1824: Batman and The Hunter Chap 1 & The Batman and The Hunter A Lady Waiting Chp 2 – Oneshots?


Title: Batman and the Hunter Chap 1
Author: Lisa Glider
Media: TV Show
Topic: Batman: The Animated Series/”Mythology”
Genre: Drama
URL: Chapter 1
Critiqued by Ghostcat




Hello, Patrons, and welcome to a new fic! No more boring Slender Man halfheartedly chasing an androgynous drone around the forest! This particular fic is listed as a crossover between Batman: The Animated Series (my all-time favorite show and the reason I love Batman so much) and “Mythology”, which seems to be where most authors stick things that don’t really go anywhere else. Let’s take a look at the summary, shall we?

Lisa Glider, a cat gryphoness/princess is held against her will and there’s no one who can save her…or is there? Read on and find out.

:looks up at author’s name:

I think I can spot the SI Sue already. Also, a gryphon (or griffin, both spellings are accurate) is an eagle/lion hybrid with the head, wings, and talons of an eagle and the body of a lion but this particular one apparently has an extra helping of regular cat in her to give her those kawaii desu! kitty ears. And she is a princess. Because that is a thing that can happen, I guess.

Let’s go to the actual fic, shall we?

Gotham City. A place of corruption, crime, and a law breakers paradise. People lived in fear, as mad men steal, rob, and take lives within their own ways. However, a major plan was going change the city forever, not even The Dark Knight would know what to do.

This looks a lot more like a summary than the actual fic summary does.
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711: Miss Midnight – One Shot

Title: Miss Midnight
Author: Venomous Queen
Media: Misc
Topic: Mythology
Genre: Sci-Fi
URL: Miss Midnight – One Shot
Critiqued by Silky

Hello, Patrons! You know what? I had a great riff of a really stupid Slenderman fic all ready to go… and then I accidentally saved over it with this one. Whoops! I couldn’t recover it, so here’s a different fic by the same author, called “Miss Midnight.”

“Miss Midnight” is a pretty short brick-o-text about… well, it’s hard to tell, exactly. Its topic is listed as “mythology,” but it has nothing to do with any mythology I’ve ever heard of. Since I don’t know what’s going on, let’s look at the description for clues!

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155: Independense: Making of Americas and Washingtin: Mayker of Americas – One Shots

Title: Independense: Making of Americas
Title: Washingtin: Mayker of Americas
Author: MightyBadger
Media: Real Life
Topic: History? Filed under “Mythology” on ff.net
Genre: None Listed
URL: Independense: Making of Americas
URL: Washingtin: Mayker of Americas
Critiqued by The Psychic Librarian

Today I have decided to treat all of our readers to a couple of historical accounts of the founding of The United States of America. I want to say straight out that I don’t believe this author’s native language is English. I have no idea what it is but is might as well be Klingon. I have chosen to do these fics anyway because the thought processes behind them are so completely muddled. This author has also written a total of 15 stories including the two I’m highlighting today, and there appears to be no attempt to correct any errors in language, plot formation, names, or reality. He hasn’t even kept consistent misspelling. I’m not sure there was much thought involved in these. Thus I have deemed him fair game. I also have a fondness for history in general and found these hysterical. Hopefully you will as well. In writing this snarklet, I am not attempting to put down MightyBadger for his efforts at learning English or being proud to be in the United States.

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