2418: Bizarre Billion Beans Blizzard – Oneshot

Title: Bizarre Billion Beans Blizzard
Author: SharanMcQuack
Media: Cartoon / Comic Book
Topic: Duck Tales
Genre: Adventure / Family
URL: Bizarre Billion Beans Blizzard
Critiqued by TacoMagic and Jiwe

*Taco walks into the riffing chamber with Jiwe in tow*

Well, patrons, it’s that time of year again.  Somebody’s five today-

“It’s me!”

-which means I’m on babysitting duty while the crew prepares a party that will hopefully not end in a full-Library respawn event.  Again.

Anyway, since I’ve got Shrimpy with me this week, you should all brace yourselves for my annual family-friendly riff!  This time we’re heading back into the land of Duck Tales fanficion and revisiting an old friend of ours, SharanMcQuack, who’s work I riffed way back in the Library’s second year.  Sharan has been pretty prolific in her writing since her first feature in 2013, but, sadly, I cannot say her writing has improved much.  As you’re about to see, it might actually have gotten worse.

Fortunately for us all, in searching through Sharan’s more recent fics, I was able to find one that doesn’t involve her OC having any dialogue, so we won’t have to suffer through her sitting on the sidelines and making snide remarks at the cast like in the last one.  You’ll still have to suffer through me doing it, but at least it’s only the one of us.

“What about me?”

You’re too young to be snide.


Anyway, let’s start with the relatively non-alarming summary:

Magica siccs a billions beans vs the Bin in an attempt to get the Dime.

While I’m not sure what “siccs” means, at least this is a summary.

“I know!  Sicks is throwing up!”

So far as plans go, throwing up billions of beans at somebody is not the worst one.  Still, gotta be better ways to get ten cents.

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