847: Subject 23 – Chapter 10

Title: Subject 23
Author: The Eezoman
Media: Videogame
Topic: Mass Effect
Genre: Adventure/Romance
URL: Chapter 10
Critiqued by Erttheking

E: I haven’t been looking forward to this at all. AT ALL! So let’s just get it over with.

Whew. I feel accomplished. Got this badboy out in a weekend. Well, here it is. I went with #1 just because, well. I hate boring missions. Those of you who wanted #2, don’t worry. You’ll get your mission. Also, I request more reviews, just so I can get a feeling of what people like and don’t like about the story. Cheers!

E: Ok look. Presenting your audience with ideas you’re thinking about and getting feedback? Not a bad idea, not long ago I showed my audience a list of story ideas I had kicking around my head to see which one they would want to see after I was done with my current project. I also let them help come up with one character was going to say in a chapter. One line. And I made it pretty clear it had to be in character. But you shouldn’t turn a story into a choose your own adventure book! Read the rest of this entry »

846: My Immortal – Chapter Forty-Three and Forty-Four

Title: My Immortal
Author: Tara (reposted by the lovely internet trolls)
Media: Book / Movie
Topic:  Harry Potter
Genre: Romance / angst
URL:  My Immortal – Chapter 43
Critiqued by Lyle

This is it!  There’s only two chapters left and I’m doing them both today!  I’m so excited I could puke!  …Or is that just the nausea that comes with having to riff this fic?

Last time on My Immortal, Young Voldemort took a nap in the common room while Ebony ran off to try and stop? his older self from destroying everything.  I think.  I’m not entirely certain what was going on.  All I know is that I’m rooting for Britney the Prep Girl.  She was able to free three people from Azkaban single-handedly.  She’s good at wizarding.

Anyway, in celebration of our final riffing of My Immortal I’m bringing in a guest riffer.  Everyone else is doing it, so why not?

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Art-Tastic Sunday – Cosplay Edition!

So, it has come to this. This is the first day in a very long time when the Library didn’t have a riff from our wonderful guests lined up, so instead we’ve decided to post a little fanart. This particular bit of fanart is a bit different from what we’ve done in the past; it’s Issac Clarke’s Level 3 RIG built by DeviantArtist SKSProps and it is stunning.


Dead Space – Isaac Clarke cosplay Level 3 suit

In case you’re unfamiliar with the original, it looks like this;


More images behind the bump!

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845: Fire Emblem: ReAwaken – Chapter Two

Title: Fire Emblem: ReAwaken
Author: MaesterDimentio
Media: Video Game
Topic:  Fire Emblem: Awakening
Genre: Adventure/Fantasty
URL: Chapter Two
Critiqued by SC

Hello, and welcome back to Fire Emblem: ReAwaken, by MaesterDimentio! I’m your host and guest-riffer, SC, joined again by Specs and Contacts, and last time, we read an actually-pretty-okay-for-the-most-part chapter where we were introduced to the main protagonist, who had a rather… bland name, really, as he woke up from being dead in Southtown dressed as an enemy Myrmidon, who I ranted and raved about being among the most dangerous units you’re apt to run into under proper circumstances (of which there were FAR too many), just as Southtown came under fire from the Plegian brigands according to the game. After a big, clumsy fight between himself and the other Myrmidon (probably), and then a near-death versus the Barbarian who snuck up on him while he was busy action hero-ing at the near-defeated other Myrmidon, Kale – no, that’s his name – picked up a babby and ran off to find Chrom, Frederick, Fem!Robin, and Lissa, with whom he left said babby, turned down an offer to join the Shepherds, and then left town to go on GRAAAAND ADVENTUUUUUUUUUURES or something.

We come now to chapter two, simply entitled, “Allies”, and I fear that this may be a bad omen, but I’m willing to keep my mind open just in case I’m wrong. Hell, chapter one’s left me tossing the idea around that maybe I made a mistake in choosing this fic to riff. If that’s the case, then I’ll drop it, but one chapter doesn’t constitute enough evidence for me to come to that conclusion just yet.

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844: Samurai Jack Meets Jewel Lee – Chapter I

Title: Samurai Jack Meets Jewel Lee
Author: HopelessRomanticArtist1990
Media: TV Show
Topic:  Samurai Jack
Genre: Adventure/Fantasy
URL: Chapter I
Critiqued by Ghostcat

Greetings, my sweet little Patrons!

My faith in humanity has started to grow back a little so that must mean that it’s that time again – the beginning of a new fic. Let’s see how long my sanity lasts this time.

If you couldn’t tell by the title, this fic comes from the Samurai Jack canon and features everyone’s favorite time-warped samurai. I’ve done one SJ fic before, crystal heart’s path, where I covered the relevant background, so I won’t go into too much detail here.

The waves of the ocean flowed steadily underneath the moonlit sky. One loan warrior

With a low monthly payment and modest interest rate.

traveled aimlessly through the water on a rowboat, bravely continuing to search for any sign of land.

Also lots and lots of purple prose. Get ready for some bruised eyeballs, Patrons!

It had been three days since he had been out at sea, and he had not eaten or drank any clean water during that period of time.

Which means he is probably close to death from dehydration and hypernatremia, or is already dead from the latter if he’s been drinking seawater or urine the entire time.

Suddenly, just when the traveler was about to give up all hope, his rowboat washed up on a sandy beach.

Wow, you would think someone actively searching for land (and growing increasing desperate to find said land) would notice a beach right beside their frickin’ boat. You’re really dropping the ball here, Nameless Warrior.

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843: Homura Afterstory – Chapter Four, Part 1

Title: Homura Afterstory
Author: CaptainAfrica
Media:  Anime
Topic: Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Genre: Romance/Suspense
URL: Homura Afterstory: Chapter 4
Critiqued by Herr Wozzeck

Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the next chapter of Homura Afterstory.

My god, only two more chapters of this crap and we’ll be done! And thankfully for us, these two chapters are both shorter than all the chapters before us. So hey, we might be able to get this done in less than six parts!

Maybe. I hope. The less I have to deal with this fic, the better.

Anyway, let’s dive right in, shall we? The sooner we can get to this, the faster we can get it done!

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842: A Jedi’s Destiny – Chapter Fifteen Part Three

Title: A Jedi’s Destiny
Author: Victor Tarsus
Media: Movies
Topic: Lion King / Star Wars
Genre: Sci-Fi / Adventure
URL:  A Jedi’s Destiny
Critiqued by TacoMagic & Swenia

*Taco and Swenia drag themselves into the snark booth and drop into their chairs.  They spend a few minutes staring at the screen blankly.*

“I have a baby, what’s your excuse?”

Teething toddler.  Just think, you get to look forward to that in a year or two.

“Oh, goody.”

Let’s see, last time we had a stupid battle were soldiers were using laser sights.  While this is going on Arin takes Ursula home, they have dinner, then retreat to his office to have sex.

“Poor girl is going to get a stapler stuck in an orifice.”

Meanwhile, Buster and fam have an extremely forced and wooden Tender Moment™ in a bid to try to win some sympathy from the audience.  That’s pretty much where we left off.

On another note, did you ever pick a name, Swenia?

“I rather liked the mining-based name idea, so I went with Jiwe.”

Jiwe… you named your kid ‘rock?’

“Well, the meaning is more general. More literally “stone” than rock, but essentially… yes.”

Huh.  Dwayne Johnson would be proud.


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