685: Twin Humanities – Chapter 28.5 (REALLY!?)

Title: Twin Humanities
Author: max7238
Media: Video Game
Topic:  Dark Souls
Genre: Adventure Romance
URL:  Chapter 28.5
Critiqued by Erttheking

N:  All right Ert!  The bogey is slippery but we’re closing in on it!  It’s trying to lose us in the asteroid belt around the station, but we’ll get it.

E:  Why the Hell did you build this near an asteroid belt?

G:  Liked the view.  Anyway, whoever stole the ring is in for a surprise.

C:  Huh.  Turns out asteroid belts are actually really spaced out.

G:  Yup, movies get it all wrong.

E:  Look, I can handle the red ring, and Cornelia can just get it off me if I’m wrong.  I can go out there and help them-

G:  Not to rain on your parade, but it’s 3v1 our advantage out there.  They really don’t need your help.  Now don’t you have a review to do?

E:  Ugh, fine.  Read the rest of this entry »