2329: The Purple Queen: Chapter 7

Title: The Red Queen
Author: Dravyn LeCrux
Media: Web Series
Topic: RWBY
Genre: Drama/Tragedy
URL: Chapter 7
Critiqued by BatJamags

They’re here!

Uwaah count: 11

A Sentence Fragment count: 15

Hello once again, patrons! I’m your guest host, BatJamags, and I’m back with more of The Red Queen, the fic with the pretentious and irrelevant Alice in Wonderland references.

Last time, stupid things happened. Contain your shock.



Author, I don’t think you understand what a foreword is.

Been a while since I’ve done a foreword in any of my projects, huh?

You didn’t do one here. A foreword goes at the beginning of the story, not the beginning of a chapter.

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