2321: Pokemon The Kanto Harem Chronicles – Chapters 7, 8, and 9

Title: Pokemon The Kanto Harem Chronicles
Author: Prince Sonic WindStriker
Media: Video Game
Topic: Pokemon
Genre: Romance/Adventure
URL: Chapter SevenEight, and Nine
Critiqued by Herr Wozzeck

WARNING: This fanfiction contains several NSFW elements, including possible scenes of sexual activity with a minor. I do plan on skipping over all portions of the fic with underage sexual activity, but reader discretion is HIGHLY advised.

Hello guys, and welcome to some more Kanto Harem Chronicles.

Oh right, you were probably expecting more Harry Potter Becomes A Communist. Well, I think right now, I need to take a break with that fic ’cause I’m starting to run out of ways to make that snark funny. It’s just become a chore to snark, so while I figure that out, I’m gonna come back to SonicWindStriker.

And, well, I hope you’re ready, because this week’s installment is gonna be rather shorter than last week’s because–yes, you guessed it–this one is overloaded with sex!

So let’s get to it, yes?

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