1479: On-board the USG Arendelle – Chapter 1


Title: On-board the USG Arendelle
Author: Alexion Laeoin
Media: Video Game/Film
Topic: Dead Space/Frozen
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
URL:  Chapter 1
Critiqued by Ghostcat



Hello, dear Patrons!

I’ve managed to uncover a fic from an odd little niche fandom that I didn’t even know existed – a combination of the survival horror video game Dead Space and that feel-good Disney film based on The Snow QueenFrozen.

Yeah … I don’t know what those two things have in common, either.

We’ve covered fics from both of these canons before in the Library, so I think I can dispense with the in-depth SC-style infodump.  I will share the fic’s summary;

Anna has found herself on the USG Arendelle, her and her team responding to a distress signal the planet cracker sent out a week ago… The same planet cracker her sister Elsa was on… Rated T for language and some gore. No ships or pairings, but there is an OC.

This is a very condensed, and rather poorly worded, synopsis of the first Dead Space game; Isaac Clarke is part of a rescue mission sent in response to a distress signal sent by the USG Ishimura, a “planet cracker” ship that Isaac’s girlfriend Nicole just happens to be currently stationed on. Based on the summary, the author has simply swapped out Isaac and Nicole for Anna and Elsa (which doesn’t bode well for Elsa) which is very common in crossovers – the authors take the story and setting from one source material,  remove the characters, and just slot in the characters from a different source material without really trying to integrate the two. (See: Nightmare Before Christmas: Bambi style) I’ve yet to find a fic of this type that has managed to do this successfully, most are like reading a very long and badly done Mad Libs.

Let’s see if this one is any different!

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1131: FALLEN – Chapters Three and Four

Author: Legendaryicon
Media: Video Game
Topic: Dead Space
Genre: Horror / Sci-fi
URL: Chapter Three and Four
Critiqued by The Crowbar

Aand I am back with the next chapters of FALLEN!

If anyone needs a refresher, the link to the last Chapter is here.

And to stop myself from delaying my torture…

Let the anguished screams of The Crowbar commence!

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1104: FALLEN – Chapters One and Two

Author: Legendaryicon
Media: Video Game
Topic: Dead Space
Genre: Horror / Sci-fi
URL: Chapter One
Critiqued by The Crowbar

[Warning: This fic contains visuals of necromorphs.  If you scare easily and don’t want to see freaky mutated zombie monsters, you might not want to read this one in the dark.  I know that when I formatted it, it started the shit out of me.  -Lyle]

Hello again everyone! The Crowbar Overlord has returned. And this time with a fic about Dead Space! aren’t you all excited?

Also, yes, I made backups.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Dead Space is a game where the protagonist is an engineer named Isaac Clarke who gets sent by his company to check out a distress beacon coming from a mining ship “Ishimura” along with his buddies. Little do they know there are man-eating monsters on board that want nothing more than for every human to die a horrible death of horribleness.

Also, it was all caused by a single object called “Marker” that the ship picked up from a planet. First the Marker caused everyone to go insane and then a weird creature got on board the Ishimura and turned everyone into monsters called Necromorphs.

This is a very basic summary of course, but I hope it’s enough for this riff.

And to keep myself from prolonging my own suffering, I’m going to start riffing now!

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Art-Tastic Sunday – Cosplay Edition!

So, it has come to this. This is the first day in a very long time when the Library didn’t have a riff from our wonderful guests lined up, so instead we’ve decided to post a little fanart. This particular bit of fanart is a bit different from what we’ve done in the past; it’s Issac Clarke’s Level 3 RIG built by DeviantArtist SKSProps and it is stunning.


Dead Space – Isaac Clarke cosplay Level 3 suit

In case you’re unfamiliar with the original, it looks like this;


More images behind the bump!

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544: My Little Necromorphs – Theme “Song”, Chapter 1, and Chapter 2

Title: My Little Necromorphs
Author: zombiekingalex
Media: Video Game/Cartoon
Topic: Dead Space/My Little Pony
Genre: Parody/Friendship
URL: My Little Necromorphs
Critiqued by Herr Wozzeck

Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to another droll Thursday here at the Library. Well, last week, we finally finished that Fire Emblem themed mess that masqueraded as a story with If You Don’t Have Something Nice to say. As anybody would think after reading that piece of shit, I need a fucking break after that shit-fest. So today, we start with a series of shorter fics to cleanse my pallet.

And one of them…? Well, Ghostie was gonna look at this, but I offered to take over for her. She warned me that it was gonna be really bad, but… I dunno. I mean, c’mon, she passed this fic up to do crystal heart’s path! How could this be any worse than that particular train wreck?

*opens the link*

Oh, fuck me

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