1735: Legendary Adventurers, Futuristic Saviors – Chapter Fourteen, Part Four

Title: Legendary Adventurers, Futuristic Saviors
Author: Stone-Man85
Media: Movie
Topic: Princess Mononoke
Genre: Adventure/Romance
Url: Chapter Fourteen
Critiqued by SC, Sir Paulo Rori and Scarlet of Mesyth

Hello, and welcome back to, “Legendary Adventurers, Futuristic Saviors,” by Stone-Man85! I’m your host, SC, joined by Sir Paulo Rori and Scarlet of Mesyth, and last time, we saw the villains being all villainously scheming and shit, then promptly went back to Idiot One and Idiot Two for some stupid anime trope times that ended with me being legit pissed because Stone-Man85 is slowly but surely murdering all the things that made my childhood wonderful.

What do you think, that about cover everything of interest?

Paulo: More or less.

Scarlet: You forgot about my book.

Oh, right, and Scarlet’s writing a book.

Now, with that out of the way, let’s hurry up and finish this shitstain chapter so that we can move on to the next one. If this is anything like the last three parts, it’ll end up being a very short entry because most of the crap will get cut out.

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