Cards Against the Library–The Initial Version Is Here!

Hey patrons! It’s Herr here. Ert ran into some technical difficulties last night, so unfortunately his next installment of From another world is going to be a little bit late today. But don’t fret: it’s coming!

And while it’s coming, I have an announcement about the Cards Against Humanity deck themed around the Library! That’s right, folks: after putting my head in there for several weeks, I (with the help of a lot of other people) have produced a sort of rough draft for the deck.

So, ladies and gentlemen… With 120 black cards and 300 white cards, I present to you:

Cards Against the Library:

Tuesday Announcement: Cards Against The Library!

Hello all. So Ert was unfortunately unable to complete his installment of From another world in time for this week thanks to real life, so Tuesday has become empty for the first time in forever.

But hey, you all know somethin’? That works out for us! ‘Cause lately, I’ve been inspired to do somethin’ thanks to efforts from friends elsewhere on the internet.

So, patrons, how would you guys like to contribute to a custom-made deck of Cards Againts Humanity centered around the Library?

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