2081: THE PRINCESS BRIDE: LADY IN WAITING – Chapter Three, Part Two

Author: GaGa4FrightNight
Media: Movie
Topic: The Princess Bride (Movie Version)
Genre: Romance/Humor
URL:Chapter Three
Critiqued by Lyle

Hello, lovelies!  As promised, Lina is getting today off.  Koori is busy trying to teach the honey badger that lives under my desk… something.  I’m honestly not sure what she’s trying to teach it.  Knowing her, it’s best not to ask.  I’m sure it’s ridiculous, and that she will succeed.

Now, onto today’s recap and riff.  Last time on PB:LiW, Fauna twirled her mustache some more, Humperdumb had to pee, and Fauna proved, yet again, that she has the common sense of an inebriated wildebeest.  We left off with her spying on servants that were moving the infamous pink and blue dresses into the bridal suite.

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