2416: Captain Rapist’s Quarter-Assed Adventure – Chapter 2, Part 1

Title: Trapped in 40k
Author: Eclipse Pheniox
Topic: Warhammer 40,000
Media: Tabletop Game
Genre: Sci-fi / Mystery
URL: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12486706
Critiqued by Crazy Minh and Major Wade

Hello Patrons, and welcome back to another instalment of Trapped in 40k! I’m your guest riffer, Crazy Minh. Joining me today is Major Wade, and we will be diving into the first half of Chapter 2 today! However, before we begin, a few things:

Firstly, I’m dropping XSGCOM: Mirror Image. After the chat with Hotpoint himself in the comments of the last instalment (which I’m pleased to say was very interesting, and was voiced in a civil manner, unlike many such encounters we have had in the past), I had a revelation. XSGCOM isn’t worth riffing. Sure, there’s gaping flaws in the way it’s written, but most of these aren’t major enough to make serious commentary on. It gets to the point where there’s entire chapters where not much really happens, and there’s others where it’s just hard to find anything to critique. The riff becomes more about trying to find something to MST than actually riffing anything of weight. After rereading the fic, I also realised that things I made a big deal of in the first two instalments were pretty minor, at least when I went back and thought about it. I’d like to apologise to anyone who was waiting for the next riff, but to be honest, I feel that not many patrons were really reading it to begin with.

[For what it’s worth, I just checked the stats, and from what I can tell, readership was pretty average. Not fantastic but, for example, usually about as good or better than installments of The Red Queen released around the same time. – Bats]

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