2177: Slasher Oneshot Marathon!

Title: The texas chainsaw massacre: once again; The Real Texas Chainsaw Massacre; Halloween: Death Comes Calling; Fiery Passion; New masked killer; Murder from Scream
Author: doctorwhofan123456789; G.I. Joe Adventure Team; KLeslie; bloodyrose2014; Droids Boys; MeLoNa05
Media: Film
Topic: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre; The Texas Chainsaw Massacre; Halloween; A Nightmare on Elm Street; Scream; Scream
Genre: Horror / Drama; Crime / Horror; Horror / Romance; Romance / Horror; Horror / Drama; Horror / Poetry
URL: The texas chainsaw massacre: once againThe Real Texas Chainsaw MassacreHalloween: Death Comes CallingFiery PassionNew masked killerMurder from Scream
Critiqued by BatJamags (and Spider-Man)

A little game for the reader: By the end of the riff, guess which YouTube channel I’ve been watching a lot of recently.

Also, when I say “marathon,” I mean it. This is long, but I was having way too much fun to cut it down. Just thought I’d let you know ahead of time. Seriously, though, it’s about three times as long as my normal riffs.

Hello once again, patrons! I’m your host, BatJamags, and I’m back.

There is a fifth dimension, beyond that which is known to Man. It is a dimension as vast as the author’s note to My Inner Life, and as timesquiggly as My Immortal. It is the middle ground between light and Edgelord, between thermal radiation and BLUE; and it lies between the pit of a riffer’s fears and the summit of his anger. This is the dimension of bad horror oneshots. It is an area which we call… the Badfic Zone.

Respectfully submitted for your derision: A cavalcade of spooky, scary, and quite possibly skeletal oneshots from a wide selection of horror films!

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1544: Dora of the Rings – One Shot

Title: Dora of the Rings
Author: Jasonbobdude
Media: Television/Books/Movie
Topic: Dora the Explorer and Lord of the Rings
Genre: Poetry and Fantasy
URL: Dora of the Rings
Critiqued by KittyNoodles

I literally have no idea what the hell I am riffing today. I really don’t.

I’ve read this entire fic twice and I honestly cannot say with any certainty what this is besides a troll/crackfic. That is the only reason I have for why anyone would cross Dora the Explorer – a children’s show about learning Spanish words alongside cute adventures involving sentient hiking equipment – with a story as intense and lore-heavy as The Lord of the Rings trilogy. This may be as weird as crossing Frozen with the Dead Space series. Or The Lion King with Star Wars and the events of World War II.

So… Let’s get this thing going, shall we?

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1265: Christmas eve at Teufort – Oneshot

Title: Christmas eve at Teufort
Author: XanonymousXX
Media: Video Game
Topic: Team Fortress 2
Genre: Poetry/Humor
URL: Chapter One
Chapter Two
Critiqued by SC, Specs, Bifocals and Contacts

Hello, and welcome back to the Library of the Damned! I’m your host, SC, and in honor of the holiday season, I’ve hunted down a holiday-themed Oneshot for you folks this week!

Now, as I was born and raised Catholic, the holiday I recognize during December is Christmas, like many people. And when I input Christmas in my search parameters, I came up with this two-chapter pair of “humorous” (fingers crossed) poems called “Christmas eve at Teufort”, by XanonymousXX. It’s actually two chapters, but the total word count if both chapters is just a little over four hundred words, so this really won’t take long at all. It’s also set in the world of Team Fortress 2, during Christmas. Duh.

I bet you guys know what’s coming next. If you’ve been here longer than a month, I mean.

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