hour at Lina’s shack did not flush him into the open.

It is equally likely that he’s off gallivanting through time with Doc Brown again.  Such things happen around here.  As for why I am sitting in this week, well, the girls made a deal that I would not have to help with the search efforts if I took over in here for the week.

We shall see if that turned out to be a wise choice on my part.  There appears to be a note here from Eliza, so we should start there.

“Hi!  We found this fic while cruising for something you could do.  It’s actually a remake of an older fic called My Little Pony: Jurassic World.  The older fic is indeed much worse, but also a lot shorter, so we sent you the newer version!”

Charming.  Oh well, there is a summary, so we might as well get an idea of what we are in for.

Twilight and her friend and now on a new adventure to on the island Isla Nublar where they go in jurassic world a theme park 65 million years in the making on the way they meet new faces like owen gredy and Claire Dearing.

Hsssssssssssss!  The grammar burns us!

I can see already that this is based on the most recent addition to the Jurassic Park franchise, so I imagine the author will not be able to resist making a wide array of references to the various bits of internet “humor” that have cropped up in the wake of the movie.  Imagine my delight at that particular prospect.

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