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60 Comments on “Suggestion Box”

  1. SuperFeatherYoshi says:

    A Mary Sue most-likely-self-insert character gets a whole bunch of bullshit powers from the Command & Conquer universe, then gets reincarnated in the Game of Thrones universe. Really, this is less “C&C/Game of Thrones crossover” and more “God Mode Sue in Game of Thrones”, given how little presence C&C actually has in this story.

  2. SuperFeatherYoshi says:

    Was planning on snarking this myself, but I’ll probably never have time to finish this given how busy I am with uni right now. So I’m putting it up for anyone to take a shot at. (In the unlikely event that nobody riffs this in the next 2~3 years, I’ll probably get off my lazy ass, actually watch Arpeggio of Blue Steel, and finish what I started)

    Anyway, the badfic: canon defilement (the Soviet Union taking orders from FutureTech, who are their mortal enemies in the game), childish characters (there’s a scene where it’s literally just the three main characters yelling “Fuck you!” at each other), ridiculous lack of common sense (a Japanese warship named “the Yakuza”, which makes about as much sense as an US Navy ship named “USS Mafia”), horrible lack of even the most basic of naval knowledge (C&C style weapons design aside, the author couldn’t even get the IJN battleship’s naming scheme straight).

    So yeah, a treasure trove right here.

  3. SuperFeatherYoshi says:

    Pretty much a one-sided curbstomp of evil!ponies by the humans…Except the author, in a misguided attempt to make the story seem like it’s not complete human wank (it is), threw in some absolutely ridiculous defeats for the human side, like airships somehow blasting supersonic fighters out of the skies with cannons.

  4. SuperFeatherYoshi says:

    Pretty much every bad MLP fanfic cliche all rolled into one: “badass”, TRAJIK protagonist with a bunch of guns, ponies being hostile to him for no good reason, Gary Stu, Wish Fulfillment, and worst of all, having hundreds of upvotes despite all that.

  5. Butters says:
    Person writes awful Brave Little Toaster fanfics, their story a has magical girl lamp with breasts and a vagina that can magically change humans into appliances…If that doesn’t scream Mary-Sue, I don’t know what does. I’ve heard they have a bit of an ego on DeviantArt also, going by the same name. Their stories consist of nothing but filler and pointless dialogue. Claims the “B-movie Appliances” as her own.

    • SuperFeatherYoshi says:

      “their story a has magical girl lamp with breasts and a vagina that can magically change humans into appliances”

      …That is officially the strangest sentence I’ve ever read in my life.

      • agigabyte says:

        Yeah, same here.

        When someone who’s read smut involving “the feeling of his penis” can say that, you may have fucked up.

        • GhostCat says:

          Meanwhile, I’m wondering if it’s the magical girl-lamp that can change humans into appliances, or if it’s just the magical girl-lamp’s vagina that has the ability. Like, do the humans have to be in contact with the magical girl-lamp’s vagina to get transformed?

        • agigabyte says:

          Is it bad that I assumed the latter?

        • SuperFeatherYoshi says:

          I did too.

        • AdmiralSakai says:

          Meanwhile, I’m wondering if it’s the magical girl-lamp that can change humans into appliances, or if it’s just the magical girl-lamp’s vagina that has the ability. Like, do the humans have to be in contact with the magical girl-lamp’s vagina to get transformed?

          I wasn’t imagining contact being required, I was imagining something more similar to “I’ma firin my lazor”.

  6. The Pita for 2018 , CRB says:

    All of these have been sporked / MST-ed at Das Sporking already ( years ago ) but maybe you’ll take them ?

    The first is a Nightmare on Elm Street story featuring a Mary Sue ( complete with curves , pale skin color and purple eye color AND lemon scenes with Freddy himself . )

    Second and third are Aladdin stories and the main female character is a Mary Sue best friend of Jasmine . Jasmine , btw , is involved in a love triangle with Aladdin AND Jafar ( you can easily guess who she chooses )
    The Mary Sue ends up with Genie .
    Also , Genie has sisters Loud , wild , crazy , usually annoying and obnoxious sisters .

  7. Corpse Party Reform
    Made by Xpyro125

    Well, there’s lot of bad grammar, and bad plot. Nothing much to say here.

  8. joshingblock says:

    It’s pretty awful, bad grammar with a story that goes nowhere.

  9. Zues Killer Productions says:!

    A story that features a Jeff!Link, sexual fantasies of a creepy pervert, and a protagonist who likely had a stunted upbringing.

    WARNING: This “creepypasta” contains rape, and lots of it. Also, there’s severe retardation involving the protagonist.

  10. Henry V. says:

    Subnautica: The Truth
    Written by Subnautical
    Author manages to take Subnautica, utterly skewer its message, and then turn it into…SOMETHING involving massive mechs and fish families.

  11. Joey jo-jo Shabadoo says:

    Title: New Universe Three: The Friendship Virus
    Written by Chatoyance
    Comments: My Little Pony in name only A oneshot scenario in a fic of oneshot scenarios. This is a chapter written by a misandric misanthrope, and boy does it show. It is creepy and unsettling, and an insult to guys every. There is no love and tolerate to be found here.

  12. AdmiralSakai says:

    Title: PikaSemeChu
    Written by Yassa
    Comments: If you think the title tells you everything you need to know about this Pokemon fancomic, think again. The Bad Webcomics Wiki claims that

    In an ironic twist, this material, which would normally get an “Atomic Bomb” rating, is too ineptly done to really be shocking.


    once you’ve gotten over the incredibly inappropriate themes in PikaSemeChu, you’ll be bored to tears by it

    Therefore, due to my own bad experience with Love of a Spartan and other padding-fests, I am flagging it as a potential Librarian-breaker.

  13. Lewonx says:

    Title: Vegeta’s Hit List
    Source(s): Dragon Ball Z/Multiple
    Comletely OOC god mode stu Vegeta travels through multiverse and kills random characters that author doesn’t like. Character bashing in the fic itself comes with a bonus of critic bashing in the author’s notes.

  14. Lewonx says:

    Title: The combines reckoning
    Source(s): Sonic the Hegehog/Half Life
    A nonsensical crossover, written in walls of text, that somehow inserts a bunch of Sonic OCs in the story of Half Life 2.

  15. HonestR says:

    Title: A New Island: Fallen Kingdom
    Source(s): How to Train Your Dragon/Jurassic Park
    I have two stories by this author I wanted you guys to look at, let’s start with this one. An HTTYD fic that takes place around the final season of their Netflix series that’s about Hiccup and his friend discovery a lost island of dinosaurs, but then immediately turns into a complete remake of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom despite if the plot makes any sense or not in the time of Vikings. I’m serious, this story one of the laziest yet baffling reads I’ve ever sat through such as…

    – Hiccup and friends finding a dragon eye lens in the wall of their hideout. No extraordinary means of doing so, it’s just there because the plot demands it.
    – The riders get knocked off their dragons by a Mosasaur (somehow) and, instead of getting back on their dragons to fly beyond its reach, they swim all the way to safety, and it works.
    – They meet a red-head girl who just so happens to be named Claire who rides on a Skrill. A dragon that produces electricity and rubber hasn’t even been invented yet.
    – The island is apparently a safe haven where dragons and dinos live in peace. Even dragons that are known to be super aggressive are powerless against its charm like the slitherwings (a snake-like dragon whose body is covered in poison).
    – Claire says that she sees Night Furries come and go on the island, therefore killing all whole drama with Toothless possibly being the last of his kind.
    – Despite this whole story being set before the events of Jurassic Park, there is a raptor on the island which bears a striking resemblance to Blue all the way down to her having no feathers and a blue stripe (even though she only has those stripes because the gap in her DNA was filled in with monitor lizard).
    – Hiccup is immediately fascinated with Blue, because the plot demands it, and wants to meet her also because the plot demands it.
    – Claire and the other rider get trapped in a cave by the villains, and it’s only after being attacked by a baryonyx before Claire remembers she has a ladder installed in the cave for escape. Why didn’t they use it immediately you may ask. Well, then we wouldn’t be able to re-enact the scene from the movie.
    – There are several trivia of dinosaurs except for the baryonyx because if that were to happen then the author would have to say it’s a fish-eater and then we couldn’t re-enact the movie.
    -The island’s decided to just full-on erupt despite there being no signs earlier.
    – The rider performs a successful blood transfusion to save Blue from being shot in the leg with a simple arrow. I repeat, Vikings perform a successful blood transfusion on a dinosaur! And yes they do the same thing where they need to get blood from a T-rex (even though in this version, Blue isn’t the only raptor on the island or who was captured) because that’s how it happened in the movie.

    In case I’m not making it clear, because of the author being so uninspired as to recreate everything in Fallen Kingdom, even if it doesn’t make any sense based on the time period, this story commits the cardinal sin of storytelling. Instead of the characters driving the plot because of their action, consequences, or motivation, the plot drives the characters to do what it wants even if they wouldn’t do such thing in this fashion. Because of this, not only are the good parts of the movie are retold poorly, but the bad parts of the film are told even worse. The only appealing thing about the story is to see just how far this author would go with this premise. Just in case anyone was interested.

  16. Lewonx says:

    Title: Fight for the 7 Chaos and Shikon No Tama
    Source(s): Sonic the Hegehog/Inuyasha/Mortal Kombat/Literally everything
    What starts of as a stupid Sonic, Inuyasha and Mortal Kombat crossover soon turns into the most ambitious fighting tournament fic with the most insane cast of fighters imaginable. It features such matches as Tony Montana vs Inuyasha, Tails vs Randy Orton and Ermac vs Homer simpson. Characters constanly cheat and nobody gives a fuck about it, Cream the Rabbit gets shiped with a real life wrestler and some of the wins are ridiculous and make no sense. And from looking at the autor’s profile he’s not a troll and the fic is 100% serious.

  17. BatJamags says:

    Title: Pikachu: Pokemon Member Of The Justice League
    Author: ZabuzasGirl
    Comments: I don’t know anything about Pokemon and haven’t read through this, but I stumbled upon it (it wasn’t listed as a crossover, just a normal Justice League fic) and figured someone here might be interested in covering it at some point.

  18. BatJamags says:

    Title: Scooby doo meets KISS Cat Man X OC The wolf girl
    Author: destinycopley13
    Comments: I found this and am not entirely certain what to do with it. If nobody lays claim to it I might come back and riff it, but the title and summary alone are mind-bendingly nonsensical, and judging by the first chapter the content isn’t much better.

  19. Phi Szudera says:

    Title: Remembering that Day
    Source(s): Jax189, MachoDionysus14
    Comments: I’ve been reading fic for years and I’ve never been so flabbergasted by a piece of writing before until I found this. It might not even be riffable, but someone needs to see this.

    • SuperFeatherYoshi says:

      Good god, “SAO fanfic about 9/11” already sounds like something out of a bad meme, but the author actually has the BALLS to turn what was supposed to be a tribute to the 9/11 victims into a bullshit propaganda piece about 9/11 conspiracy theories?

      Jesus Motherfucking Christ, this is just disgusting.

  20. Zues Killer Productions says:

    Title: Monika plays Galactic Battlegrounds
    Source: Zues Killer Productions

    Comments: An old, unfinished LP of mine that essentially was an experiment on writing from the POV of Monika playing a game on someone’s computer. Looking back, I think that her characterization might’ve been off a couple of times, and the idea is stale to me.

  21. LionCRBLamb in March says:

    Since I couldn’t decide on just ONE story to suggest and didn’t want to clog the page with too many links , here’s the author’s profile page ( and fics ) instead . There are a few stories featuring FT13th’s Jason and Halloween’s Michael Myers romantically paired with female OCs , along with other fics to choose from .

  22. Brenna Kennedy says:

    Before I give you a rundown of all the flaws in this BS story, I’ll give y’all some background history. This is a rewrite of the movie Rainbow Rocks where the author took umbrage with the word “rewrite” and made it into a EqG/Bayformers crossover that takes place after Age of Extinction. There’s also two sequels that add GI Joe to the fray, but that’s for a different date.

    This story has the all the banes of pretty much every fic reader ever. It has songs within text, terrible grammar and syntax (to the point where sometimes the paragraphs end on an incomplete sentence), a whole group of Gary Stu OCs that are either friends with or dating the Equestria Girls characters, an OC villain who’s incompetent and who overshadows the Dazzlings, the canon characters are reduced to cardboard cutouts, repetitive fight scenes, original songs inserted into the original movie’s plot for no goddamn reason, and a crap ton of plagairism.

    Oh, but to give the story SOME iota of praise, Megatron/Galvatron is the audience surrogate character and the only one who is actually intelligent. But that’s just my opinion.

    • GhostCat says:

      made it into a EqG/Bayformers crossover

      …It’s a what?

      • Brenna Kennedy says:

        Hey. I know it’s been a few hours and I would’ve responded sooner, but I had college classes to attend and horseback riding.

        EqG=Equestria Girls and Bayformers=live-action Transformers movies. Yeah, I know it’s a weird crossover. Believe me, I’ve read that story and its sequels. I’d be more than happy to join you in commentating on it.

      • Brenna Kennedy says:

        EqG=Equestria Girls, Bayformers=live-action Transformers movies

        Yeah, I know it’s a weird crossover. And as someone who’s read this and its sequels, I’d be more than happy to help riff it too.

        Or is what italicized because it’s absurd?

  23. Brenna Kennedy says:

    Whoops. I’m sorry about the two replies. There was a slight lag.

  24. PeetaBread says:

    Title: 4444444444444444444
    Author: neonsparklez

    Comments: The whole thing is just awful; I hope it’s a troll. It starts out as a bad Divergent fanfic shipping the self-insert Mary Sue, Ariana/Aria/Arianiania/etc., with “4444444”. But at least it had something resembling a plot, albeit a terrible one, before it became increasingly random and explicit. (e.g., Ariana randomly gains powers like shooting lazers out of her boobs, at some point she turns into a mermaid, and the last chapter involves “butte seks” with “jeezus”).

    This fic has been going on for two years and they’re still writing, I can’t believe no one has sporked it yet

  25. VG says:

    Title: Latexed Lugia
    Author: ShadowLugia249
    Sources: Pokemon, authors other stories
    Comments: I’m very ashamed that way back I found ShadowLugia249’s stories interesting. I did not yet know enough about fanfiction to discern bad from good fics. I’d love to submit the author as a whole for riffing but that would probably take too long. It’s a latex balloon Lugia tranformation story. It’s all very weird and the author uses many of the same names and ideas throughout his fics. I don’t know how else to describe why it’s bad it just is.
    Quote: “You mean…You’re turning me into a balloon?”

  26. JurassicSnark says:

    Title: Zootopia: True Forgiviness
    Author: Dizzie HamHam Writer

    Intended to be a sequel to borba’s comic “Born to be Alive”, it tries to ‘course-correct’ but doesn’t do it well at all and it shows just how out-of-touch the characters in borba’s work are.

  27. deuueaugh says:

    Title: Emily touches her panties to much
    Source(s): WordGirl
    Comments: Short, nonsensical and full of grammatical errors and highly questionable moments. This review by a Fanfiction user sums it up:

    “I’m so confused what in GOD’S NAME IS HAPPENING?”

    If you’re brave enough, the same author also published a novel-long vomit in the Arthur section depicting characters attending a gay bathhouse and engaging in genital-related fetishes. It suffers many of the same problems and feels vaguely homophobic in some parts. Obviously, it is absolutely not safe for work, if not life.

  28. giftheck says:

    I got a suggestion:

    Title: Of Polygamous Rabbits and Monogamous Foxes
    Source(s): Venomheart The Dreamer
    Comments: There really is little I can say about this story. It’s so poorly-written and seems to misunderstand the characters just as bad as borba, if not worse.

  29. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know if this still counts as fanfiction, but someone needs to takes this story down.

    Title: The Angel of Death
    Source(s): Real-Person Fiction (I guess?), World War 2
    Comments: Josef Mengele x Mary Sue, enough said. At least she dies at the end.

  30. BatJamags says:

    I want to at least leave this thing here so I remember where to find it, if nothing else.

    Title: The Rider of the League
    Source: Justice League
    Comments: This is the most-reviewed and third-most-favorited story in the Justice League section.

    It’s a 129-chapter harem fic.

    Starring a Stu who is also Ghost Rider from the Marvel universe, but not the actual Ghost Rider.

    I want to riff it so bad, but it’s too long. And I’d never keep up with the writer’s update pace, since the frickin’ thing is still active. It actually started after I began my riff of The Shadow Warriors, but it rivals the overall Edgelord Saga (sequels included) for length. I don’t even want to know what’s actually in all those chapters.

    If anybody needs a really long-winded project, take it. If not, I’ll be back… eventually.

    • Anonymous says:

      It also seems to be a crossover featuring everything and the kitchen sink, dragging things like Spyro into the mess.

  31. SnekkyTreethief says:

    went into this expecting a typical crap romance, turned out to be um

    I think it has to be read to be believed, the stuff after the eye roll inducing prologue caught me super off guard

  32. AspiringShoulder says:

    Title: Fate: Zero Regrets
    Comments: Literally a Shirou Peggy Sue with…minimal conflict. Contains a thorough misunderstanding of how humans sound like. Also, a thorough misunderstanding of what Avengers are.
    (It should be noted I was the one who wrote this.)
    (Yes, this is carte blanche to whale on the damn thing. Bonus points for all the legendary weapons you can bring.)

  33. hewlett says:

    Title: Wolfenstein: The New Protocol
    Source(s): Wolfenstein, WarioWare, Call of Duty, Final Fantasy XIII, Sakura Taisen
    This has to be one of the most downright mind-screwy pieces of fiction I’ve read in my entire life. So, the basic premise of the thing is that after Al-Qaeda detonates nuclear bombs in Iraq and Russia declares war against the US, the US government, for reasons that I cannot fathom, decides to send BJ Blazkowicz to train the cast of the WarioWare series in preparation for World War III against Russia and a reborn Nazi Germany (that exists for some reason).
    The grammar is… unspeakable. To say that the author has a tenuous-at-best grasp on the English language would be the biggest understatement of all time. Combine that with the fact that almost every single word is capitalized and that each chapter just drags on and on and on, and you have over 130,000(!) words of utter nonsense trying to flesh out a premise that you’d have to be on drugs from another universe to ever think was a good idea.
    And judging by the fact that this author has written several other fics with similarly ridiculous crossovers, as well as the fact that no troll in their right mind would waste this much time and effort on a trollfic, it’s completely serious. Dear God.

  34. 13Eryn says:

    Title: Pokemon: The Heat of Salazzle’s Passion
    Source: Pokemon
    Comments: Ash becomes a slave to a Salazzle and harem and gross stuff happens. It’s on the Critics United dartboard, so this is gonna go WELL.

  35. Leah Spickler says:

    Title:Kiss of Fire
    Source: Percy jackson and the olympians
    Comments: Pretty bad, may be a troll fic. there is some weird drama with the author and some former friends as seen in the authors notes. Uncompleted but still worth it. odd plot points, specifically one involving a field trip to the moon. kinda unknown from the looks of it. author has another fic but I think this one is worth. classic mary sue protaganist. the odd ppolt is what really sells it for me.

  36. Quartz2006 says:

    Do any of you like Batman? I do! But this fanfiction, OH MY SMOKES GOD! This… This fic is something… Oh and be warned! This fic has r**e, violence, aaannnnddd it’s a JokerxBatman fanfiction…

  37. StreetsAhead59 says:

    So, I remember a long time ago AdmiralSakai did a impressive review of “Sly Cooper: Thief of Virtue”, which was a fancomic of the Sly Cooper series.

    I know the suggestion box is up for grabs by anyone, but I wonder if he’d be interested in revisiting it sorta; I don’t know if he was aware of two extra side stories (both which are divided into four parts) and a short story were written by the author of the comic; the former two sorta explain certain details of the comic, but I would love to see him (or anyone else) go over it and see what they have to say about the writing. The latter just covers what happens with Ned, I guess.

    The side stories are:
    Cold, Cold Heart:

    To protect and serve:

    And the short story:

    • Herr Wozzeck says:

      As I recall, Sakai did briefly mention them at some point. I dunno if he’s got any plans to look at them more in-depth for the moment, though…

  38. Aldo Gomez says:

    Title: Mobile Suit Gundam: the First Contact War
    Written by Ron the True Fan and Takeshi Yamato
    Comments: A Gundam/Mass Effect HFY story. It’s not set in any one Gundam timeline, rather it rips from seven of them, along with giving Humanity early knowledge of the Reapers, to make them absurdly overpowered. It’s unbelievably bloodthirsty as it absolutely revels in the amount of Turians that die in the story. The writing is childishly simplistic. The pacing bounces from scene to scene like it’s on meth. And it ultimately devolves into Turians try to fight Humans, Humans use their overpowered ass technology to absolutely decimate the Turian forces, Humans gloat about how “awesome” they are, Turians are wowed by just how “awesome” the Humans are.

  39. Elysium16 says:

    Title: Illusions and Lies (a Super Smash Brothers fanfiction)
    Source(s): I have no clue what this means.
    Comments: I’m mainly dropping this into the Suggestion Box because I’m not entirely sure if it’s REALLY bad enough for a riff. The idea on its own is solid, even though it makes the fic something of a FINO, but the whole thing is caked in unnecessary grimderp. If the other librarians judge it worthy of a riff, I might write said riff myself.

  40. Elysium16 says:

    Title: Faery Heroes
    Comments: An Adventure (where the protagonists are never in danger)/Humor (where nothing is funny ever) in which Harry, Hermione, and Luna are sent back in time to prevent the world from being destroyed. Along the way, they’ll encounter horrendously OOC characters, stupidly non-canon magic, and Santa Claus. Oh, and did I mention that the author takes every opportunity possible to whine about canon (especially in the disclaimers)?

    Fair warning: This fic goes to some bad places.

    Also fair warning: You’re probably going to want to murder the entire cast a lot, especially in the later chapters.

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