2078: Zelda Erotica: The Pegging Princess – Oneshot


Title: Zelda Erotica: The Pegging Princess
Author: The Masked Sage
Media: Video Game
Topic: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Genre: Romance/Humor
URL: Chapter 1
Critiqued by Ghostcat with special guest Syl









Hello, dear Patrons!

This little oneshot is (superficially) from the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild universe, but it’s … Not exactly canon-friendly.

“So says you. Who knows what Little Miss Princess gets up to in her spare time?”

:Ghostie sighs:

You all know Syl, of course.

:Syl winks at the Patrons:

Charming. Let’s begin with the summary, shall we?

“As long as we get to the good stuff soon, dumpling.”

Don’t worry. This fic is exactly what it says on the tin. The author has a whole collection of these fics.

With Calamity Ganon sealed, Zelda and Link allow their love to grow. After returning from an expedition, Zelda can’t wait to show Link her newest Sheikah invention: intimacy technology.

I know the Sheikah were clever and had loads of gadgets, but “intimacy technology”? What does that even mean?

“Bet you a nickel Link fucks a Guardian.”

That’s not a bet I’d want to win. Or even contemplate.

(This story is considered Zelda erotica, and it contains adult themes and content. Critiques RE the style and storytelling are encouraged, so please leave your detailed suggestions/solutions in the reviews.)

:static-filled burst of hoots and whistles:

What was that?

“I’m Skyping with the other Sisters of Sin. They didn’t want to miss Gumdrop’s Thai cooking class.”

Dammit! That was today?

“Don’t worry, Glasses says she can save you some basil chicken.”

Easy on the archeopteryx, please.

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