1606: Heroes and Villains – Chapter Ten, Part Two

Title: Heroes and Villains
Author: Horrible’s Igor
Media: Television / Movies
Topic: Buffy: The Vampire Slayer / Kitchen Sink
Genre: Supernatural/Drama
URL: Heroes and Villains (Now Defunct)
Critiqued by TacoMagic and Eliza

Hey folks!  Welcome back to Igor Makes References, otherwise known as Heroes and Villains.

“Recap!  Last time Jimmy and Buffy were bored in their cell and wanted a book, Elsa and Willow went drinking together, Willow gave Buffy a book, and the prisoners used the book to escape.”

But, because following all that might have managed to be too interesting, we start out this week over with Dr. Horrible as he does things.  Important things.

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1605: My Inner Life: Chapter 23 Part 1

Title: My Inner Life
Author: Link’s Queen
Media: Video Game
Topic: Legend of Zelda
Genre: None
URL: Whole Story
Critiqued by Erttheking

Ert: Dear. GOD! Look at the fucking size of this chapter! Nearly 15k words.

Goeth: I’ll put the coffee on.

Nora: Double for me.

A New Friend
A few months later,

Ert: Stop. Just fucking stop with the time skips. You can’t do it, you just can’t fucking do it.

Nora: Feels like Frank Miller wrote this drek.

Link and I were at Lake Hylia with our son and fairies on a family picnic, when the most amazing thing happened.

Nora: The narrator suffered a fatal heart attack!

Nora: Forcing the story to end!

I have always remembered stories being told me by my parents about a noble race of creatures called Griffins. It was told to me that these wise and noble creatures live in the (12)Black Mountains just north of (13)Dragonmount, which was a day’s ride from Hyrule. I had never thought I would have ever met one of these noble creatures until now……..

Ert: The Black Mountains? The Black Mountains!? SO THIS STORY TAKES PLACE IN FUCKING NORTH CAROLINA!?

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1604: Love of a Spartan – Chapter Thirteen, Part One

Title: Love of a Spartan
Author:  AshleyBudrick
Media: Video Game
Topic: HALO
Genre:  Sci-Fi/Romance
URL:  Saved to this Archive
Critiqued by Admiral Sakai, Gul, and the Arbiter

Hello hello, everyone, and welcome back yet again to Love of a Spartan.

Last time Troy Fisher was able to deliver to Renee her well-deserved comeuppance for sleeping through most of the defense of Lacerta Colony, only to be interrupted and directly countermanded by his old foe the Master Chief. Having secured his bunkmate effective immunity from anything resembling proper discipline, the once-proper Spartan split the Marines up into pretty much randomly-determined teams, and then they finally loaded up the Pelicans to deploy to the colony.”

Terrible Troy Counter: 68

Mommy’s Little Marines (And Spartans) Counter: 51

Halight Counter: 20

Chapter 13 / “Twelve” is entitled ‘Arrival’, and Forerunners willing promises more of the same genuine combat as the first several.”

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1603 – Arkham Asylum – Chapter Eight

Title: Arkham Asylum
Author: hathanhate
Media: Comics
Topic: Batman
Genre: Adventure/Hurt/Comfort
URL: Chapter Eight
Critiqued by BatJamags and Duke Alexander of Landfall

Running the Asylum count: 16

Out of Character count: 22

Hello once again, patrons! I’m your guest host (thinking too hard about that is a federal offense, even for people in other countries) BatJamags, and today, we’re finishing this!

In celebration of finishing this pile of trash, I’ve brought in one last co-riffer. Ladies, gentlemen, and interns, meet Duke Alexander of Landfall.

Duke Alexander: A pleasure to make your acquaintance.

Oh, sure it is, before you get to know them. The Duke here comes from the same setting as Kane (and kind-of Supercilious – I haven’t had a chance to use that character yet). He’s a high-level human noble. He’s what you might call a renaissance man. He’s a skilled swordsman, a fairly powerful wizard, a respected scholar, and impeccably well-mannered.

Oh, and he’s also evil.

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1602: Dragon Tales Lost Episode – One Shot

Title: Dragon Tales Lost Episode
Dragon Tales
Dragon Tales Lost Episode
Critiqued by Angie


A shit ton of faux spoopy stuff. Although, there are also references to physical and sexual abuse, drugs, and sexual references exchanged between siblings. So, if any of that hits too close to home, kindly look away. I’ll put another warning right before and after each scene.

Alright alright alright, I’m back again. Happy late Thanksgiving, patrons! Look, yeah I’m a little late on that ‘Happy Thanksgiving’, but I decided I would bring down the mood for a second and…JEFFREY.

Jeffrey: WHAT?!


*lights flicker off*

I…I didn’t say to turn them off. Isn’t there a knob?

Jeffrey: Well I can’t see now.

That’s your own problem.

Anyway, I thought I would go ahead and say who I’m thankful for. I’m thankful for my fellow librarians, to name a few, Herr, Lyle, Ghostie, Taco, Ert and SC. But to name a few others who I lead here, Austyn, Keira, and others. I also wanted to include Andy/Max here.

But enough of that nonsense. Let’s get to what you came here for. The review.

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