2330: Sonichu — Issue 0, Episodes 3 and 4, and Sub-Episode 1


Title: Sonichu
Author: Christine Weston Chandler, aka. Christopher Weston Chandler, aka. Christian Weston Chandler, aka. Chris-Chan
Media: Webcomic
Topic: Sonic The Hedgehog / Pokemon / IRL
Genre: “Parody”, apparently.
URL: Cover and Issue 0 Template Box
Critiqued by AdmiralSakai

Hello hello all you patrons, and welcome back to Sonichu!

Previously, we were treated to a rehashing of the boss battle against Perfect Chaos at the end of Sonic Adventure, although this time a Wild Boy Pikachu caught a conveyor belt into Station Square and got himself body-checked by Super Sonic. This somehow caused the Pikachu to take on Sonic’s body plan, superspeed, and capacities of speech, and also to sprout a magical rainbow which, apparently by sheer divine coincidence, struck a Girl Raichu and morphed her into a nigh-identical copy of Amy Rose. The latter, now christened RosechuZapbud by her horrifying turkey leg of a Trainer (named Kel), then moped a lot about being lonely and/or sexually frustrated, and the former, now christened Sonichu, moped a bunch about being hungry. Then Sonichu spotted Zapbud staring at a stream for no reason, got his sleazebag on by following her to Kel’s cabin and insisting that he be allowed in for dinner, and then… I guess they fell in love because the last few panels of the comic had them making out in front of fireworks.

We were also introduced to Chris-Chan’s in-comic persona, who shows up in the middle of the comic at random times in an ugly shirt to spout legal disclaimers, exposition, and other asinine nonsense. There was also some exposition on the city(??) of CWCville where everything is supposed to take place. Yes, it is indeed named after Chris, who also claims to be the Mayor despite also acknowledging that the place is fictional and located within a comic he is the author of. Not since Popo, Star-Spawn of Cthulhu put H.P. Lovecraft’s books inside the Cthulhu Mythos have I encountered a ‘fic this ontologically confusing.

There were also a bunch of other characters in the big infodump, but I want to address them when they actually appear in the comic continuity proper so I didn’t spend a lot of time on them.

Typo Cunter: 7

We resume Issue 0 already in progress.

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