1387: Harry is Hari? – Chapter 4

Title: Harry is Hari?
Author: Death Magnetic Cyanide
Media: Movie/Anime/Manga
Topic: Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi/Harry Potter
Genre: none given
URL: Chapter 4
Critiqued by Ghostcat

Hello, dear Patrons!

I’ve finally arrived at the best part of a Library fic – the last chapter!

:does Last Chapter Dance:

In the previous chapter, Harry/Hari went through a time-skip growth spurt that made him old enough to receive a Hogwarts letter, and then the rest of the chapter was consumed by a rather lackluster shopping trip to Diagon Alley where Harry/Hari (eventually) met Draco.

Despite having very rushed pacing, this fic just seems to drag on forever. It’s some sort of weird paradox.

Hari POV

Holy crapcakes, a POV Tag that actually changes the perspective! I still loathe it, but now fractionally less than before.

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