1958: Star Wars: Shadow War Episode I – Chapter Four

Title:  Star Wars: Shadow War Episode I
Author:  dragonfang33
Media: Movie / Cartoon
Topic: Star Wars / MLP
Genre: Sci-Fi / Adventure
URL: Star Wars: Shadow War Episode I
Critiqued by TacoMagic and Darth Lord Crunchy (Retired)

Hey, Patrons!  Welcome back to Star Wars: Shadow War Episode I, and you’re just in time to see the Celestial Uberwang penetrate deep into the Unknown Regions.

“Must you phrase it that way?”

Absolutely.  Want to handle the recap?

“Very well.  The Jedi boarded their compensation-class Star Destroyer while the Shadow Order landed the bouillabaisse army onto the pony homeworld in hopes of defeating the most overwhelming enemy imaginable:  The Spring Festival Dance Party.”

Sadly, the chapter was not nearly as interesting as that summary of it.  Anyway let’s see what’s in store for us this-

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