2453: Halloween Oneshots – Spooptoberfest Part Three

Title: All Souls’ Day
Author: pronker
Media: Movie (Book)
Topic: Star Wars
Genre: Spoopy Horror
URL: All Souls’ Day
Critiqued by TacoMagic and Darth Lord Crunchy (Retired)

Howdy, patrons!  Welcome back to the spooptoberfestivities!  We’ll be starting off today with the last of the pronker trio!  Crunchy, care to recap the first two for us?

“Nothing happened.”

Yup!  But this week will be different!  Well, no it won’t but at least we have an author’s note this time.

Author’s Note: This is finally getting Roan out of the pickle I put him in in 2007. Completion of the stories “Lord Vader Needs Feet” and “Jedi Zombie.”

“I suppose we can be thankful this note is at least pertinent to the story, if still entirely unnecessary.”

Onward to the-


“To the six-hundred-eighty-two?”

I’m sure that’s foreshadowing.

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2441: Halloween Oneshots – Spooptoberfest Part One

Title: The halloween after
Author: NotJustOneFandome
Media: Movie
Topic: Halloween
Genre: Tragedy/Angst but to music
URL: The halloween after
Critiqued by TacoMagic and Eliza

Hello, patrons!  Welcome back to the continuing Spooptoberfestivities!  Today we’ll be adding two more little oneshots to the Library’s pile of spooky, spooky failure.  The first is a Halloween oneshot, not just the holiday, but also the titular movie taking place on the holiday!  Though, honestly, to call this thing a fanfic is tarnishing the good name of such epic masterpieces of “untold zombie chronicels.”

You’ll understand why this one is bad pretty much right away when I show you the summary.

Song fanfic

That’s the entire summary.  And it’s a tragedy/angst fic, so who wants to bet we get something with either My Chemical Romance or Evanescence.  Brace yourselves, patrons, we’re going in hot!

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2436: MediEvil Oneshots

Title: A Dog’s Loyalty
Author: Top-Hat Lycanthrope
Media: Video Game
Topic: MediEvil
Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Friendship
URL: A Dog’s Loyalty
Critiqued by TacoMagic

Hey, patrons, welcome back to Wednesday!  With the Library’s official unofficial Spooptacular on the horizon, I thought I’d start getting us in the mood by savaging a few fics based on the MediEvil franchise.

For those who haven’t been exposed to it, MediEvil is a set of two Playstation games released in 1998 and 2000.  There is technically a third game, MediEvil: Resurrection released in 2005, but it’s a re-imagining of the first game and not really a fresh entry to the series.  The games follow the comedic exploits of Sir Daniel Fortesque, a charlatan knight who is killed by the first arrow fired in the only battle he ever participated in, and his quest for posthumous redemption by saving the kingdom from the evil wizard Zarok.

Actually, the game does a fair job of introducing itself, so why don’t I just let it do that.

Despite some control flaws, it’s a great little game that combines a hack-n-slash beat-em-up style game such as Gauntlet Legends or Diablo with exploration and puzzling as found in Legend of Zelda.  There is also a remaster of the first game coming out in October that I’d be more excited about if it wasn’t a PS4 exclusive.  So it goes.

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2425: Threads of fate – Oneshot

Title: Threads of fate
Author: Atlas Bloodstone
Media: Video Game
Topic: Legend of Dragoon
Genre: Drama/Humor (Also known as edge or agnst)
URL: Threads of fate
Critiqued by TacoMagic and Swenia

*Taco drags himself into the riffing chamber and flops down into a chair next to Swenia, who has her head reclined back with a large bag of ice resting across her eyes*

Rough morning?

*Swenia pulls the bag off her face, revealing a puffy right eye* “Naw.  I was doing a little morning sparring with some of the new military folk we seem to be collecting.  That Asari has a mean left hook.”

Well, I’m surprised it’s so munda-

“Of course, she stopped pulling her punches after I made a pass at her.  Well, a couple passes.”  *She winces while gingerly testing the eye with her fingers*  “I think I’m in there.”

There it is.  Wait, don’t you have like a crazy healing factor or something?

“‘Accelerated’ just means the swelling hits hard, fast, and goes away without a bruise.  Twenty minutes and it’ll be fine.  It’s great on the battlefield when you got a hormone cocktail loaded with adrenaline and endorphins going, but it stings like a bitch when you’re just sitting at home.  But, as much as I love talking about me, what are we doing this morning?”

I’m glad you asked!  This week we’re diving back into my pile of Legend of Dragoon fanfiction to dig out a short, edgelordy little fic called “Threads of fate” by Atlas Bloodstone.

“Woof.  I’m already getting some of that edgelord flavor just off that name alone.  But that doesn’t explain why you need me here.”

Call it repayment for me dragging Jiwe out of the colored goo room last week.

“Fine.  Why do we even have that room, anyway?”

Dude, where else are we going to keep all our colored goo?  Summary time!

A young wingly is held captive in his own home for murder. Precious sulfur and soot, the battle begins in a dimly lit room, where he is being tried and covicted of killing

“That is starting off on a pretty foreboding note.”

*Taco furiously thumbs through a book*

“The hell are you doing over there?”

Speed Latin-ing.  Covicted: A reduction of Comvincere meaning to conquer together or to conquer completely.

“Well, that’s neat and all, but we should probably get to covicting this fic.”

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2407: Talk Show of Pudding episode 7

Title:Talk Show of Pudding episode 7
Author: memyselfisesshy93 and Ghastlyme4
Media: Kitchen Sink / Video Game
Topic: Kitchen Sink / Legend of Dragoon
Genre: “Humor”/Parody
URL: Talk Show of Pudding episode 7
Critiqued by TacoMagic

And we’re finally here, the final installment of the ill-conceived boredom project: Talk Show of Pudding.  Not only is this the last episode, it also happens to be the episode that attracted my attention to the series.  The only reason I looked at it was because I saw the topic “Legend of Dragoon” on it while taking a spin through the author’s profile, and thus our journey began.

Time to get this over with.

Announcer: Welcome my friends to Talk Show of Pudding. If you are from France then you’re not welcomed.

I find myself being quite envious of the French for getting actively excluded.

CHGN: G4! WTF? You didn’t need to say that!


G4: I didn’t say it. Xavier did.

Announcer: He made me say it.

Huh, Announcer has a name.  I wonder if Xavier and Dave hang out and lament over their lives after each show.

G4: SHUT UP! Anyway… On today’s episode, our guest someone who is a favorite of ours, meaning that I will actually do this right… somewhat. Please welcome “the young flame,” Dart Feld!

What part of that was “somewhat” right?  The part where you didn’t capitalize his wrestling title?

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2402: Talk Show of Pudding episode 6

Title:Talk Show of Pudding episode 6
Author: memyselfisesshy93 and Ghastlyme4
Media: Kitchen Sink / Anime
Topic: Kitchen Sink / Naruto
Genre: “Humor”/Parody
URL: Talk Show of Pudding episode 6
Critiqued by TacoMagic

Hello, patrons, it’s Wednesday again so it’s time for Pudding!

No, not the delicious kind, I mean the soul crushing kind.  However, I think I heard Gumdrop yodeling from the kitchen on my way in today, so we might get both.

Anyway, let’s just plorp our way into this one!

Announcer: Welcome species from Earth and Wisconsin!

Greetings back from Wisconsin, Announcer, we will send you our customary gift basket of fresh bratwurst, cheese, and local craft beers.

G4: HAHA! I KNEW IT! I knew people from Wisconsin were alien hybrid, but you people didn’t believe me! Not even Dave!

Rude.  I know somebody who will be getting a face-hugger in their gift basket.

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2395: Talk Show of Pudding episode 5

Title:Talk Show of Pudding episode 5
Author: memyselfisesshy93 and Ghastlyme4
Media: Kitchen Sink / Video Game
Topic: Kitchen Sink / Final Fantasy
Genre: “Humor”/Parody
URL: Talk Show of Pudding episode 5
Critiqued by TacoMagic

Hey, patrons, I’m back from Gen Con and ready to riff!  Had a good time overall and even got to hangout with Ghostcat and Herr a bit.  But you aren’t here to read about what a good time I had, no, you’re here to read about me suffering through another Talk Show of Pudding episode.

Once again no recap of the previous episode because there’s no continuity to speak of.

G4: Welcome back to another episode of Talk Show of Pudding

G4: Welcome back to another episode of Talk Show of Pudding!

And it was at that moment that Gassy found himself unstuck in time.

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