1734: Subnautica The Novel (Chapter Bundle 4 is out!) – Chapter 4


Title: Subnautica The Novel (Chapter Bundle 4 is out!)
Author: CrashBurnGlobal
Media: Video Game
Topic: Subnautica
Genre: Adventure/Mystery
URL Chapter 4
Critiqued by Ghostcat




Hello, dear Patrons! Hope you’re having a great Good Friday, if that’s your thing.

This is the final (for now) chapter-lump! Hoo-ray!

In the last chapter-lump, which was actually just one chapter, Dumbass and Crazy Casey finally got to the island and decided to explore the dangerous alien wilderness in the dark. They did take the exosuit, which was smart, but decided to leave it and go on foot for most of their explorations, which was stupid. While exploring one of the abandoned Degasi bases, Crazy Casey fell and seriously fucked up her leg. She should have died while Dumbass ran back and forth to the Cyclops for a bit, but she only became conveniently unconscious so that Dumbass could heroically carry her back to the Cyclops – which is what he should have done in the first place.

Now, to the fic!

Chapter 11: Medical Attention

And again, starting exactly where the last chapter ended.

We made it onto the cyclops, she was still out cold in my arms.

And probably starting to get cold and a bit stiff, considering the amount of blood she’s lost.

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