691: The Fallen Lords – Episode Three

Title: The Fallen Lords
Author: TacoMagic
Media: MUD
Topic:  Medievia
Genre: Not Listed
URL: Not available online
Critiqued by Lyle

Howdy, all!  Happy Day After Easter.  For all of you who participate in the commercial aspect of the holiday (like I, as I am not a religious person what-so-ever), I hope you’ve recovered from your sugar-coma.  I spent the day gloriously out-of-doors, exploring potential camping locations for this summer and doing a touch of fishing, hiking, and the like.

Now that the pleasentries are out of the way, let’s recap what happened the last time we looked at The Fallen Lords.

We met Sansgar, a stu that made me build a counter buzzer.  He’s an overpowered apprentice/novice cleric who ran afoul of a group of evil Jawas that have destroyed the underground cleric boarding school he had been enrolled in.  Pretty much everyone he knows has been brutally murdered.  I think that’s all we need to know to move along.  Let’s proceed!


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