Art-Tastic Wednesday- Sailor Effect

Ello-ello patrons.  Taco had a little too much on his plate to get his submission up for today, so we fished around for some art to put up.  I decided to volunteer a little gem that I had been sitting on for some time, a work by ElynGontier called Sailor Effect.  I think I’ve made my appreciation of crossovers very clear, so I thought a Sailor Moon/Mass Effect picture would fit a post by me just fine.

It’s a pretty damn big pic, so check out the artist’s original page if you want to see it in full.

Artastic Tuesday

C: How’s Ert holding up?

E: Ugh….argle…blargle….

N: Finals week. So he’s…in an interesting spot.

G: Well what do we have for this week? Where are our scripts?

N: We have nothing. Unless you want to talk about Shakespeare, political correctness or a couple of pages with a bunch of swear words on it.

C: Wait, we have one thing. An art piece.

G: Artastic Tuesday it is. Put it up.

Picture by KitKatInaHat



C: Wait, this is from the fanfic we’re from. From the Ashes. Roger Andrews is on the left, Sheryl Hayha is on the right, and that’s Nora in the middle Is this really relevant?

G: Well, Nora’s in it. That counts for something right?

C: Ert just scribbled a sticky note saying “It’s all I have” on it. So I guess we’ll go for it…damn it Nora, you look messed up.

N: *Buries face in hands* I got into a scrap with a Banshee. Got claws through the torso and wrist too, nearly lost my hand.

C: How’d you get out of that?

N: Managed to snap its neck. Got lucky. We were both on the top of an APC, one of its claws went the roof, and Roger smacked them with the butt of his rifle. He bent them pretty good and it got stuck.

C: Well…that’s what we got for this week…Goeth do a song and dance.

G: *Whips out chainsaw swords* GOODNIGHT EVERYBODY!

Artastic Sunday – Parallel Realities Pokemon Battle!

Whoah, look at that: the first day we can fit in a non-snarking installment that we’ve had in forever! Whatever shall we do?

Well, it turns out we found quite a good thing to do this week.

*clears throat*

Okay, so you remember this chapter of Parallel Realities? Well, as some of you may recall, I made this gag:

Thane and Kolyat entered the area. Kolyat raised his pistol. “C-Sec freeze!”

Kolyat used C-Sec Freeze!

[please insert battle animation here]

It’s not very effective!

Kai picked Kasumi up from the ground by her throat and held her in Kolyat’s line of fire. Kasumi made choking sounds. “I don’t think so.” He glared at the two. “Throw the pistol into the lake or I break her neck.”

Kolyat hesitantly lowered his pistol and then threw it into the lake next to him.

“Very good.”

Kai Leng used Hostage Situation!

[please insert battle animation here]

It’s super effective!

Funny the kinds of things that missing commas create, right?

Well, during the past week, we received a message over on our Facebook page from a fan who drew up a little thing around that. And after seeing it, we decided it was hilarious, so now you get to see this little thing:

Credit to The Time Ninja

Credit to The Time Ninja

Thank you, The Time Ninja! You certainly made my week!

Art-tastic Monday – Visual Aids

Since we have two Librarians currently working on Mass Effect fics, I thought it would be nice to show those Patrons unfamiliar with the series what the different species look like. The authors certainly haven’t gone out of their way to describe them. I don’t know if this could technically be considered fanart since it just looks like the artist cut and pasted still images of the game characters rather than creating original images, but it’s handy to have a cheat sheet when Herr W. and erttheking start throwing around species’ names. (It was a choice between this or one of the many Garrus/femShep pieces out there. I flipped a coin.)


Art-tastic Tuesday – Wrex Cake

Heyo, patrons.

Today, Lyle’s schedule has shifted quite a bit, such that she is going to begin posting on Saturdays again. So don’t worry, you’re going to get the next part of her foray into Shinobi & Wizards: Resolution then.

But for now… Well, I thought I’d do something different today. Mostly, we’ve gotten art in the Art-tastic [Day of the Week] here. But today’s submission is a bit different. Why?

Well, it’s more of a fan cake than anything:

Wrex Cake by BeanieBat

Yes, patrons, this is, in fact, a cake. This artist even made a small step-by-step tutorial of how she made this cake. All things considered, it’s actually quite amazing that the artist made a cake this detailed and this accurate of everyone’s favorite krogan. The artist makes other cakes on her profile, and all of them look absolutely fabulous.