1824: Batman and The Hunter Chap 1 & The Batman and The Hunter A Lady Waiting Chp 2 – Oneshots?


Title: Batman and the Hunter Chap 1
Author: Lisa Glider
Media: TV Show
Topic: Batman: The Animated Series/”Mythology”
Genre: Drama
URL: Chapter 1
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Hello, Patrons, and welcome to a new fic! No more boring Slender Man halfheartedly chasing an androgynous drone around the forest! This particular fic is listed as a crossover between Batman: The Animated Series (my all-time favorite show and the reason I love Batman so much) and “Mythology”, which seems to be where most authors stick things that don’t really go anywhere else. Let’s take a look at the summary, shall we?

Lisa Glider, a cat gryphoness/princess is held against her will and there’s no one who can save her…or is there? Read on and find out.

:looks up at author’s name:

I think I can spot the SI Sue already. Also, a gryphon (or griffin, both spellings are accurate) is an eagle/lion hybrid with the head, wings, and talons of an eagle and the body of a lion but this particular one apparently has an extra helping of regular cat in her to give her those kawaii desu! kitty ears. And she is a princess. Because that is a thing that can happen, I guess.

Let’s go to the actual fic, shall we?

Gotham City. A place of corruption, crime, and a law breakers paradise. People lived in fear, as mad men steal, rob, and take lives within their own ways. However, a major plan was going change the city forever, not even The Dark Knight would know what to do.

This looks a lot more like a summary than the actual fic summary does.
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