1826: Coffin Rock: Retold – Chapter Three

Title: Coffin Rock: Retold
Author: PureNexus
Media: Movies
Topic: The Blair Witch Project/Alpha and Omega
Genre: Mystery and Horror
URL: Chapter Three
Critiqued by Angie

What’s up, everybody? My name is Angie and I am back with another review of Coffin Rock: Retold. I need to get this riff done by 11:59 tonight which means I have T-minus seven and a half hours to get this done. Alright? Cool.

[Extra footage caught from mic: I have to go to the bathroom hold on]

Anyway, last time, Aaron gave Kate, Humphrey and Garth camcorders and sent them on their journey. Let’s hope this next chapter is a little more scary. Let’s take a look at chapter three of Coffin Rock: Retold!

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