1838: Fallout Tetris – Oneshot

Title: Fallout Tetris
Author: Nigel Yearning
Media: Video Game
Topic: Fallout / Tetris
Genre: Drama
URL: Fallout Tetris
Critiqued by TacoMagic

Today I have a very special treat for you, A Fallout x Tetris crossover!  Now don’t get excited, it’s not as crazy as you think.  Personally I was hoping for the adventures of L-block in Fallout: NV or something, but the reality turned out to be far more mundane than expected.  I could get into that, but the summary covers it pretty well:

A Wastelander accidentally finds a game of Tetris after falling down a flight of stairs, she soon takes it and heads over to an nearby town to get it cashed in. Oneshot.

Now, you might notice that the fic is also sporting the coveted “drama” tag.  If you’re wondering how that summary could lead to something dramatic, then you’re not alone.  So strap in while we find the answer to that question.

Spoilers: it doesn’t.

Anyway, on with the show!

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1280: Courier’s Effect: A Short Story Of My Beginnings – Chapters One, Two, Three, and Four

Title: Courier’s Effect: A Short Story Of My Beginnings
Author: CourierMaximum42
Media: Video Games
Topic: Mass Effect / Fallout
Genre: Humor / Adventure
URL: Chapter One
Critiqued by SuperFeatherYoshi

Ladies and gentlemen, this is SuperFeatherYoshi, and I have finally returned from my year long hiatus! And I did not return empty handed.

Today we are going to take a look at Courier’s Effect, a Fallout/Mass Effect crossover. And boy oh boy is it awful. The sheer amount of research failures puts Hammer Effect to shame. It also features arguably one of the biggest Mass Effect self-insert Stu the library has ever seen, whose Stuness, in my humble opinion, is second only to good ol’ 23.

So, let’s begin, shall we?

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Artastic Tuesday

C: How’s Ert holding up?

E: Ugh….argle…blargle….

N: Finals week. So he’s…in an interesting spot.

G: Well what do we have for this week? Where are our scripts?

N: We have nothing. Unless you want to talk about Shakespeare, political correctness or a couple of pages with a bunch of swear words on it.

C: Wait, we have one thing. An art piece.

G: Artastic Tuesday it is. Put it up.

Picture by KitKatInaHat



C: Wait, this is from the fanfic we’re from. From the Ashes. Roger Andrews is on the left, Sheryl Hayha is on the right, and that’s Nora in the middle Is this really relevant?

G: Well, Nora’s in it. That counts for something right?

C: Ert just scribbled a sticky note saying “It’s all I have” on it. So I guess we’ll go for it…damn it Nora, you look messed up.

N: *Buries face in hands* I got into a scrap with a Banshee. Got claws through the torso and wrist too, nearly lost my hand.

C: How’d you get out of that?

N: Managed to snap its neck. Got lucky. We were both on the top of an APC, one of its claws went the roof, and Roger smacked them with the butt of his rifle. He bent them pretty good and it got stuck.

C: Well…that’s what we got for this week…Goeth do a song and dance.

G: *Whips out chainsaw swords* GOODNIGHT EVERYBODY!

906: Adapt and Survive – Chapter One

Title: Adapt and Survive
Author: nivlac
Media:  Video Game
Topic: X-Com/Fallout
Genre: Adventure/Mystery/Cross-Over
URL: Chapter One
Critiqued by SuperFeatherYoshi

Ladies! Gentlemen! It is I, SuperFeatherYoshi, and I have returned with my latest snarking! As you probably know already, I encountered some problems with my Fallout Effect riffing, therefore, that one’s on indefinite hiatus (again) for now. Fortunately, I discovered another story from FF.net’s XCOM crossover section that would do just fine. I present to you: Adapt and Survive!

Adapt and Survive is an XCOM/Fallout crossover, the only one of its kind on FF.net…. Or at least the only one in the category. (There was another, but it was a poorly written writing prompt.) There is another story, a one-shot called XCOM – Rotting Heros that’s technically a crossover with Fallout, since it ends with the aliens winning the war and retreating, leaving Earth a radioactive wasteland. But that story was in the X-Com category and not the crossover category, not to mention it has quite a few problems, such as the aliens obliterating most of humanity… And then just sort of gets up and leave. No enslaving, no modification, nothing. Which directly contradicts the aliens’ true agendas in the game. Also, the temple ship is named T’leth, I know it’s a reference to Terror From the Deep, but just how the hell did the humans know that name? I really don’t see the Ethereals installing speakers on their ship that keep blasting: “Puny humans! This is T’leth! The last thing you’ll ever see!!” in human languages while destroying every major city in the world. That just feels…. Cartoonish.

But I digress.

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812: United under two skies – Chapter Twelve, Part Two

Title: United under two skies
Author: Gearman
Media:  Video Game
Topic:  Mass Effect/Fallout
Genre: None Listed
URL:   Chapter Twelve
Critiqued by SuperFeatherYoshi


Ladies! Gentlemen! We’re finally here. I’m SuperFeatherYoshi, and this is the final installment of my UUTS snarking.

In the last installment, Gearman completely butchered the character of Urdnot Wrex because… Because…

Moving on…

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785: United under two skies – Chapter Twelve, Part One

Title: United under two skies
Author: Gearman
Media:  Video Game
Topic:  Mass Effect/Fallout
Genre: None Listed
URL:   Chapter Twelve
Critiqued by SuperFeatherYoshi


Plot regurgitation!Gearman took Priority: Sur’Kesh, a tense race against time, and reduced it into a husk of its former self, killing any and all tension with bland writing and Gary Stu protagonist.

Seriously, when your character can take out hundreds of husks with a single biotic attack, why the hell are we supposed to be worried about him when he’s taking on a single Atlas Mech?

But nooooo… We’re not done yet!

The Normandy then flew to Phoenix, the Stu planet, we get even more proof that Gearman has no idea how ME technologies work. Also, the Stu fleet destroys hundreds of Reaper Destroyers without even trying with “a plasma death ray combination”. It’s exactly as stupid as it sounds.

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773: My Little Fallout, Vegas Isn’t Magic- Chapter 19 part 2 & 20

Title: My Little Fallout, Vegas Isn’t Magic
Author: SomeGuyCamping
Media: Video Game/Cartoon
Topic: Fallout/My Little Pony
Genre: None Given
URL: None Available
Critiqued by Erttheking

G: So, just the three of us this time around?

E: Yeah, I figured that Seiko could use another go at rifting.

S: Uh, yeah, I think I’m ready whenever you guys are.

G: You know, Stupard’s been locked in the basement for a few months now.

E: We’re on a space station, we don’t have a basement.

G: I built it, I call the rooms what I please. Anyway, he’s been in the basement for a few months now, we should probably do something about that.

E: Look, we’re finally making progress with Seiko, I don’t want to push my luck. Let’s finish this fic and then get something science fiction related for him. It’s worth a shot.

S: Wait, his name starts with an s right? What are you gonna call him in the log?

E: Fuck. I didn’t think about that.

G: Meh, we’ll just call him John or Jo’lan or whatever his name is.

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