1944: Star Wars: Shadow War Episode I – Chapter One

Title:  Star Wars: Shadow War Episode I
Author:  dragonfang33
Media: Movie / Cartoon
Topic: Star Wars / MLP
Genre: Sci-Fi / Adventure
URL: Star Wars: Shadow War Episode I
Critiqued by TacoMagic and Darth Lord Crunchy (Retired)

Unnnggghhh, did anyone get the number of that party that hit me?

*Taco, who is laying on the ground covered in glitter and confetti, lifts his head off the ground to peer around the riffing chamber with blood-shot eyes*

The hell am I doing in Riffcon?

“Such an unseemly display.  Truly you monkeys have no sense of propriety.”

What are you doing here?

“The girls asked me to deliver your latest project.  Given the source material, it was inevitable that you would seek out and forcibly procure my assistance, so I acquiesced.

Another Star Wars, then?

“Sadly, yes.  Crossed with that show about ponies, no less.”

Well shit.  Okay, give me a moment to gather myself and we’ll do this thing.

“Allow me.  Darkwraiths!  Unleash the roughage!”

-*A pressurized blast of coffee and a change of clothes later*-

That was oddly refreshing.  Once you get past being burned by scalding hot coffee, anyway.

“I prefer to think of that as a bonus.”

Hello, dear patrons!  This week we start in on another smaller project: ‘Star Wars: Shadow Wars Episode I’ which has the distinction of being the only Star Wars fics I’ve riffed so far this year!


While we’ve already covered the two canons covered by the fic, it’s worthwhile to note that this fic takes place in an AU that revolves around Emperor Luke Skywalker ruling over a new Jedi Empire in the wake of the events of the New Jedi Order book series.  It’s an AU featured in a handful of fanfics I’ve looked at, so apparently it’s a thing that exists outside of this particular fic.  I’m not sure why this small collection of authors created this AU, as it clashes pretty hard with all the books leading up to it, but I’ve learned that fanfiction AUs rarely bother to attempt to seamlessly merge with the source material.

Anyway, let’s just jump into the summary.

“Must we?”

How else are we supposed to know what’s going on?

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