2333: Portal 3 Aperture Again! – Chapters 17 AND 18

Author: terminalvelocityrunner
Media: Video Game
Topic:  Portal
Genre: Humor/Sci-Fi
URL: Chapter 17
URL: Chapter 18
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Hello, dear Patrons! I hope you are all having a lovely (time-part), wherever you might be. Because that’s going to change.

You know how anime often have that one “onsen” episode where the entire plot is just discarded so that the characters can go on a trip to a hot springs or a beach, where they engage in meaningless shenanigans and/or fan service that ultimately have zero relevance? That’s a weird trope, isn’t it?

Anyway, in the last chapter TSue & Co spent the entire chapter creating an elaborate (yet still somehow incredibly vague) torture chamber that will undoubtedly grind Wheatley into techno-confetti in short order. Now that the idiot squad has managed to kill off literally every other named character in the franchise, let’s get to the next chapter!

GLaDOS metaphorically woke up the next day and liked at her built in calendar.

… So she had a spiritual or philosophical awakening and didn’t actually initiate whatever start-up program GLaDOS would use?  And while she was at it, she enjoyed her built-in calendar?

Right. Okay.

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