Fillertastic Special: AdmiralSakai and Serketry Riff Terrible MLP Fanart Episode III– Revenge of the Shit

You should know the drill by now. There’s a lot of My Little Pony fanart out there, and most of it is terrible or has unpleasant implications or is just plain confusing, and so Serketry and I riffed it over Steam chat and then reformatted everything into a Library post.

Information Carriers of Sin by Mauroz (Click to zoom)

Well this is baffling.

Why is Gilda Russian?
Why is Luna (or “Latika”) Indian?
Why do they have nation-states assosciated with them at ALL?
Who the fuck are ‘christopher’ and ‘edward’?
Why is Spike’s super-form a Prawn from District 9??




“Why is Trixie… Swedish(I think?)???”

Did the person MAKE this anime art, or find it elsewhere and just compile it into their table of insanity?

“I think they compiled it.
It doesn’t look all that much like the same style.”

And what the hell does any of this have to do with the Seven Deadly Sins?

“Except instead of ‘sloth’ it’s ‘laziness”.”

How fitting.

You know what this kind of reminds me of?
Those “different view of reality” animations.
It’s artistically reasonably well-done but still manages to make zero fucking sense.


Also I am not sure if these are supposed to be people who carry information and are related to sin, or information on people who carry sin.

“OCs fucking [a disturbingly common fanart subgenre]… in a forest!”

That cutie mark. Does that pony have a sex ed cutie mark?

Ok, maybe there won’t be any fucking.
That’s 2 male symbols.
Yet that’s clearly a mare with him.”
No, the colors are different, I think it’s it’s just upside-down.
Which I’m sure is the emblem of some deranged subculture, in some forsaken corner of the Internet…

“Yeah, anarcho-tantrists or something.”

Happy b-day to v747 by gor1ck

Douchebag alert! Douchebag alert!!!!

What’s on his head?
Is that a radio?”

What’s around his neck???
It looks like the Blender logo!

“Hopefully it won’t matter when he electrocutes them all.
That’s a regular show-style pony.
In there with 2 anthro-style kirin.
What the fuck?”

Everything wrong with this and that is what you ask??


Untitled by Calamity Studios

Oooh, now we’ve got OCs having failed to fuck!

“Wow, yeah.”

“Not gonna lie, I was raised Catholic so the halo is… kind of a turn off.”

I got nothing”

I wonder if he kept having to sneak a look at that Cadance portrait to the side.
Or the one that appears to be of Celestia standing in a lake.

Wait, is that THE SAME PONY from the shower one?
Because it kind of looks like the same pony.

“Which one?”

The disappointing shower sex one we riffed earlier.

“Oh, right, that one. Yeah, probably. These OCs do tend to jump artists a lot.”

I just realized I am thankful that “at least ‘Disappointing shower sex with a blue pegasus’ is a description that we can’t confuse with a million other pieces of terrible fanart”. What has happened to my life?

Untitled by Soundwavepie



You know, I’m kinda surprised I haven’t seen MORE Chibi Hitler. Because that seems like the sort of thing the Internet would do.

“We’ve seen plenty [of King Sombra, sometimes referred to as ‘Pony Hitler’].
You must be blocking it out.
It’s all terrible.”

No I mean like literally the human Hitler.

Well, go digging through some anime.
I’m sure you’ll find something.
With magical girls, too.”

Actually, yeah, now I remember!
There was a stand at Origins [A Columbus, Ohio tabletop con].

“… Like a Hitler popple, or something?”

No a whole chibi-Nazi-themed board game.


I don’t think it was the year you were there, but Ian was.

“Well there ya fuckin go.”

MLP fim – Ember – Stroke that egg yes by Gregan811


“what the fuck.
I… I don’t even want to know.”

Sadly, I think ‘the fuck’ is exactly what.
It usually is, at any rate.

Vorace – The pony eater by Kyumiku

I can’t tell if this is supposed to be satirical or not.

“It’s called Vorace, so someone‘s jacking off to it.”

That doesn’t answer my question.

There is no answer. Only pain.”

The Temple’s Curse by ekas86

I’m sure there’s already fanfiction of it.”

No, the fanfiction is the curse.
You get haunted by terrible species-swapping clop of yourself for the rest of your days.

It’s Dr. Caballeron.
Remember that time he went to a Daring Do convention?
And found dakis of his rival?
You think he didn’t also find ones of himself?
He’s already haunted by terrible clop of himself.”

I just assumed he bought them all, actually.

It’s what I would have done.

“Moving… ON…”

Untitled by lysergide

This might be OK if it was, you know, actually a pony.

That’s a katana.
That’s a pair of katanas.”

I was gonna say Kill Bill but that’s the Star Wars Rebel pilot flight suit. What thy fuck?

“And she’s wearing her bra on the outside. I didn’t think the pilot uniforms had such, uh…. highlighting chestpieces. All in all, even as pony, no.”


Untitled by thedarksideofvipy, vipy

What the hell? Are thedarksideofvipy and vipy separate people???
If so why are they both credited on a single image?
And if they’re not separate people what made the site include a secondary account at all?
Did he post the same picture on two accounts?

“I’m guessing it’s the SFW and NSFW accounts.”

Yes, but why are they both credited for the same picture? The site never does that with other people who have SFW and NSFW accounts…

“Because the links lead to each account.
And yeah it does.
The MagnaLuna and MagnaLunaNSFW accounts, for instance.”

It puts one or the other, though it doesn’t put them as two different authors.

“I’ve seen both of Magna’s accounts linked to in one artdump before… maybe the system uses a reverse image search to identify collaborators, but putting the same picture on an SFW and NSFW account confuses it?”

It is entirely possible we care about this too much.

[And the sad part is, the art itself isn’t in any way remarkable. We must see a hundred of these pinup-style things every week, and while I will admit to being unusually ill-equipped to judge such things, I can’t imagine they would even be considered particularly sexy.]

Untitled by Vipiridae Graphics

“Not feeling this one.”

I like it, except for the graffiti.
Why is there graffiti?

“And the choker.
And the bubble gum.”

What, is Twilight casting a fell, forbidden spell to summon Enoby Dark’Nesse Dementia Raven Way?


Or Avril Lavigne.”

Is there really any difference?

Klavier by Wintergleam

The Product by Wintergleam

You must think you’re so GOD DAMN deep!



Oh, is this that fucking Detroit, Become Self-Important game?


It is entirely possible they used a Fallout model as a generic cyberpunk model.

“Yeah, Fallout doesn’t really *do* androids.”

That’s somehow worse than if this was actually Fallout.

S9E6 – Extreme Fan by luminaura

… Those two [Quibble and Clear Sky] are already in a relationship? So what’s the point?

“More fast fanart. [The episode featuring these characters aired the previous day.]”

If I found my significant other fucking a daki of myself, I’d be more than a little creeped out.
Especially if it was in front of my kid.
So, wow, NO.”

I think this passes ‘NO’ entirely and heads right to ‘confusing’.

“And… I… wasn’t the deceased father [i.e. the kid’s biological father] the sports star?”


“I’m… really confused. (Also, god dammit, it’s really weird that we can talk about the fandom’s weird porn in the same context as ‘wasn’t the deceased father the sports star?’.)”

Well, it’s weird fan porn.
It’ll ALWAYS put you in situations you’d  never expect.

Clear Sky by gabe2252

SPEAKING OF WEIRD, this is the last thing Quibble will ever see.


I told you. The last thing Quibble will ever see.

“And that’s a creepily open door reflected in her eyes.”

Well now we know what actually did end up happening to Pegasus Dad.

“Yeah yeah, you told be about stares.
I mean, shit.
Those are some Lil Cal eyes.
They do not mesh with the… the fuzzy felt texture of the fur.”

And the fur is itself rather creepy on the show-stylized model.

It honestly looks a bit like a photo of a plushie?”

I hope not, because that means this thing would physically exist.

“Well yeah, it exists at the bottom of the uncanny valley.”

Also the smile.

“Eeyup. It looks like stitching. Like thick, closely-looped style you use to emboss something?”





The horn is a distinctly different texture too, but there’s nothing really showing how it connects to her head.
Looks like plastic.

“Fuck it, I’m going into the gallery page.

[Long pause]




*runs screaming from the account, never to return*


Also, the irises have this weird wavy texture to them.

“Christ, he made this is Blender?”

It needs to go back into a blender.
Preferably followed by incineration.
And a full round of exorcisms for good measure.
Do you know if it’s possible for a priest to consecrate Holy Napalm?

“I mean

This looks like AAA games quality modeling?
If he sticks to modeling objects, go for it?”

Yeah, this guy gets points for realism…. and negative points for everything else.

Is *this* what Sonic.exe meant by ‘hyper-realistic’?

“I… hope not?
Because god damn.”


I have to say, even with that uncanny larenthian abyss… We didn’t get any  loli or weird fetish shit this time!

We can’t really comprehend what all went into that one.
I have seen the other side, Tom.
And it is plush.”

We should show this to clopfic authors.
And make sure they will never want to fuck a pony again.

… is an idea I had that could NEVER IN ANY WAY go hideously, apocalyptically wrong.

“You know some of them will just rut harder.

I mean, how did Nash boil down Battlestar Galactica?
‘Don’t fuck robots’?”

Yeah, I’m pretty sure this is how the Resonance Clopscade happens.

“Well, when the plushy, fuzzy, magical apocalypse descends upon us like an attic full of smuppets, we’ll know what went wrong.
This is how it ends.”

This is how reality ends.
That thing is not meant to be a part of our world.

[Seriously, if gabe2252 ever sees this, you’ve got some genuine skills but these ponies are creepy AF. Probably best to stick to the inanimate objects and photography.]

Blackjack by IRUSU

“Oh, go get your limbs blown off already, you stupid edgy OC. [We see a crapton of this particular character with cybernetic hooves.]”

I’m getting Jeff fives.

*Jeff vibes, sorry.

I’m not sure what “Jeff Fives” would be, actually.

High-fives where your hand is so covered in white foundation that you leave a big smear?

“High-fives except except Jeff cuts your hand off?

Yours works.”

Either or, really.

Cosmarepolitan Princess Spot-light! by *dons hearing protection* TITANOSAUR


“My god, I can’t even see it through all the pixels.”

I…. LITERALLY cannot read this, yeah.

“I’ve never seen a resolution so low.”

It’s Comic Sans. Why is it in Comic Sans?

“What the fuck is it?”

God DAMMIT I just finished riffing episode of Sonichu, I didn’t need for there to be more of it!

Dude, you’re gonna end up in the emergency room with that thing.

Wait, scratch that.
You’re gonna end up on Pony WTFIWWY.

“I’m reminded of that one guy who smuggled a chainsaw down his pants.

Except without the pants.


It’s gonna happen one of these days.

Untitled by 🕆Evehly🕆

Oh God!



“What the actual fuck”

“Let’s just move on.”

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to move on ever again.

Haunting drmons by MysteriousShine


Oh my god that should be a real thing.


Spoopy Scray Drmons!

“Dr. Mons?

Yours is way better”

Great, now I’m imagining the Doom Guy being chased by a collection of animated skeletons with memefaces.


Or possibly a song by Imagine Drrgins.

Take Our Souls With Your Flames by MysteriousShine [Discovered April 18]

Well MysteriousShine sure was quick to cash the fuck in!

What the actual fuck, guys?”

And the sad part is, if that was Daybreaker I could actually see this being pretty epic.

Still in kind of poor taste, but epic.

“MS, you do know they saved the overall structure, right?”

I highly doubt the artist cares.


They just grabbed the first news clip they could find and plonked in a pre-made OC to cash in on those sweet, sweet bot-aggregated related-links clicks.

“Isn’t that the actual black hole that was just discovered?”

Ok, so, I never fully got what all the shit being flipped over that image was about to begin with because we’ve imaged black holes before, the resolution is poor, and the image itself is not really scientifically useful.
And then we got this.

“I… yeah.
It’s kinda indefensibly dumb.”

People will just meme any goddamn thing these days!

I just realized I am actively pining for the halcyon days of fucking Rick Astley and Sanic. This has to be the strangest Get-Off-My-Lawn moment in history.

[The really sad part is that this is not the only black-hole pony fanart. As of June 1, Derpibooru counts 114, 16 of which are considered ‘adult’.

I would legitimately prefer the Internet just after Portal 2 launched instead of this shit.

I am certain that by the time this post goes live, there will be a ponified OC of that stupid Mueller congressional report as well.]

4 Comments on “Fillertastic Special: AdmiralSakai and Serketry Riff Terrible MLP Fanart Episode III– Revenge of the Shit”

  1. BatJamags says:

    Great, now I’m imagining the Doom Guy being chased by a collection of animated skeletons with memefaces.

    “Nr, Jrhn. Yur rre thr drmons.”

    And then John was a zrmbie.

  2. BatJamags says:

    Cosmarepolitan Princess Spot-light! by *dons hearing protection* TITANOSAUR

    That color scheme looks familiar…

  3. eatpraylove says:

    I took a closer look at that first one. Based on the color scheme and the jewel, “Christopher” is a genderbent Queen Chrysalis.

    I’m as confused as y’all.

    • AdmiralSakai says:

      Wow. Wow, I think you’re onto something!

      And then ‘Edward’ has the same teal color as Princess Ember, and the ‘????’ guy has his ‘interest’ listed as ‘Pinkamena’ and the same yellow color as Pinkie Pie’s friend Cheese Sandwich.

      That raises…. exactly as many questions as it answers.

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