1738: Heroes and Villains – Chapter Nineteen, Part Two

Title: Heroes and Villains
Author: Horrible’s Igor
Media: Television / Movies
Topic: Buffy: The Vampire Slayer / Kitchen Sink
Genre: Supernatural/Drama
URL: Heroes and Villains (Now Defunct)
Critiqued by TacoMagic and Eliza

Hey, patrons!  Welcome back to the second half of what I’m calling ‘the nose-dive chapter.’

“It really is obvious that Igor has completely run out of ideas.”

Not only that, he’s totally run out of fucks to give.  That means we’re in store for the total burn out.  There will be a large burst of activity in terms of a few chapters that get posted in a short amount of time as Igor tries to rally some interest in the project, and then the dwindle to nothingness.


Naw, nothing new was served up in the first half.  All we got was a bunch of irrelevant dialogue that I assume was supposed to be character building, and a discussion from the Buffy crew that we’ve basically seen a few times before.

“But Spike!”

Right, almost forgot, Spike is being called in as a maid.  I guess that’s the summary for the last chapter.  Spike in a maid outfit.

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