1733: Fall to Equestria – Chapters Five and Six

Title: Fall to Equestria
Author: doomboom1234
Media: Television/Cartoon
Topic: My Little Pony: FIM
Genre: Sex/Comedy/Human/Random/Romance
URL:  Chapter Five
Critiqued by AdmiralSakai and Serketry


After faffing around for close to five thousand words, this chapter of the so-called “Sex” ‘fic does indeed contain a money shot. Featuring technicolor horses. You have been warned.

Hello hello, all you patrons!

I’m back with some more of Fall to Equestria, the story of Loser Martin’s quest to inappropriately touch the entire primary cast of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Last time, they had a meet-and-greet about human culture at the Golden Oaks library where it was revealed that six capable and intelligent mares had no idea what the word ‘omnivore’ means, the main character traded in his tragic past for a dickshirt, and Rarity got off.

While Spike watched in envy.

Which, alarmingly, was the most in-character thing to have happened.

It makes just as much sense in context.

Bad Touch Counter: 8

All of that, of course, brings us to Chapters Five and Six, “the party” parts one and two.

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