671: Twin Humanities – Chapter 25 & 26

Title: Twin Humanities
Author: max7238
Media: Video Game
Topic:  Dark Souls
Genre: Adventure Romance
URL:  Chapter 25 & Chapter 26
Critiqued by Erttheking

E:  *Gasp* Oh…oh sweet Jesus.

C:  You ok Ert?  You look like you just ran a decathlon.

E:  Finally…finally beat Artorias of the Abyss.

N:  You did?  Awesome!  Now we can move on pass that area and not be forced to rely on second hand experience!

E:  Yeah…I did…then I got to the Manus, Father of the Abyss fight…aw well, there wasn’t any content after his fight anyway, so it doesn’t really matter that it’ll take me more or less till the next century to beat him.

C:  Is he really that bad? Read the rest of this entry »