1803: Slender: Find the Eight Pages They Said – Chapter 3


Title: Slender: Find the Eight Pages They Said
Author: seclinalunica
Media: Video Game/Creepypasta
Topic: Slender: The Eight Pages
Genre: Horror/Suspense
URL: Chapter 3
Critiqued by Ghostcat




Hello, dear Patrons, and welcome to another slog through the woods with our Nameless Narrator who will (hopefully) meet up with The Slender Man soon. In the last chapter the Nameless Narrator just wandered around for hours, flicking their flashlight on and off, until they stumbled over one of the pages. This triggered a sick dance beat, or possibly a rain of freshwater fish.

To the next chapter!

AN: So I’m releasing this chapter on Halloween. spooky huh?

Given that time didn’t stop when you posted this and it’s now late June/early July, I’d have to say; no, no it’s not very spooky.

At school today I saw slendy about four times, but was only able to capture 2 pictures of him.

Two seems like a lot; I thought Slendy was supposed to be elusive, like Bigfoot?

I also caught an ash ketchum and a waldo.

Ohhh, they’re talking about Halloween costumes! I wasn’t even questioning the presence of a creepypasta character in their school; I have a pet tyrannosaur who likes baking and cosplay and hang out with a dangerously unstable psychopath and Ishi-sensei on a regular basis, so who am I to judge their life? I will say playing the live version of “Where’s Waldo?” at cons is always fun – there is always at least one Waldo around.

I have another class at 5:30 today, so hopefully i will see him again.

And will this ever be relevant to anything in this fic? Anything at all?

Well please read , review, enjoy and even favorite, follow or other crap that fanfiction has. well…stay awesome and alert this halloween.

Still another four months to go, so I think I have time to plan.

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1802: The Shadow Warriors – Chapter Three

Title: The Shadow Warriors
Author: Shadow knight1121
Media: Comics
Topic: Justice League
Genre: Crime/Mystery
URL: Chapter Three
Critiqued by BatJamags (GoodJamags)

Shadow Kill count: 4

[NOTE: This riff used to have a guest riffer. She ended up being boring and not showing up again, so if any of this sounds like it was written as two-person dialogue, that’s why. I’ve tried to clean it all up, though.]

Hello once again, patrons! I’m your guest host, GoodJamags, and your usual guest host is still tied up in the basement-

Muffled Voice: Fuck you!

Anyway, last time on the Shadow Warriors, Edgelord, Generic Female Unit #1, and The Other Jason fought Two-Face, and killed him. Luckily, it turned out not to be Two-Face, but Clayface! So, they fought Clayface in an epic battle, the sheer scale and tension of which would make Dakari-King Mykan proud.

Then, the requisite Deus ex Machina came in the form of Sam Motherfuckin’ Jackson, who was all like “Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherfuckin’ supervillains in this motherfuckin’ town!” Then, he battled Clayface with his purple lightsaber, did the Pulp Fiction speech, and then recruited Edgelord, GFU1, and TOJ to the Avengers Initiative.

And got eaten by a raptor or something. While advertising the Capital One Venture Card. What’s in your wallet?

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1801: Adopted – Chapter Four

Title: Adopted
Author: Angie J Trifid
Media: Movie
Topic: Jurassic Park
Genre: Friendship/Romance
URL: Adopted
Critiqued by TacoMagic and Eliza

Welcome back to Raptor and I Life with Raptors Adopted!  The totally-not-a-ripoff-of-other-ripoffs fic!  With me again as my raptor correspondent is Eliza!  Say hello, Eliza.


You didn’t do the joke.

“What joke?”

*Taco heaves a sigh*  Recap?

“One of my lesser kin, Sharifa, tried to eat cola can and Rae May Anna had to come in and save her by cramming an arm down her throat.  I think that was it.”

Well, that does gloss over the half-chapter of padding where Anna was supar skerd of the raptors!  And the other half where he boss had to wake her up to do something that should have been the Veterinarian’s job.

Anyway, let’s see what the next chapter is all about.

Chapter Four: Gunpoint

I suppose it’s too much hope for that the raptors get their claws on some guns.



“Raptors have talons, not claws.”

Technically talons are just a kind of claw.

“Technically humans taste wonderful!”

Talons it is.

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1800: The Lone Wolf Of The Normandy — Chapter 3

Title: The Lone Wolf of the Normandy
Author: SSJ Lone Wolf
Media: Games
Topic: Halo / Mass Effect
Genre: Sci-Fi/Adventure
URL: Chapter 3
Critiqued by
AdmiralSakai and JLT. Troy Fisher

Hello hello all you Patrons! Welcome back once again to The Lone Wolf Of The Normandy, where Noble Six just keeps digging himself deeper and deeper into douchehood.

Last time the Normandy actually managed to put the idiot under arrest and convey him to the Citadel to become somebody else’s problem, during which time he mostly just sat in the cargo bay and periodically attacked his guards without Captain Anderson ever doing anything to retaliate. When they docked he incapped still more of the crew- including Anderson himself- and snuck out into the docking area. It’s really a miracle he didn’t kill anybody, and really he should have because he shot eight Marines in the legs with those superpowerful gravity rounds and left them unconscious on the floor for like ten minutes with no medical attention whatsoever.”

Show and Tell Counter: 15

Amorous Counter: 29

Collateral Douchebag Counter: 5

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Author: GaGa4FrightNight
Media: Movie
Topic: The Princess Bride (Movie Version)
Genre: Romance/Humor
URL:Chapter One
Critiqued by Lyle

Hello, lovelies!  I’m back this week with the second half of TPB:LiW.  I heard last week went really well and I’m glad my guest found his way just fine.  I’ve heard he’s gotten quite the warm welcome from the Library.  Good job, everyone!

I’ll do a quick sum-up of the last installment since it’s been a few weeks, then we will get started.

A Sue named Fauna, who may actually be a conglomerate of floating body parts, met Humperdinck right after the credits rolled, flounced continually around the room, acted kind of like a bitch, and decided that, instead of untying the prince and earning his gratitude, she would tell him a “fairy tale,” which we all know is really her TWAJEK BAKSTURY!

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