60: Don’t got one yet – One Shot

Title: Don’t got one yet
Author: yawn
Media: Television, Comic Book
Topic: Teen Titans
Genre: Adventure
URL: Don’t got one yet
Critiqued by Ghostcat

Well, I’m back with a new fic! Once the tremors and night terrors subsided, I delved back into the ff.net archives in search of more snarking gold. I was not disappointed – there is a lifetime of snarkage in the Twilight section alone.


Ye gods, Twitards have problems. So many, many problems. Seriously – if you feel “that way” about a sparkly Not.A.Vampire, you need to seek professional help. And maybe pick up some decent reading material on your way to the psych ward.

Since I’m not quite up to dealing with that level of suckage yet, I went looking elsewhere.

​I found this little gem in the Teen Titans section; since the Titans don’t make much of an appearance I’ll only give some brief background.

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59: Batpink: I AM THE NIGHT – Part Three

Title: Batpink: I AM THE NIGHT
Author: Jim Dimitri
Media: Television/Movie
Topic:  My Little Pony / Batman Crossover
Genre: Drama
Critiqued by The Psychic Librarian

Today we will finish the pointless saga of Batpink: I AM THE NIGHT. Let’s attempt to sum up what has occurred so far. I have embellished quite a bit in this particular story but for the sake of relative brevity I will be leaving most of that out. I recommend reading the previous entries for the pure bizarre ramblings that I have included.

Our heroine is Pinkie Pie, a My Little Pony who has sworn vengance on a Manticore which presumably turned her parents into a lovely shade of carmine on the forest floor. If Pinkie Pie were to write a personal ad it would include that she enjoys hot sauce cupcakes, lunar events that correspond with hot sauce cupcakes, and making up disgustingly sacchrine theme songs for herself which she chants as she bounces around at night. She has a version of Batman’s beloved butler but he is a stallion with a mustache named Francois. Pinkie Pie has just learned, or should I say assumed, that another pony has been aiding the Manticores. This seems unlikely given the Manticores seem to devour the plastic ponies on sight. Pinkie Pie decides to randomly bounce on over to her friend’s slumber party even though she refused to come to it because she needed to bounce on over to her secret lair. We left Pinkie Pie staring down on a disturbance as she perches on a rooftop in her super pony costume which I would imagine is as effective at hiding her identity as Superman’s glasses were in hiding the fact that he was Clark Kent. Let’s finish this mama.

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58: Really kinky – One Shot

Title: Really kinky
Author: angelachristian
Media: TV Show
Topic: Battlestar Gallactica
Genre: “Romance”
URL: Really kinky
Critiqued by TacoMagic
Found by LurkRealClose

Today we delve into the disturbing realm of Battlestar Gallactica romantic pairings.  In this case we have an NC-17 Tom Zarek / Laura Roslin pairing that will cause even the stoutest of stomachs to reject their contents.

The author starts with the one of the truest statements she can make:

Really kinky…

Bodes well for the fic, yes?

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Art-tastic Tuesday – Final Fantasy VII

Here is a really well done picture of Cid, from Final Fantasy VII (7 for those who would have stared blankly at the Roman numerals for longer than really necessary…).  I felt it was appropriate to feature a Cid picture as this is the character Falcon was modeled after in the fic “Blood of Ancients” that Taco covered for us a little while back.

Known for just not giving a damn

The picture is by artist Dahlieka.  She’s simply an amazing artist.  Although we’re only highlighting this picture of Cid, she has other stunning works from FF7 and other fandoms.  Here is the link to her Deviant Art page.  I suggest you take some time to get lost there.

57: Pearl of the sea – One Shot

Title: Pearl of the sea
Author: samy.x
Media: Movie
Topic:  Disney’s The Little Mermaid
Genre: Romance/Friendship
URL: Pearl of the sea
Critiqued by Lyle

After the torture that was Music Child, I decided to take a brief break from crazy-popular topics and try something that was bound to be pretty mild: Disney Fanfiction.  I only had a couple criteria that needed to be followed when selecting my next piece of detritus.

1.)    Based on a movie I’m very familiar with

2.)    Sucktastic

3.)    And short.  I’m not ready to tackle another multi-chapter fic yet.

It took me a little while of rooting around but I found a short, brain-melting Little Mermaid fic.  It looks as though the author intended to write more but only ever published a single chapter.  I’m hoping it was due to the author waking up and realizing that she has no idea what she’s doing.  Either that, or the ghost of Disney strangled her in her sleep and the world is a much, much better place for it.

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