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12 Comments on “Suggestion Box”

  1. SuperFeatherYoshi says:

    A Mary Sue most-likely-self-insert character gets a whole bunch of bullshit powers from the Command & Conquer universe, then gets reincarnated in the Game of Thrones universe. Really, this is less “C&C/Game of Thrones crossover” and more “God Mode Sue in Game of Thrones”, given how little presence C&C actually has in this story.

  2. SuperFeatherYoshi says:

    Was planning on snarking this myself, but I’ll probably never have time to finish this given how busy I am with uni right now. So I’m putting it up for anyone to take a shot at. (In the unlikely event that nobody riffs this in the next 2~3 years, I’ll probably get off my lazy ass, actually watch Arpeggio of Blue Steel, and finish what I started)

    Anyway, the badfic: canon defilement (the Soviet Union taking orders from FutureTech, who are their mortal enemies in the game), childish characters (there’s a scene where it’s literally just the three main characters yelling “Fuck you!” at each other), ridiculous lack of common sense (a Japanese warship named “the Yakuza”, which makes about as much sense as an US Navy ship named “USS Mafia”), horrible lack of even the most basic of naval knowledge (C&C style weapons design aside, the author couldn’t even get the IJN battleship’s naming scheme straight).

    So yeah, a treasure trove right here.

  3. SuperFeatherYoshi says:

    Pretty much a one-sided curbstomp of evil!ponies by the humans…Except the author, in a misguided attempt to make the story seem like it’s not complete human wank (it is), threw in some absolutely ridiculous defeats for the human side, like airships somehow blasting supersonic fighters out of the skies with cannons.

  4. SuperFeatherYoshi says:

    Pretty much every bad MLP fanfic cliche all rolled into one: “badass”, TRAJIK protagonist with a bunch of guns, ponies being hostile to him for no good reason, Gary Stu, Wish Fulfillment, and worst of all, having hundreds of upvotes despite all that.

  5. Butters says:
    Person writes awful Brave Little Toaster fanfics, their story a has magical girl lamp with breasts and a vagina that can magically change humans into appliances…If that doesn’t scream Mary-Sue, I don’t know what does. I’ve heard they have a bit of an ego on DeviantArt also, going by the same name. Their stories consist of nothing but filler and pointless dialogue. Claims the “B-movie Appliances” as her own.

    • SuperFeatherYoshi says:

      “their story a has magical girl lamp with breasts and a vagina that can magically change humans into appliances”

      …That is officially the strangest sentence I’ve ever read in my life.

      • agigabyte says:

        Yeah, same here.

        When someone who’s read smut involving “the feeling of his penis” can say that, you may have fucked up.

        • GhostCat says:

          Meanwhile, I’m wondering if it’s the magical girl-lamp that can change humans into appliances, or if it’s just the magical girl-lamp’s vagina that has the ability. Like, do the humans have to be in contact with the magical girl-lamp’s vagina to get transformed?

        • agigabyte says:

          Is it bad that I assumed the latter?

        • SuperFeatherYoshi says:

          I did too.

  6. The Pita for 2018 , CRB says:

    All of these have been sporked / MST-ed at Das Sporking already ( years ago ) but maybe you’ll take them ?

    The first is a Nightmare on Elm Street story featuring a Mary Sue ( complete with curves , pale skin color and purple eye color AND lemon scenes with Freddy himself . )

    Second and third are Aladdin stories and the main female character is a Mary Sue best friend of Jasmine . Jasmine , btw , is involved in a love triangle with Aladdin AND Jafar ( you can easily guess who she chooses )
    The Mary Sue ends up with Genie .
    Also , Genie has sisters Loud , wild , crazy , usually annoying and obnoxious sisters .

  7. Corpse Party Reform
    Made by Xpyro125

    Well, there’s lot of bad grammar, and bad plot. Nothing much to say here.

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