1724: Brego’s Mistress – Chapter Two, Part Two

Title: Brego’s Mistress
Author: hannah.jpg
Media: Books
Topic: Lord of the Rings
Genre: Drama and Romance
URL: Chapter Two
Critiqued by Angie

Howdy, nerds! I’m Angie back again with another edition of Brego’s Mistress. And, y’all…I finally found a fic that I really want to get through. Like, The Girl is fine, but this one… HO BOY.

I have the entire fic saved to my phone just in case Hannah decides to take it down…which means I’ve skimmed through and…it only gets worse.

With that, let’s finish Chapter Two!

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1723: SONIC HIGH SCHOOL – Chapter Twelve

Author: DarkDoomFireMaster
Media:  Video Game
Topic: Sonic the Hedgehog
Genre: Drama/Romance
URL: Chapter Twelve
Critiqued by Lyle and Lina

Lina:  You’re joking, right?  We’re still doing this?

Yeah, I know.  Life got a little sticky and I haven’t had the chance to find anything else to work on.  Hell, I’ve had a hard enough time getting guest riffs scheduled, as I’m sure everyone has noticed.

Lina:  Yeah, you did sort of fuck that all up, didn’t you.

I’d be mad at you for that, but it’s true.  Anyway, the last time we met-

Lina:  Eons ago.

-Tails and Cream had a study session that ended without sexy-times.

Lina:  Thank God.

Did anything else happen?  I honestly can’t remember.

Lina:  I honestly don’t think it matters.

Let’s just get to the next chapter, then.

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