1525: Heroes and Villains – Chapter Six, Part One

Title: Heroes and Villains
Author: Horrible’s Igor
Media: Television / Movies
Topic: Buffy: The Vampire Slayer / Kitchen Sink
Genre: Supernatural/Drama
URL: Heroes and Villains
Critiqued by TacoMagic and Eliza

Welcome back, patrons!  With me again is Eliza, who does not appear to be suffering a hang-over this week.

“I put sprinkles in my roughage today!”

That actually doesn’t sound too bad.  You want to handle the recap?

“Umm.  Did anything happen last week?”

Not really.  We did learn that the reason for the rift between Anna and Elsa was extremely stupid and contrived, but, otherwise, all that really happened was the sisters argued and then Elsa had an evilgasm.  Pretty much that was it.

“You know, I think I know how to make this roughage even better?”

Really, how?

Just Add Olaf


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