1800: The Lone Wolf Of The Normandy — Chapter 3

Title: The Lone Wolf of the Normandy
Author: SSJ Lone Wolf
Media: Games
Topic: Halo / Mass Effect
Genre: Sci-Fi/Adventure
URL: Chapter 3
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AdmiralSakai and JLT. Troy Fisher

Hello hello all you Patrons! Welcome back once again to The Lone Wolf Of The Normandy, where Noble Six just keeps digging himself deeper and deeper into douchehood.

Last time the Normandy actually managed to put the idiot under arrest and convey him to the Citadel to become somebody else’s problem, during which time he mostly just sat in the cargo bay and periodically attacked his guards without Captain Anderson ever doing anything to retaliate. When they docked he incapped still more of the crew- including Anderson himself- and snuck out into the docking area. It’s really a miracle he didn’t kill anybody, and really he should have because he shot eight Marines in the legs with those superpowerful gravity rounds and left them unconscious on the floor for like ten minutes with no medical attention whatsoever.”

Show and Tell Counter: 15

Amorous Counter: 29

Collateral Douchebag Counter: 5

Chapter Three is called “A Spartan makes an Alliance”, which would be a welcome respite from Logan’s murderhobo antics so far if only I had the slightest bit of faith that it would actually happen.

Walking out of the elevator. Six saw that just about every species had stopped what they were doing previously to look at him. Which wasn’t that surprising to wolf of Noble team. Even in his universe people stopped to look at the Spartans.


Also, there are now Spartans, plural. God help us all.”

The lieutenant just shrugged it off and decided to walk down the steps. However before he could get any further, he was stopped by a woman with a floating camera behind her. The Spartan-III frowned he always hated attention on himself, like most Spartans did.

” Khalisah Al-Jilani of Westerlund news. Could I have a moment of your time?” The woman asked the Spartan

So they think he’s notable enough to interview, but not notable enough to panic or call C-SEC about. Despite the attack on Eden Prime having literally just happened, and Logan apparently looking enough like a geth in his new Forerunner armor to confuse trained soldiers.

who continued walking past her ignoring her question. The know identified Khalisah Al-Jilani just kept following after him with her camera following after her.

“No.” Six told her blankly as he continued walking away from her. This new universe was beginning to annoy him.

Ugh. Yeah. I hate it when people try to learn about me or ask me what I’m doing

And I especially hate it when they try to take away the guns I used to assault them without provocation.”

The alliance thinking he was their property. He belong to ONI and the UNSC.

The he was stuck in a universe surrounded by damn aliens, which would no doubt try to befriend him. Something he would never do.

Oh God, yes. Can you imagine how horrible the War would’ve turned out if the Covenant had been friendly and peaceful?”

The only good alien in his opinion, was a dead one. It was only a matter of time before they would turn against humanity and kill them all.

Well, at the rate you’re going…”

See “The Systems Alliance are Dicks”, previous post.

Yes he was a Xenophobe but could you blame him after everything he had seen?



And if all of that wasn’t bad enough, this damn woman was following him around that was drawing attention to him.

He literally looks like nothing anyone in Citadel Space has ever seen before. He should be lucky there’s only one reporter.

And not, you know, a platoon of Marines with an attached science team.”

“Its only a few moments of your time. Surely you can answer a few questions?” She asked him making him sigh at the woman. He could tell she wasn’t going to leave him be. So the Spartan turned to look at her.

“Be quick.” Six ordered the woman getting her to smile that she got her way.

Yes, we are really going to have a goddamn news interview be the first thing Noble Six does upon reaching civilization in this new galaxy.

I’ll have to admit, Al-Jilani’s got a pair just walking up to him and demanding answers like that.”

Six wanted to get as far away as he could from the Normandy and her crew. He would rather not have to kill them for following orders, but if he did then he would loose no sleep about it.

Collateral Douchebag Counter: 6

How appropriate.

They weren’t the first humans he had killed and wouldn’t be the last. He after all made a career hunting down insurrectionists and neutralizing them.

Which is weird, because the Spartan-III program was started once the war with the Covenant was in full swing. I’m not saying he couldn’t have engaged with Innies, but there’s no way it would have been a majority of his career.”

The Spartan watched as the woman powered up her camera with the light blinding him. Six scowled at the woman behind his helmet…not that she could see of course.

Doesn’t his helmet have anything in it to prevent him from being blinded by lights?”

All that Forerunner bullshit and he can’t match the capabilities of a $200 pair of prescription eyeglasses.

” Khalisah Al-Jilani of Westerlund news here. Here I have been greeted with….” She trailed off as she didn’t know the name of the thing in front off her.

She’s really going to try to run this like a normal interview, isn’t she?”

I mean, if you’re a newscaster and some weird creature shows up nearby, by all means point your camera at it. But if this was actually a geth or something and not a Spartan, all she’s doing by going up and asking it questions without even so much as a “what are you?” is begging to be bloodily dismembered in front of an audience of millions.

Actually, considering that the Spartan in question is Logan, she’s pretty much begging to be bloodily dismembered in front of an audience of millions anyway.

“Spartan-B312 of the UNSC.” The lieutenant told her.

“I’m sorry. I’ve never heard of the UNSC or the Spartans before? what do they mean?” Khalisah asked with a raised eyebrow.

“It means United Nations Space Command.”

One would think that after hearing this a few times, people would start to wonder why it sounds like a similar organization to the Systems Alliance but clearly not actually related to it.

Then again, one would think that at least some people in this story would actually be smart.

“Are you human?” She asked hoping to get something out of him.

Or are you dancer?”

I really fucking hate that song.

Look, it’s the only thing I know for sure was from the early 21st century, OK? Well, that and pickup artists…”

That’s unimaginably sad.

“I am.” Six replied to her a little hotly. Something Khalisah noticed and pushed on.

“Do you have something against the other races of the citadel?” She asked the Spartan.


Or, more likely, your author does.


“So you said your Spartan-B312. Does that mean there are more Spartans? If so where are they? Your the first we’ve ever seen?”

“Classified.” Six told her again making the reporter narrow her eyes at him.

Well this is gonna make for great television.”

She wanted answers and she wanted them now.

Yeah, what gives?! It’s almost like she’s in the media or something!

“You don’t think that humanity deserve to know about the Spartans?” She demanded with crossed arms trying to push him for answers.


“Who are you to dictate what humanity should and shouldn’t know? If there are more Spartans around then we are obliged to know about them.” Khalisah demanded making him frown as she was talking to him like she was his superior officer.

“That is Classified. This interview is over.” Six told her before walking away leaving behind a fuming reporter who was glaring at the back of the Spartans helmet.

Well that scene sure added a whole lot.

You know what? I’m calling it. Part of being an officer is learning how to interact with civilian officials and other authorities, and actually give them information that’ll help keep them safe instead of just chanting ‘classified, classified classified’ like some sort of splinter sect of the Covenant devoted to the Sacred Redaction.”

Collateral Douchebag Counter: 7

If looks could kill then Six would be dead right now.

Oh, don’t I wish.”

Walking away. Dot who had been quiet for the whole interview appeared on his helmet screen with a smirk on her blue face.

Well that went as well as expected. You sure know how to make friends.

“I don’t need friends.” The lieutenant told her

“Because it’s not like I’m all alone in a completely new universe without a credit to my name or anything…”

as he continued walking down the halls of the citadel that had the words C-SEC printed on the walls. Whatever that meant, while ignoring the looks people gave him as he walked passed them.

Everybody needs friends Logan. Even the Spartan-II’s had each other. You can’t do everything on your own forever.” Dot told her partner.

“I have you.” Six told her getting her to smile at his words.


Dot then began hacking into the various accounts that thanks to her forerunner upgrades was a simple and easy job for her.

Collateral Douchebag Counter: 8

Seriously, this guy’s “hacking” more random things he comes across than a fifteen-year-old kid who’s just discovered the ‘ssh’ command. And if he’s in C-SEC headquarters, then one of those things might be the police!

Commander Shepard and the ground team from Eden Prime. After power was finally returned to the Normandy, were in the elevator waiting for it to reach C-Sec before they would go to the human ambassador’s office.

And I guess not reporting Spartan’s escape to anyone… or even looking for him… In fact, we never even see how they got out of the supposedly inescapable elevator Spartan locked them in at the end of the last chapter!”

With them is Admiral Hackett, who rehashes everything that happened on Eden Prime once again while providing no new insights whatsoever and then wanders off into wondering about Logan’s stated origins.

Also he had never heard of the UNSC before. The only thing he could find was a project from the early 21st century. The United Nations Space Council but it was disbanded when they found the Prothean beacon on Mars.

Ok, as near as I can tell there never actually was any such agency, and that in turn makes me wonder why Hackett didn’t find anything at all on the very real United Nations Security Council. But whatever.

He had of course heard that the Spartan had taken down ten armed soldier plus Anderson in a matter of seconds, something that a N7 would have trouble doing. The private that had started the whole fight was in the medical ward with a broken neck from the clothesline from the Spartan.

Which is a direct contradiction of what he said in the previous chapter, where the Spartan only ‘almost’ broke the guy’s neck.”

While the others were fine with just a few bullet wounds.

Ha. Ha ha ha ha ha. Ha. ‘Fine’.”

As from what Anderson had told him If the Spartan wanted to they would of all been dead in an instant. So that proved to the Admiral that he wasn’t trying to kill them and just disable them.

Yeah, that sort of disabling where the opponent never gets up again and eventually becomes a skeleton.

” Sir. Are we going after the Spartan for attacking the Normandy’s crew?” Ashley asked the Admiral as she was mentally kicking herself for not stopping him. She should of realised that it was him who opened the door to the Normandy.

But if Logan opened the door THEN WHO WAS PHONE?

No, I am not going to let that go.

“No, we’re not Williams” He replied sternly to her making Ashley flinch as she believed he was looking down at her because of her last name like most did. Hackett wasn’t however.

“Sir. He hacked into the Normandy and shut it down completely. Who knows what secrets of ours he’s stolen” Kaidan said as he wasn’t sure if he should side with the Spartan. As on one side he attack the soldiers of the Alliance.

And… yeah, that’s really about the only side of it there is.”

So he was pissed at that, but on the other side if he was in the Spartans position and someone told him that he should give his armour and weapons away to an unknown, then would of probably done the same thing.

Except he wasn’t giving them to unknowns, he was giving them to humans, who according to him are supposedly better!

“Yes. I know Alenko. However he could off killed ever single member of the crew…but he didn’t. So I will give him a chance to defend himself.”Hackett told Kaidan.

We’ve given him every chance to defend himself and he’s failed. Seven times, as a matter of fact!

“Sir. He could prevent private Maxwell from ever walking again. He’s lucky to even be alive from what the doctor has told us. What the Spartan did was just sick..” Jane said bitterly as out off everybody she was the angriest for what he had done.

If she ever saw him again, she would rip that damn helmet off his head and punch him in the jaw for hurting David when he was just following orders. She would show that Bastard what happened when you pissed off Commander Jane Shepard and why the Batarians feared her after the attack on Elysium.


“Private Maxwell threatened him with a gun.” Hackett stated to her.

Yeah, well Noble Stu threatened Private Maxwell with dying horribly, so I think it evens out.

“He threatened the Captain. He was well in his right to defend him.”

“Are you sure your not angry about that he beat you on Eden Prime and out smarted you on the Normandy?”

Well, that too. It’s all part of the great steaming pile of douchiness that is Logan-B312.

The admiral asked her getting the commander to gain a tint of pink on her cheeks…okay maybe she was still a little bitter about the fact he had beaten her but what he did to the alliance soldiers.

“No, sir.” Jane mumbled.

“The fact of the matter is, Commander. The Spartan simply defended himself. This could of all been avoided if Maxwell had kept his cool with the Spartan.”Hackett said in a tone that stated this conversation was over.


“The fact of the matter is, Commander, you simply defended yourself. This could of all been avoided if the Spartan had kept his cool with Maxwell.”Hackett said in a tone that stated this conversation was over.

Fixed it for you.”

How did you even figure out how to work the word-twister?!

You know what, never mind. I’m not complaining.

“Well,”Nihlus said as he coughed into his hand after the awkward silence.”From what I saw on Eden prime. I would offer him a place on the Spectres as well.

Yeah, good idea. He’ll make Saren Arterius look like Mahatma Gandhi.

Plus I would of liked to of thanked him for saving my life after Seran’s betrayal” Nihlus said to the group.

“Really? After just one mission?” Anderson asked the Turian spectre.

And after, you know, he beat you unconscious?”

It had taken years for the council to even think about having a human as a spectre. They usually consisted of just the council races, such as Turians, Asari’s and Salarians.

“Of course. But seeing at how he disappeared, I can’t tell him” Nihlus replied back to him. With both Anderson and Hackett nod their heads. After a few moments the elevator finally stopped.

The door finally opened, allowing them all to get out. Once they did they heard a few of the different races talking about something that had happened recently.

This is I think the second or third time SSJ has done that- used ‘different races’ to presumably refer to multiple individuals of different species. He’d better knock it off, as I am rapidly running out of ways to make jokes about it that don’t make me seem really, really offensive.

That, and we never actually hear anything about what those ‘races’ even are. It took me like a week just to wrap my head around your turian pal, I’d think Spartan’d have at least some reaction…”

“Man, that guy was huge!”

“Is he even human?”

“Well. I wouldn’t pick a fight with him, that’s for sure.”

“I didn’t know they even grew them that big.”

“What about that amour? I’ve never seen anything like it before. Seemed too heavy to be able to walk around?”


Amorous Counter: 30

“Must be a prototype or something. Most probably human made. Plus that looked like a mini computer on his forearm.

Gosh, if only there was some piece of technology in the Mass Effect universe that could be used as a comparison point for arm-mounted multi-function personal computers!

” Well at least he put that stuck up reporter in her place. About time somebody did.”

Well that sounds vaguely ominous!

So Hackett finds Al-Jilani and asks her were Spartan went, and she points him to “the wards” which is apparently specific enough to get a proper fix on his location.”

I smell more badly-ported game mechanics: I bet the author thinks the entire Citadel is the four corridors and a courtyard you can explore in the game.

Anyway, he heads off to track the idiot down on foot, ‘hopefully avoiding a game of cat with him’.”

The Spartan-III was currently walking down the corridor, after getting out the elevator. As he was walking, he saw a trail of red Blood on the floor, which looked like it was recent.

So Six decided to investigate it. After following the trail, he saw a Quarian whimpering as they were laying on the floor.

How does he even know what a quarian is? Dot might since she’s been trolling the intertubez pretty much constantly, but she never told Logan anything about them.

“Dot. Do a scan” Six ordered his partner, who did as she was ordered and began her scan of the Quarian on the floor.

Well the good news is she been shot at close range with the bullet going right through, only leaving a hole” Dot informed him.

“The bad news?”

Well from what I’ve looked up. If we don’t heal her wounds, then she’ll die from blood loss.

She left a trail of blood long and thick enough to follow to her location, and you had to look up the risk of blood loss?”

Also, where are the people who shot her? She can’t have avoided them if she left a trail, and if she killed them all then where are the bodies?

Even if we do then she’ll probably still gain an infection that will kill her. Her race have weak immune systems.” Dot said to him.

I Know you hate the covenant Six but the aliens from this universe had nothing to do with it.

So, basically, Logan is a raging xenophobe unless his xenophobia would get in the way of plot regurgitation. That makes sense…

This girl is young Logan. Will you leave her to her fate just because she’s a non Human?” She asked her partner making him sigh.”She nor her race are apart of the Covenant.

Wait, the Migrant Fleet are not not members of the Covenant?”

I would read the fuck out of a ‘fic where the Migrant Fleet joined the Covenant.

“You made your point.” Six commented to Dot getting her to smile smugly as he summoned a can of Bio-Foam from his slip-space storage.

Biofoam contains pharmacologically active ingredients including painkillers, clotting agents, and antibiotics. Nearly all pharmaceutical drugs are chiral. Six is about to make her bullet wound and severe blood loss look like no big deal.

“Can you hear me, kid?” Six asked the Quarian in the softest voice he could managed which admittedly was much but she seemed to hear him fine as she nodded at him.

Is he supposed to be quiet or not quiet? I honestly have no idea.

“I’m going to close your wounds up.”Six told her.”It will sting however.” The lieutenant told the young quarian.”You…may hold my hand, to help with the pain.” The Spartan-III told her awkwardly and was slightly surprised when three fingers wrapped around his hand instantly.



Oh great God in virtual-reality heaven please no.

Six put the nuzzle in the gun wound

Bad… touch?

before pressing the top filling her wound with the foam to close her wound up for the moment. The young quarian then if Six was correct then she began to curse in her native language as she squeezed his hand tightly.

“Bosh’tet!, Bosh’tet!, Bosh’tet!, Bosh’tet!, Bosh’tet!”The Quarian screamed out in pain.

SSJ, you do realize that “Bosh’tet” is a profanity that applies to a person, right? (Or, since Tali refers to the Normandy’s engines using it at one point, objects that can be personified…)

Anyway, this is basically the equivalent of Tali screaming “Asshole! Asshole! Asshole! Asshole!” at the person trying to treat her.

Huh. Maybe she’s just more perceptive than the ‘fic gives her credit for.”

She just wanted to go home now, to be with her people.

Since she had arrived, everybody looked down at her. Making her feel like she was worth nothing. She wasn’t responsible for making the Geth so why did they Blame her?

Seeing that the foam had done its Job. Six made it disappear back into his amours slip-space

So does that count as cock-vore?


Amorous Counter: 31

before getting to his feet. Then picked up the Quarian,

So does this qualify Six as a pickup artist?”


Yes it does.

who was resting her head on his shoulder after the pain she just went through. she was close to passing out.

“Dot. Where the medical centre from here?”

Logan asked her while making sure he didn’t reopen the quarians wounds. Six carried her, while Dot brought up the map of the citadel looking for the closest medical centre for Six before she finally found one on the Wards.

This ‘fic is developing an alarming tendency towards not allowing female characters to do anything of substance.

So Tali ogles his helmet for a while as they head to the clinic, plays the same question-and-no-answer game we already saw with Shepard, Anderson, and Al-Jilani, and then mercifully passes out.”

Walking past the various races in the lower wards. Once they saw the Spartan holding the Quarian they all frown or scowled at him. Six ignored them however thanks to his enhanced hearing. He heard every word they said.

” Should of left the Quarian vagabond where she was.”

“Look at that! Probably faking being hurt, so she can rob him later on”

“Who ever shot her deserves a medal if you ask me”

“Who let her on the citadel?”

“C-sec should of thrown her off the citadel. Nothing but thief’s.”

“Yarg blarg. We are racist.”

Weird that they care so much about the quarian and not at all about the giant power-armored freak that’s carrying her.”

So he arrives at the clinic and Dr. Michel does her thing, then charges him seven hundred and fifty credits even though she runs a free clinic- apparently she now has a (male) ‘boss’ who checks the clinic’s accounts every time she dispenses medication.

Also, she charges Spartan for the treatment even though Tali was the patient.”

So yes, indeed, we can now say that the ‘fic is literally removing the ability of females to own their own property or make financial transactions. Happy day!

It’s at about that point that Spartan realizes pissing off every single native of this new universe who has tried to help him miiight not have been such a good idea, as he is still completely broke. Luckily enough that’s the exact moment that Hackett shows up (without any sort of security around him, I might add) and offers to pick up the tab.”

“If your trying to by my loyalty. Forget it.”Six told him in an annoyed tone making the man raise his hands up in surrender, not wanting to anger the Spartan.

No, we’re just trying to buy some confirmation that you won’t fucking murder us.”

“I’m not trying to buy your loyalty. I just want to talk to you in private. Anything we talk about will be strictly between the two of us, unless you say otherwise” Hackett reasoned with the lieutenant of the UNSC.

“Dot?” Six asked his partner.

I say go for it. This way we can at least hear what they have to say to us. If what they say and we don’t agree with them, then we’ll leave. As simple as that.” Dot suggested to her partner.

It’s worth noting that Six is already making this agreement under false pretenses, as Hackett does not know Auntie Dot is in his helmet listening in on a conversation that is supposed to be between ‘just the two of them’.

I’m also starting to wonder why other characters can’t hear Spartan talking to her. He never seems to do anything that would mute his helmet mic when he has these conversations, and they switch gears so suddenly I don’t think he’d even have time.”

“Very well.” Six said to Hackett getting a small micro smile.

Which Hackett wouldn’t be able to see under his helmet.”

“However. If I don’t like what I hear. I’m leaving.” The lieutenant said leaving no room for arguments.

“That’s fine, Spartan. Come with me.” Hackett told the Spartan-III before he paid for Tali’s treatment then the Spartan and Admiral left the medical ward. Then headed to Hackett’s ship to speak in his quarters to make sure that nobody could listen in. Dot destroyd any bugs that could of been in the room listening to their conversation.

There are bugs in an Admiral’s private quarters? That sounds like the sort of thing you’d want to report to somebody.”

More to the point, Forerunner bullshit or no I have no fucking idea how a software program managed to ‘destroy’ physical listening devices.

So they have basically the conversation they should have had at the end of the first chapter where Six explains what the UNSC is and where he’s from, even though nothing has really changed to disabuse him of his previous obfuscatory tendencies other than the fact that now he’s hard-up for cash. There’s a weird bit where Auntie Dot gets removed and is still able to speak and project a hologram from her chip, but other than that it’s an intensely boring whistlestop tour through the basics of Halo canon and the Fall of Reach. Then it’s time to return to the amour-sucking:

After they were done. Hackett wasn’t even sure what to think at the moment. Everything he had seen was mind blowing. A whole other universe that had been fighting for twenty seven years against a superior advance race.

It made the first contact war with the Turians seem like a joke compared to theirs, but despite what they had lost they kept fighting on.

What really bothers me is how Hackett never once considers the possibility that the Covenant might come to his own universe. There was one portal- there could easily be others.”

Predictably, Hackett gives this violently unstable man access to Alliance resources to help track down Saren, and for some incomprehensible reason Six decides to change his name to “Kurt Mendez” after Kurt-051 and Frank Mendez. Which I guess is supposed to be charming but for me just brings back unpleasant thoughts of yaoi and mpreg.

What and what, now?”

You’re better off not knowing.

Hackett nodded before they both left Hackett’s room and the ship. Hackett began making him an identity. Which only took a few hours after getting some strings pulled.

So I think we can add ‘military paperwork’ to interviews, women, and first aid on the list of things this author clearly has no experience with.”

Six was now know as Kurt Mendez. A soldier of a black ops project known as the UNSC.

A name that will just raise more questions than it answers.

Under the direct command of Admiral Steven Hackett.

… Great. I give him about ten minutes before he gets sent after Hackett’s ex-wife or something.”

Hackett with permission from Six, informed Captain Anderson of everything. With Six showing him the same as he showed Hackett and once he was finished looked at the Spartan in a new light. Anderson apologised for the whole situation.

With Six doing the same about knocking him out. Also for nearly killing one of his men but he did as he was trained to do in that situation with Anderson understanding.

He was trained to be a massive dick?

After a few more hours. Commander Jane Shepard had been named the first human spectre after she managed with Tali help, prove Saren was a traitor to the citadel and the council.

All of which happens… offscreen, apparently.”

I’m not sure if I should be glad we didn’t have to sit through still more plot regurgitation, or angry that we got it replaced with Logan having the same pointless conversation three times.

You know what? Yes. I would have preferred the plot regurgitation.

Where they striped him of his spectre Status.

Did Saren say go away you basterds?

Apparently this means we’re supposed to be following Shepard again now, because we get an extreme fast-forward of her actions on the Citadel as she meets up with Garrus Vakarian and Urdnot Wrex, and despite Six telling Hackett about her Tali is still allowed to wander into an alley -sorry, an ‘ally’- and get attacked by thugs. They take down Fist, Wrex manages to kill him, and Shepard gets ‘pissed’ about his ‘killing a defenceless’. Then it’s off to the Council with Tali’s evidence, Shepard gets promoted again in slightly more detail this time-”

Show and Tell Counter: 16

– which I think is supposed to mean that all of these events were happening while Hackett was grilling Spartan, and then it’s time to transfer control of the Normandy.

Oh, and did I mention this all takes a grand total of one page?”

Really, you’re probably much better off just watching a Let’s Play of the first act of Mass Effect 1 at about 5x normal playback speed.

“Well we’ve got you a new crew member to join you on your hunt for Saren.” Hackett told her making her raise an eyebrow. Jane felling in her gut that told her she wasn’t going to like who it was.

“Who is it, sir?” Jane asked as she waited for the answer. While having a rough idea who it could be. Something Anderson knew was going to bring problems. They couldn’t tell Jane who the Spartan was or where he came from as it was on a need to know basis.

“The Spartan from Eden Prime” Hackett told her making her narrow her eyes a bit.

“What?! Him why him? He’s attack members of the alliance just for following their orders. Now he’s on the ship doing who knows what?”

“He knows how to lock down the Normandy at his command. He’s a danger to the entire crew and you expect me to work with him?”

“I don’t even know his full combat ability’s.

What do I even need to add to this?

What happens if he turns rouge


Honestly, it’d be an improvement.

or become the next Saren?” Shepard demanded, forgetting she was talking to two superior offices at the moment.

“Spartan-B312 will not turn against humanity I can assure you of that, Commander.”Hackett told the red headed commander.

“He did what he was trained to do, Shepard. He’s from a black ops program known as the UNSC. So if anybody saw him willingly leaving with us, they would discover that we have a Super soldier at our disposal.”

“Something that could bring the heat down on us. He was ordered to attack your crew. To make it seem like he wasn’t with us. I gave him the suggestion for attacking the crew. ”

“It was the only way for you and the crew to distrust him and even hate him. You can fake those feelings.” Hackett told her crossing his fingers behind his back. Hoping she would believe the lie.

That… might just be the dumbest series of ideas I have ever seen a flag officer have. And I lived through Love of a Spartan!

“If that’s the case, then I’ll allow him stay. However if he endangers the crew, then he’s off the ship. I won’t let one man, no matter how good he is in warfare, endanger my crew, Sir” Jane said to him with the two nodding as they knew that it was going to be a while before she trusted the Spartan

Show and Tell Counter: 17

but they knew that in time she would.

“Good. He has direct orders to follow your every word. Until he’s back under my command. Accept he will take his amour and helmet off when he chooses to.”

“Is that understood Commander? You or any body else are not to order him to remove his amour.”

Pretty sure that’s already covered under standard regulations relating to sexual harassment.

Amorous Counter: 33

Hackett asked her.” Six is a very anti-social man, socially awkward due to working alone for years.” The admiral told her after Dot had told him that all Spartans were social awkward.’

That would not give me a great deal of confidence in his fitness as a Special Forces operator.”

After that we get a verbatim transcription of Shepard’s conversation with Joker and her ‘Patton Speech’ from the game, before more Stu-sucking occurs in the cockpit:

“So?…I guess your off to speak to the BFG now huh? The crews staying away from him. Hoping not to piss of the giant.” Joker asked her as he was still pissed that he messed with his Baby earlier in the day. Jeff wasn’t doing to do anything to piss off the 7’4 beast.

“You’ve got that right Joker. If he’s staying on my ship, then he’s going to have to learn a few rules while he’s here.” Shepard said to him as she left the helm and headed down to the hanger to get a few things straight with him.

If he endangered the crew of the Normandy again, then she would put him down herself. The Spartan would soon learn why the Batarians had come to fear her after Elysium where she had earned the name the lioness of Elysium.

Didn’t we read this already at the beginning of the chapter? I mean, it’s still one of the best scenes in the entire story simply for hinting that Logan might get what’s coming to him, but enough is enough.

That, and ‘lioness of Elysium’.”

And cut! Well here another updated chapter of the Lone Wolf of the Normandy. I hope you like it. I’m really on a roll with the updates.

Blah blah canned author’s note blah.

Not much to say really until I write a new chapter for the story…well aside from the Review that asked me to Pair Six with Tali but Six has already a planned pairing for the story at the moment.

Then why the hell did you write Six flirting with Tali?


46 Comments on “1800: The Lone Wolf Of The Normandy — Chapter 3”

  1. SC says:

    Walking out of the elevator. Six saw that just about every species had stopped what they were doing previously to look at him. Which wasn’t that surprising to wolf of Noble team. Even in his universe people stopped to look at the Spartans.

    Could it possibly be the fuck-huge armor you’re covered head to toe in, maybe?

    And I have my doubts that the Krogans, in particular, actually give a shit. Unless you’re looking to start a beef, they tend to mind their own business, mainly because they’re not the best at socializing, and are perfectly fine with that.

  2. SC says:

    ” Khalisah Al-Jilani of Westerlund news. Could I have a moment of your time?” The woman asked the Spartan

    This guy just wants an excuse to write about Six decking Khalisah across the Citadel, doesn’t he.

    I wish authors would figure out that the sweeter victory against the nosy bitch is simply not engaging her in the first place, or calmly and politely going along with her little tirade until the first chance you get to completely shut her down and make her look like a tool. Punching her shit through her skull is just proving her personal agenda right.

  3. SC says:

    he was stuck in a universe surrounded by damn aliens, which would no doubt try to befriend him. Something he would never do.

    Now, if this were a good author, they’d have made Six’s internal thought process less “ew, friendship” and more, “any one of these alien motherfuckers could pull a gun on me at any second.”

  4. SC says:


    IT WAS ME.

    *insert purple “menacing” kanji here*

  5. SC says:

    How did you even figure out how to work the word-twister?!

    It’s not that hard, there’s only three buttons.

    They don’t have labels, because Ghostie never got around to it, but that aside…

  6. BatJamags says:

    He would rather not have to kill them for following orders, but if he did then he would loose no sleep about it.

    The fact that he’s an overpowered wankfest is one thing. Whatever. But why the hell does he have to be such a douche? And he’s the protagonist. That means we’re supposed to be on his side.

    • SC says:

      I kind of want the author to find this riff, so he can see how plainly unlikable his version of Noble Six is.

      And get pissed and whine about it, probably.

  7. BatJamags says:

    “Doesn’t his helmet have anything in it to prevent him from being blinded by lights?”

  8. BatJamags says:

    The admiral asked her getting the commander to gain a tint of pink on her cheeks…okay maybe she was still a little bitter about the fact he had beaten her but what he did to the alliance soldiers.

    Look, Shepard. You are absolutely in the right in this scene. For that reason and for that reason alone, I will let you survive this one quasi-blush.

    Do not push your luck.

  9. BatJamags says:

    “Well,”Nihlus said as he coughed into his hand after the awkward silence.”From what I saw on Eden prime. I would offer him a place on the Spectres as well.

    Generally speaking, Spectre candidacy would probably have as much to do with personality as with raw ability to just shoot a bunch of stuff. Even Saren had to hide his bullshit.

    • SC says:

      Spectres work for the Council, I feel like aptitude at political maneuvering would be an unspoken necessity for the job.

  10. BatJamags says:

    After following the trail, he saw a Quarian whimpering as they were laying on the floor.

    Well, shit. I see where this is going. GJ, get the shotgun.

    Why do the badficcers all have to be Talimancers?

  11. BatJamags says:

    I would read the fuck out of a ‘fic where the Migrant Fleet joined the Covenant.

    I hate it when badfics come up with better story ideas than themselves.

    • SC says:

      I kinda love it, because then I get to shove that in the author’s face: “hey, this throwaway line you wrote would be a better story than this!”

  12. BatJamags says:

    Anyway, this is basically the equivalent of Tali screaming “Asshole! Asshole! Asshole! Asshole!” at the person trying to treat her.

    What how did you figure out that it’s Tali that’s crazy you must have read ahead or maybe you’re psychic or something wow

  13. BatJamags says:

    This ‘fic is developing an alarming tendency towards not allowing female characters to do anything of substance.

    I mean, seriously. It’s not even letting Tali make it to the med center on her own, which she managed just fine in the original game.

  14. BatJamags says:

    ” Should of left the Quarian vagabond where she was.”

    Ideas Better than This One count: 2

  15. BatJamags says:

    “However. If I don’t like what I hear. I’m leaving.” The lieutenant said leaving no room for arguments.

    Leaving where? You’re stranded, asshole.

    • SC says:

      Steps out the airlock, all nonchalant-like, accidentally drifts into a sun’s orbit, and the last thing the Normandy crew hears before his comms short out from radiation is “Oh wait, fuuuuuuuuu-“

  16. BatJamags says:

    What happens if he turns rouge

    Lightish red.

  17. SC says:

    Blah blah canned author’s note blah.

    “Canned author’s note over loudspeaker? Classy.” -Zaeed Massani

  18. DasCheesenBorgir says:

    ”Khalisah Al-Jilani of Westerlund news. Could I have a moment of your time?”

  19. DasCheesenBorgir says:

    chanting ‘classified, classified classified’ like some sort of splinter sect of the Covenant devoted to the Sacred Redaction.

    Dear Humanity,

    We [CLASSIFIED] being alien bastards

    We [CLASSIFIED] coming to Earth

    And we most definitely [CLASSIFIED] that the Corps just blew up our raggedy ass fleet


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