2029: She’s Got a Little Bit of Raptor in Those Angel Eyes – Chapter 9

Title: She’s Got a Bit of Raptor in Those Angel Eyes
Author: AmazingGraceless
Media: Movie/Book
Topic: Jurassic Park/Jurassic World/Twilight
Genre: Adventure/Family
URL: Chapter 9
Critiqued by Ghostcat





Hello, dear Patrons, and welcome back to the adventures of Raptorpire! Who might actually get turned into a sparklepire, despite several canon rules against such a thing ever happening.

In the last chapter, Jane, the hench-wench of the Volturi, just happened to stumble upon Lex and the boys and some mediocre “action” occurred before she vanished in a bit of convenient flames. I’m still not sure if Jane left in disgust or was set on fire and burned into a pile of ashes within seconds. Time will tell, I guess.

“What was that?” Zach asked as he and Gray walked over to her.

Lex hesitated for a moment, her brain searching for a lie.

Quick, tell him it was a very enthusiastic cosplayer!

“An assassin for a triumvirate of crime lords in Italy,” she said quickly.


That’s not a lie, that’s what Jane actually is! You’re a teenager, how can you be so terrible at lying?!?

“An assassin? She was totally only fourteen or fifteen,” Zach protested.

I think canonically Jane was extremely young when she was turned into a sparklepire, the Volturi waited until she and her twin brother were just barely old enough to escape the Immortal Child rule before turning them in order to “collect” their psychic gifts. In the movies she looks really young because she portrayed by Dakota Fanning, who always looks like she is around twelve years old.

“She’s one of the granddaughters of the triumvirate,” Lex improvised. “Kinda had to be.”

That would explain why she’s a member of the triumvirate, not why she’s an assassin. Presumably there are jobs available to family members that don’t involve murdering people. Someone has to drive the getaway car and dig the shallow graves out in the desert.

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