2551: Five Nights with Jack – Chapter 6

Title: Five Nights with Jack
Author: mah29732
Media: Video Game/TV Show
Topic: Five Nights at Freddy’s/Samurai Jack
Genre: Mystery/Suspense
URL: Chapter 6
Critiqued by Ghostcat



Hello and Happy Valentine’s Day, dear Patrons! If you find yourself still looking for love in all the wrong places, we have an entire clan of ninjas that can locate damn near anything except missing socks available and they have very reasonable rates.

Welcome to the penultimate chapter! I know, if feels like it’s been going on forever. I gave up keeping count of which night we’re on a long time ago. Third? Fourth? Ninety-fifth? Somewhere in there.

The previous chapter ended on what I guess could technically be called a cliffhanger, as Springtrap had stolen Jack’s sword. Jack will no doubt rush out and reclaim his blade very quickly, so I’m not overly worried about any dramatic tension building. It might cut into the time Jack can spend glaring at things.

Now, on to the fic!

Chapter 6: Finding the Sword

:points into the Void:

It’s over there! Probably.

Jack was in desperate search for his sword, after he had dozed off he discovered it missing, first he began to search within the office for it.

Where exactly is he looking? It’s not like it just fell out of it’s scabbard and rolled under the desk or something. This is a meter-long katana, not a missing pen cap; there’s only so many places a sword like that is going to fit.

Until he realized where it might have gone into being the basement.

Hey, remember that location that was just brought up for the first time ever in the last chapter? What are the chances that the sword would be down there?

For that the samurai had to gear up to face the animaltronics and Springtrap head on.

But … They just stole his gear. Is he going to steal it back so he can get ready to steal it back?

My head hurts now.

He leaped right out of the office passing Foxy and trying to head toward the basement. However, Springtrap was down the hallway waiting for him.

So now Jack’s caught between Springtrap and Foxy in a very short, narrow hallway.

Normally I would say that he is doomed, but I have a feeling something stupid and implausible is going to happen very soom. Maybe the floor will give way and everyone except Jack will fall into a burning pit of sulfur.

“I don’t think you’ll escape samurai, look who’s behind you!” laughed Springtrap.

If the answer is anything except Foxy, whom Jack dodged past mere seconds ago. I’m going to be pissed.

Jack turned around as Chica tried to charge at him,


Where the frickin’ hell did Chica come from? And why didn’t Jack hear all there animatronics congregating outside his door? Did he not check the video feeds, maybe give them a quick glare, before storming out of the office like a teenager having a tantrum?

Jack did a backflip right over her and pushed her to the ground.

In a very narrow hallway that is partially filled with animatronics?


Not bloody likely.

Soon Bonnie came at the samurai which Jack ended up hitting Bonnie with a chair.


This is a service corridor, not a WWE ring.

“My turn!” laughed Springtrap.

Jack is trapped in the middle of a hallway between two groups of animatronics; what’s keeping them from just running towards each other at full speed and turning him into samurai paste in the resulting collision?

Springtrap charged at Jack trying to use his claws at the samurai, the samurai was able to grab a table and prop it up like a shield as he was pinned down.

I don’t drink nearly enough for this to make any kind of sense.

“That can’t save you forever samurai!” laughed Aku who was watching it with glee as a fly.

I’m utterly shocked that it is working now.

Springtrap leaped right onto the table and tried to smash Jack,

Onto the table that Jack is using as a shield. Right.

the samurai was able to dodge Springtrap with ease,

Because reasons.

which gave the samurai the chance to dash toward the basement.

Instead of literally anywhere else that isn’t a windowless hole in the ground.

“After him he’s trying to find his sword!” cried Aku.

Well … Yeah. You took it away from him so finding it is going to be high on his to-do list.

Springtrap chased the samurai to the basement, as Jack saw his sword,

Which is probably just sitting there in the middle of a big empty room with a giant spotlight shining down on it.

Springtrap leaped right behind Jack and literally grabbed him.

… That is technically what that word means, but not really a good choice in this situation.

Aku who flew in still as a fly changed back to his normal form.

Did I miss the part where he changed into a fly in the first place? I thought he was either a rat or a dog?

“Ah yes, this is where it all ends here samurai, by an animaltronic, and what a fitting end that you will become a robot yourself!” laughed Aku

Wait, what?

When was that ever the plan? The only real plan that was ever disclosed was Aku’s desire to annoy Jack.

to which Aku brought out a panda animaltronic, “Put him in this one!”

This feels more than a little racist, especially since Jack is Japanese and pandas are Chinese.

“With pleasure!” laughed Springtrap.

I think I preferred the animatronics that didn’t talk and just stood around and glared a lot.

Jack however was able to loosen his grip from Springtrap and leaped right over him which he ended up kicking Springtrap into the empty animaltronic Aku had placed along with also knocking down Aku himself.

Because that is a completely plausible series of events that have just transpired. Better not question anything.

“Get off of me you fool!” roared Aku.

Who is he talking to? Jack knocked Aku down but didn’t fall on top of him, and Springtrap is (somehow) shoved inside another animatronic.

Aku then used his laser eye beams to target Jack who was able to dodge the attacks.

Yeah, that’s probably not going to do any collateral damage to the basement they are currently in and cause the building to collapse.

“My sword, I need my sword” said Jack as he was scanning the area not being able to find it.

Was that not the entire reason he came down into the basement? Did he not know that it was down there and was just hoping really hard that it was?

Soon the Puppet had arrived being able to find the sword before Jack and handed it over to him.

Suddenly (and likely from behind) a Marionette! And it’s going to hand-deliver the katana to Jack so he doesn’t have to exert any more effort to get it back.

“Thank you” said Jack which the Puppet nodded.

Now, back into the Void with you until the author needs another deus ex machina to restore the status quo. Or maybe something else involving casual Latin phrases.

Jack charged at Springtrap first, he ended up slicing Springtrap’s arm off and then sliced the other arm as well.

Well, that was certainly a thing that happened.

This isn’t really phrased like a fight; it’s more like Jack made some mundane decision, like whether or not to get sprinkles on his ice cream.

“Evil spirit, you shall harm anyone no more!” roared Jack.

The grammar, it burns us!

And I don’t think Springtrap is going to win the Tri-County Hugging Championships any time soon, but they are probably still fully capable of inflicting blunt force trauma on someone.

Jack sliced right through Springtrap with his sword, slicing him right in half causing Springtrap to soon explode.

Ah. Well. Never mind then.

I feel like I should remind everyone that they are still located in the restaurant basement during all of this eye-lasering and robot-explosions, because I think someone (the author) might have forgotten that little detail.

“No, my ally!” cried Aku.

Oh, no; one of the many robots running around this location has been destroyed just like several others before it! Whatever shall Aku do now?

But as the animaltronic that was once known as Springtrap laid on the floor in pieces, a purple spirit came out of nowhere.

The animatronic was sliced in half and exploded, but managed to fall onto the floor in recognizable chunks?

Damn. That’s a durable machine right there.

Also, the way it is phrased makes it sound as if this purple spirit’s appearance is completely unrelated to Springtrap and it just happened to show up near the robot’s remains.

“Samurai, you’re more pesky than those spoiled brats!” roared the purple spirit,

Since the animatronics have been largely ineffective and Jack has at least managed to cut a few limbs off, I’m going to reluctantly agree with that statement. No one’s exactly winning Employee of the Month, though.

“But be warned, there is but one more night you have here,

Why is it that a random spirit that may or may not have been inhabiting an animatronic in the restaurant basement knows how long Jack has been there and how many more days he’s got to serve? How did it ever acquire that information?

that won’t mean I won’t be able to cause any mischief!”

… Is it possible to brick an ethereal being? Because this thing sounds like it’s had an intimate cranial encounter with a certain fundamental building material.

Jack then turned to Aku.

I guess since Generic Purple Spirit has delivered their ultimatum to do :mumblety-mumble: tomorrow that Jack can just ignore them for the rest of the night. It’s not like they would try to attack him more than once a night; that’s just crazy talk.

“As for you!” roared Jack.

Get you the hot bullets of shotgun mystical sword to die!

Jack charged at Aku with his sword and started to slice the shape-shifting wizard.

He didn’t actually slice Aku, just started to do so. The official action portion of the chapter is over so they can’t do anything too exciting or there won’t be any plot left for the last chapter.

“The sword!” cried Aku.

The sword that Aku left in the basement of the building Jack can’t leave for another day rather than, say, tossing it into a deep marine trench or gluing it to the side of a rocket and firing it into the Sun. If Aku actually manages to get injured, then it is his own fault.

Aku being in his injured state decided to disappear for the time being.


Presumably the author wanted a way to get Aku out of the scene and didn’t want to have to turn him into a rat yet again.

“Samurai, you might have won this battle,

That was barely even a battle.

I am sure my friend would be still around to cause trouble!” laughed Aku,

Would that be the exploded remains of Springtrap, or the Generic Purple Spirit that is still just hovering around awkwardly while it waits for its turn tomorrow night?

“Which means I’ll observe from afar!”

I have a bad feeling that this means the author couldn’t think of enough for both Aku and the Generic Purple Spirit to do, so they sent Aku off in a bus.

Soon it was 6:00 AM

Do you want to get Moon Spiders? Because this is how you get Moon Spiders.

and the animaltronics stopped,

Even though they weren’t really doing anything before that moment.

for Springtrap, he was in a big mess which the samurai had to clean up.

Exploding will do that to an entity.

Why does Jack have to clean up? He didn’t clean up any of the other robots he sliced up, and he’s just supposed to survive the five nights as a security guard, a job that doesn’t include cleaning. Cleaning services are extra.

The samurai was hoping for the final night things would be calmer now that he had his sword back.

Dude, it was missing for probably less than a minute and you literally had it handed back to you with almost no effort expended on your part.

And the animatronics have done almost nothing to Jack the entire time he’s been at the restaurant. I think Foxy pounded on the door once, and there was some attempt made by Chica and Bonnie in this chapter, but the bulk of their interactions has consisted of Jack glaring from the office.

However for the purple spirit that was within Springtrap, he wasn’t going to go down without a fight.

Springtrap exploded, so there really isn’t anything ‘within’ now – it’s all over the basement now. And based on every other chapter in this fic I’m almost positive that whatever fight the Generic Purple Spirit manages to engage in will be brief and resolved within a few paragraphs at best.

14 Comments on “2551: Five Nights with Jack – Chapter 6”

  1. Elysium16 says:

    Happy Excuse-To-Eat-Chocolate Day, everyone!

    …like we need one. *starts scarfing down chocolate*

  2. crazyminh says:

    Soon Bonnie came at the samurai which Jack ended up hitting Bonnie with a chair.


    Um…where did Bonnie come from?

    • GhostCat says:

      Bonnie is mobile – he could theoretically have walked into the hallway at some point and hidden himself in the Void – chairs are not.

      • crazyminh says:

        Theory does not always translate into practice, though.

      • crazyminh says:

        Also…chairs aren’t mobile?


        • GhostCat says:

          Presumably it’s one of the chairs from the party room, or something similar, but even wheelchairs aren’t really known for moving around without some outside force acting upon them. I suppose one of the animatronics could have moved a chair into the hall for some unknown purpose, but they’ve never carried chairs around before and there isn’t really a lot of room in the hall to leave a chair without it getting in the way.

    • crazyminh says:

      Springtrap charged at Jack trying to use his claws at the samurai, the samurai was able to grab a table and prop it up like a shield as he was pinned down

      Table-kun? No!! Don’t let the robot defile you too!!!

  3. AdmiralSakai says:

    Aku who flew in still as a fly changed back to his normal form.

    Oh, good, and here I thought he would have flown in as turnip.

  4. AdmiralSakai says:

    Jack sliced right through Springtrap with his sword, slicing him right in half causing Springtrap to soon explode.

    What even is in one of these anima(l)tronics that’s explosive? Big lithium batteries? Compressed air?

  5. BatJamags says:

    Springtrap leaped right behind Jack and literally grabbed him.

    Usually when I want someone to hold still, I just metaphorically grab them.

  6. BatJamags says:

    Springtrap is (somehow) shoved inside another animatronic.

    Yo dawg, I heard you like anima(l)tronics.

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