1828: Out Of Darkness – Oneshot

Title: Out Of Darkness
Author: acquabellezza11
Media: Video Game
Topic: Final Fantasy VII / Resident Evil
Genre: Drama / Suspense
URL: Out Of Darkness
Critiqued by TacoMagic

Heyo, patrons!  This week I have a wonderful crossover for you called Out of Darkness and it’s really, really bad.  This wonderful little fic crosses the confusing and obtuse world of Final Fantasy VII with the obtuse and confusing world of Resident Evil in way that’s just… bad.  Really, really bad.

How bad?  Well, check out the summary.

With Time not on Leon’s side, he races to find a antibody cure for a soon to be victim to a new deadly virus to terrorists, someone who Leon is unawarely closer to, than he is lead to think (Read to find out)not sure if im gonna continue this… nobody is reviewing alot

I’ll just let that sink in while I go pour myself another cup of coffee.

*An eventually later*

Now, you all may be thinking, “Sure, Taco, that’s pretty bad, but this obviously isn’t a native English speaker.”  Well, hypothetical voice of the patrons, you would be wrong.  See, this particular fanfic writer also happens to have a Youtube channel.  I won’t embarrass her by sharing it here, but know that she clearly speaks American English in the videos where she talks.  She’s either a native speaker of English, or somebody who is absolutely fluent.

I’ll let that sink in as well. Read the rest of this entry »