1806: The Lone Wolf of the Normandy — Chapter 4

Title: The Lone Wolf of the Normandy
Author: SSJ Lone Wolf
Media: Games
Topic: Halo / Mass Effect
Genre: Sci-Fi/Adventure
URL: Chapter 4
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AdmiralSakai and JLT. Troy Fisher

Hello hello all you patrons, happy Independence Day for those of you who can be arsed to care, and welcome back to The Lone Wolf Of The Normandy. Last time, we had a wonderful cycle of people repeatedly asking Noble Stu what the fuck he is and getting unhelpful non-answers, a pervy scene where he saved Tali from her gunshot wound using techniques that really should have killed her, and the long-awaited reconciliation with the Systems Alliance where they agreed not to lock him away forever for his violent and just plain dickish actions so far and he agreed to perform such actions with slightly lower frequency onboard the Normandy. Oh, and there was plot regurgitation. Lots and lots of plot regurgitation.

Amorous Counter: 33

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Chapter Four is called “The SSV Normandy part 1”, which is strange because the next chapter is called “Therum part 1”. I could actually see this sort of setup making sense if there was a chapter that dealt primarily with one topic, then a chapter that dealt with something else, then a chapter that went back and resolved the first thing, but I think it’s more likely that this entire story was just written with no outline or sense of basic pacing.

Sitting back in the hanger bay, where he was only a few hours ago was the Spartan-III commando, Noble Six. He was currently sitting on a crate that supported the weight of his armour. Which was impressive in itself as not many things could support a Spartan that was wearing their Mjolnir amour.

Yeah, I’m gonna call bullshit on that. They can sit in chairs, ride vehicles, and otherwise interact with stuff just like anyone else, so while it might be heavy it’s not actually something that can cause decently-built structures to collapse.”

Also, didn’t one of the Forerunner Bullshit upgrades involve making his armor lighter?

Amorous Counter: 34

Six had been greeted with cold and hateful stares once he arrived with Admiral Hackett and Captain Anderson on the Normandy.

Gosh, I wonder why!

Which would of unnerved a normal man, but B312 wasn’t a normal man.

We can tell.”

He was a Spartan, the best of the best. He wasn’t there to make friends. He was there to kill Saren then he would report to Hackett for his next assignment. It was strange not to be working for the UNSC as he had done most of his life.

It felt like he had betrayed them in a way, despite not technically joining the alliance.

He betrayed them by… working with an organization that if it were ever to actually encounter the UNSC would be guaranteed to become close allies and might even try to form some kind of joint government with it?

Six needed a purpose in the new universe. He had always had one, always had a mission. A duty to do for mankind.

Didn’t he just say that now his mission is to hunt that Saren guy?”

He felt like he had abandoned his humanity when he got transported to the other universe.

He wondered how his friends were doing. Was Kurt, Lucy, Tom and Jun even still alive?

I don’t know, was they?”

Spoiler alert: They was.

Six shook his head to forget about that. He was stuck there now and wouldn’t be seeing them again. Was he happy about it?….no. But he would just have to deal with it.

The young Quarian he saved a few hours ago was now a member of the Normandy crew. Who once saw the Spartan sitting on his own in the hanger came over to him with her thanking him over and over again.

I’m just glad that ‘thanking’ was all the story had her doing.

Something the wolf of the Spartan-III’s found awkward. Nobody had ever thanked him for anything as to the general public, the Spartans were nothing more then freaks/weapons for the UNSC to use. So why would they thank them?

Because of the massive PR campaign that the UNSC put out about them to boost morale? I mean for fuck’s sake those guys even got their own video games!”

Video games, you say? What a novel concept!

Six just nodded at her telling her it was okay before Tali left for the engine room.

Six saw that the Gunnery chief from Eden Prime glaring at him every chance she got but once Six looked back in her direction she would look away.

Probably because she can tell he’s staring directly at her ass.

She was just lucky that he wasn’t Emile. If it was Emile there, then he would of probably walked over there and ripped her throat out with a smile as he watched her bleed out….that was just the crazy sadistic bastard he was…he never though he would miss the crazy bastard.

Actually, Spartan’d probably do that anyway.”

It really says something that Noble Six is now out-edging the member of Noble Team whose sole character trait was that he was edgy.

The lieutenant also saw that the Commander had recruited a Krogan battlemaster called Wrex, who from the look of him he had seen his fair few fights and the Turian Garrus a C-sec officer who had been after Saren for a while so he joined Shepard to bring him to justice.

Does the author care about them? Apparently not.

Probably because they don’t have armor that shows off their wide hips and long legs.”

The Spartan-III now had an Omni-Tool that Admiral Hackett gave him. It was a necessity of the galaxy as just about everybody had one, as they were used for everything such as hacking, holding credits, dispensing medi-gel and storing data.

Dot was upgrading the Omni-Tool to increase its storage size, hacking speed and making it be able to have her avatar in the Omni-tool.

HOW?!?! She’s a software program!

Hmm, I wonder if she could finally show me how to connect to the Internet and download more RAM for my laptop.

It would be the first forerunner tech Omni-tool making the other’s obsolete compared to his. She was also downloading the Omni-blade for him to use in combat.

Because of course she is.

“Spartan!” The voice of Commander Shepard called him as he looked up to see her standing in front of him. She her hands behind her back looking at him with a look of concealed anger.

She clearly didn’t want him on her ship…not that he cared if he was honest. He was there to do his mission and nothing more.

That, and be a colossal prick.

“Commander.” Six greeted as he climbed to his feet making him tower over her much smaller frame, making Jane swallow slightly as the golden visor seemed to be glaring at her. She quickly gained her nerve again as she glared at him.

Ok, I know Spartans really are intimidating, but this thing about his height is getting increasingly creepy.”

Then… this happens:

“I’ve heard from Admiral Hackett and Captain Anderson that you’ve been ordered to serve on my ship. So I will allow you to stay, however.”

“If you attack my crew again, I will personally hunt you down myself and put a bullet through your skull. if you betray the Alliance is that clear?” Jane said to Six making him want to scoff at her claims but decided to remain silent.

“I said is that clear, Spartan?”Jane repeated with more force.

“For now.” Six replied making her narrow her emerald eyes.

“What does that mean?”

“You do not own me.” Six replied to her blankly getting her to look confused.

“W-what? I never said I owned you.”

“I see it in your eyes.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You despise me..” The lieutenant stated to her.

“Now just hold on a minute! You attacked the Normandy crew, nearly killed a private with your damn clothesline, locked down the Normandy and your trying to make me out to be the bad guy in all of this!”Jane asked in disbelief.

“Would you not do the same?”

“No! I would never harm other humans unless I had no other choice.”

“Did I not?” Six asked her.

“No! We just wanted to know who you were!”

“It was classified.”

“You could of found a different way to get of the Normandy! instead of nearly killing private Maxwell.” Jane told Six. He was the most difficult man she had ever dealt with in her life! Nobody was this hard to talk to…nobody!

“He threatened me.”Six stated to her.

“You threatened the captain.”

“I stated facts.”

“You! You are the most irritating man I have ever come across! Do you know that?”



I’m in awe.

“I do now.” Six stated getting Jane’s eyes to twitch at the large man…..violently.

That sounds highly unpleasant and possibly harmful to her eyesight.

“Your doing this on purpose aren’t you? Your just trying to annoy me but I’m the bigger person here….not in the physical side of course but mentally I am.”

… who talks like that?

“Are we done, Commander?” Six asked her blankly.

“No. we’re not done here, lieutenant Mendez.”Jane told him

We still have like ten more chapters!”

as she took a few deep breaths to calm herself.

“I heard your interview earlier today on the news. Are you a xenophobe?” Shepard asked as she already had to deal with Ashley being one and would rather not have a giant soldier as one and try to stop a fight between say Six and Wrex.

Yeah, we can’t have that happen, it’d be more interesting than anything else in the ‘fic!


“For what reason?”


You know, Spartan, security clearance doesn’t actually protect you from ever having to reveal any information that could potentially make you look bad.”

Looks like Six’s been taking lessons from the US government.

“Will it cause problems on our mission?”

“No.” Six informed her.



“Very well. But know this, lieutenant. I’m watching you.” Jane warned him.


“You may return to your post.” Jane told the Spartan-III getting a nod from him.

“Commander.” Six said with a nod as he sat back down on the crate, while Jane spun around, walked away then started to pull her hair in frustration.

I can entirely sympathize.

Collateral Douchebag Counter: 9

Well….“Dot began to say as she watched Shepard walking away.”That could of gone better.


You know it’s not wise to piss off your new commanding officer……she may not be as experienced as you but she does hold a higher rank.

“She needs to grow up.” Six stated to his partner.

No, you need to grow up.

Are….you taking a dig at her height or?


Why bother? After all, obsessive fixation on height is the narration‘s job.

Oh….well. She probably cares a lot about her crew is all. Most Commander’s and Captains do after all, I mean. Didn’t Carter?” Dot asked making Six frown slightly as he thought about his previous Commander.

It was the first time he had worked in a team aside from training. Carter was a good man and even better Commander. He went down fighting and thanks to his sacrifice. Six and Four were able to reach the Pillar of Autumn to deliver the package to Captain Keyes.

Sadly, he was also pretty much a Perfectly Generic Object in dark blue armor, but whatever.

Jane after her talk with the Spartan went and spoke with her other crew member. She hoped her next conversation with the lieutenant would go better. Stupid giant! Trying to make her out to be the bad guy in this whole situation. He’s the one who attacked the Normandy…even if he was under orders.

After this we get a paragraph each of regurgitated canon conversations between Shepard and her squadmates. Highlights include:

Ash Williams being portrayed as paranoid for trying to protect classified Alliance information from the alien crew members despite Six’s entire reason for most conversations is an attempt to protect classified information;”

Wrex claiming that humans were in danger of extermination by the turians in the Contact War and describing the genophage as the salarians trying to ‘nurture’ the krogan (presumably he meant ‘neuter’);

Garrus being described as ‘calibrating’ the MAKO, which in turn is described as “Something she would soon find out that he enjoyed doing..a lot” because that meme is in no way unfunny or overplayed;

“… and for some reason a call from Shepard’s mother, who comes back to talk about the Spartan.”

Hannah could tell just from the way the Spartan carried himself and the way he spoke he was a veteran of war as she had seen it hundreds of times before in her career.

Wait, being in the military means you interact with soldiers? They never told me that when I signed up!”

Hannah warned Jane not to push him or try to learn who he was because veterans were the easiest to snap and once they did there would be no stopping them.

Well, I’m offended!”

After ending the call with her mother. Jane put her amour on.

Amorous Counter: 35

Strapped her weapons onto her back before she headed down to the hanger to get in the Mako. They were approaching the drop zone to get the scientist Liara T’soni, the daughter of Benezia.

… Wait, they are?

We never even heard about them leaving the Citadel!”

This is the sort of thing that could be solved if the author could be arsed to include even, like, one sentence about their current status at the beginning of each scene. Or, heaven forbid, a location/time stamp.

So Shepard goes back to the hangar deck and tries to figure out who to bring with her on this extraction mission we just learned about, almost immediately returning to Six.”

the Spartan was at the weapons bench taking sorting through an avenger rifle, cleaning all of the parts.

Which is totally something he’s qualified to do with super-advanced Mass Effect guns.”

Is that even something you can do to Mass Effect guns? I always assumed they were nearly or completely solid-state.

So Shepard decided to go over to him. Hopefully this time would go better.

The lieutenant was currently going over all the guns of this new universe, seeing how they worked. While he knew he had enough ammunition to last for a while. Officer Mendez taught all the Spartans to use what was available to them.

Logan had to admit that the no ammunition with their weapons was genius. If not for his slip-space storage then he only have a few magazines for his weapons.

The only downside was that the weapons overheated if fired to much but if only fired in short bursts then he would have no problem with that….unless you counted the sniper rifle that only fire one round before you had to wait until it cooled down again.

He would have to see if Dot could come up with a way to improve them and find away to allow more shot, prevent them overheating so much. It would give the alliance an edge against the other races.

Or, you know, you could just give them some of your five-year-stash of super-overpowered Forerunner weapons…

From what Dot had found out about the citadel council. Six was not liking them. They had made a treaty with the alliance which involved the alliance only allowed to have a certain amount of dreadnoughts where as the Turians and Asari had much more.

From what he could see the council hadn’t even done anything for humanity,

Well, they’re the reason the entire galaxy hasn’t been taken over by krogan or rachnai or geth or batarians yet… they made a whole economy for you, and have been sharing technology and culture…

so he didn’t understand while humanity even made an alliance with them. They refused to believe that Saren betrayed them, refused to believe the word of a witness on Eden Prime, refused to send aid when human colony’s were attacked by slavers or pirates….what good where they?

See above.

Show and Tell Counter: 18

From what I’ve scanned of the weapons.We could make an improved version for the Alliance with the schematic, I could them to send Hackett.” Dot told her partner taking him from his thoughts.

“Good idea.” Six commented. The alliance clearly needed all the help they could get. If it was the Alliance fighting the covenant instead of the UNSC then humanity would have been annihilated years ago.



So, while the Systems Alliance (or Council in general) could wipe the floor with the UNSC if for some reason they didn’t just decide to talk to one another, up against the Covenant things get a little bit more complicated. It’s likely that Mass Effect shields either would not trigger in response to plasma fire at all or would stop the physical plasma but leave it close to the hull where it could just radiate heat anyway, making defense against Covenant naval or ground weapons much more difficult. I’m really not sure how well the armor materials underneath would fare compared to what the UNSC uses, but on the ground at least Covenant shields would be no less vulnerable than UNSC ones to Council-tech weapons.

In space… well, Council-tech ships are much smaller than Covenant ones, and have heat-dissipation limits that likely cap their total energy output- but their small size would also provide them with increased maneuverability (especially since they have a much better control of gravitational effects than anyone in the Halo universe) and would also make them much easier to crew and manufacture. I could see their overall trajectory being anything from similar to that of the UNSC’s in canon- where they regularly win ground engagements but lose space ones- to being like the Rebels in Star Wars, exploiting their superior maneuverability and focusing force on much larger targets to actually put the Covenant on the run.

Of course, the Systems Alliance is also likely much smaller than the UNSC simply because the latter has been colonizing unopposed for five hundred years while the Alliance is less than two hundred years old in total, but I still think Six is not giving them anywhere near enough credit.

So? Do you want me to send them to him?

“Do it, but on a secure channel.” The lieutenant told her. He wasn’t going to give then plasma based weapons…not yet at least, until he was a 100% sure he could trust them.

You know, we should really have a term for Gary Stu characters who have powers that are based on manufacturable gadgets or teachable techniques, but steadfastly refuse to allow their supposed allies or comrades to use them simply because then they wouldn’t be TEH AWSUMEST any more. It’s related to, but not quite the same thing as, the “Reed Richards is Useless” trope, and I vote for the name Stingy Stu.

In the future perhaps he could ensure that humanity had a fighting chance. The council had an Alliance with the systems Alliance. Not the UNSC.

… The fuck does that mean?

Is… is Spartan seriously expecting to start a war between the UNSC and the Citadel Council?”

Yeah, that’s gonna go real well… they’d end up facing a force with unambiguously superior technology, and that is actually large enough to compete with them in terms of raw population and manufacturing capacity, while presumably the Covenant is still burning through their territory back home!

Collateral Douchebag Counter: 10

No, this deserves a second ding, since he’s planning to screw over both the Alliance and the UNSC!

Collateral Douchebag Counter: 11

What you thinking about?” Dot asked noticing he was being quieter then normal.

“Just thinking.”

You okay?” Dot asked with a cheeky smile as she appeared on his visor.


“You think Reach exists here?” Logan asked her, ignoring her remark from before.

Well, I mean yeah, the physical planet probably does; I don’t really know why it wouldn’t… But space travel in Mass Effect is structured much more around the Relay routes as opposed to just three-dimensional ranges, so I really have no idea if it’d have been discovered and colonized or not. If it was, it’d almost certainly be under a different name, and may even have been claimed by someone other than humans.

Well it is possible….I mean from what I can tell we’re in an alternate universe. Humanity history is almost identical until our two time line branch off. The alliance had help advancing their technology.

“The alliance had help advancing their technology”, he says, literally one scene after he asks what the Council has ever done for humanity.

Where as we did it ourselves.” Dot said to him.”Why are you asking?”

“If it’s untouched…”Six began to say before Dot realised what he meant.

Then we could claim it for the UNSC while we’re here.” She concluded.



Yes, let’s ‘claim’ a planet for an organization of whom we are the only extant members in this universe!”

Good God, I think Noble Stu has just discovered the sovereign citizen movement!


It’s a good idea. It could be a stretch however. I can try looking for it but it could be awhile. I’d have to go through hundred of records, ship logs to see if it had ever been located before.” Dot told him.

It’s an Earth-like planet. If it’s been located by a Citadel power, there’s going to be at least a legal claim on it if not already a colony.

“Do what you can.” Six told her as he saw a blip appear on his radar and was approaching him. Six turned around to see the Commander approaching him. She was wearing the same amour that she had on Eden Prime, a handful of weapons on her back and her helmet under her arm.

Amorous Counter: 36

“Lieutenant.” Jane greeted the Spartan who stood straight like a soldier as she approached him.

A soldier acting like a soldier? What are the odds!?

In this story? Pretty damn low.”

“Commander.” Six said stoically.

“Look. I know that we didn’t get of on the right foot, with us attacking you and everything that happened after that, but I would like to start again…a fresh start. If your willing?”Jane asked hopefully.

“Very well.”Six replied making her smile slightly.

“We’re about fifteenth minutes from our drop zone. I want you to come with me, so I can get a good read on your skill’s working within a team.”

Right, because a blind-drop rescue mission is clearly the best way to figure out just how unstable the new guy is.”

“I know from Eden Prime you work good alone, but if you’re going to work with us. Then that lone wolf stuff stays behind” The commander said to him unknowingly repeating Carter’s words to Six when he met him on Reach.

Ooooh, spoooopy…

“Understood, Commander.” Six replied to her. Jane however noticed the hesitation in his voice when she mentioned working in a team.

“Do you have any objections working in a team. Spartan?” Jane asked him.

No, just in general I think this guy objects to the existence of a chain of command!”

“No, ma’am.”Six replied as he looked down slightly.”My previous team died….recently.”

“How recently?”Jane asked him knowing what it was like to lose her entire team.

“Two weeks.”

“I’m sorry for your loss, Lieutenant. I assume you were apart of Noble team. Hence the name Noble Six.” Jane asked getting getting a small nod.

That’s… actually a bit of a big leap to make. Including intuiting that his unit was formally designated a ‘team’ to begin with.

“It’s fine, soldiers die.” Six stated blankly getting Jane to frown slightly. How could anybody just say that so easily? With no remorse almost as if it was an everyday occurrence.

Well, I’m ninety percent convinced that Six is a sociopath, so, yeah.

“Okay then Spartan. Get your gear ready and meet me at the Mako.” Jane ordered the Spartan who nodded at her before grabbing his Avenger rifle and headed over to the he arrived he saw the Turian was who had been working on it.

I think we just accidentally a word. Or five.”

If he had to guess probably calibrating it.

How the hell do you ‘calibrate’ an entire vehicle, anyway? I mean, I suppose there are things on a Mako like the gun sights or steering that could be calibrated, but…

Garrus heard somebody walking up to him, so turned around to see the Spartan that everybody had been talking about since he had arrived on board. The former C-sec officer hadn’t spoken to him for two reason’s.

1) as he looked like somebody you didn’t want to mess with so he stayed out of his way. 2) he had heard the interview he had earlier. so he knew he didn’t like non-humans. Garrus didn’t want to take his chances…’

And yes, that is literally a numbered list in the middle of the narrative. If I have to explain to you why that’s bad, you’re already far beyond my help.

plus he would probably say something awkward and get one of the human slang’s wrong

Yeah, like… uhh… thinking ‘slang’ needs to be plural!”

and end up insulting them.

“So?…I guess we’re on the mission together, Huh?” Garrus said trying to break the tension in the room.

Wait, they are? Shepard never mentioned picking Garrus as the other squadmate up above, she just looked at him like she looked at all the other people in the hangar.

They waste a few paragraphs as Dot tries to help Logan come up with something to say to Garrus, he settles on firearm appreciation, and they have a pointless conversation about sniping which goes nowhere and accomplishes nothing. After that it’s more whining about the other dead or crippled Spartans, before Shepard comes back with Tali.

“How are you doing, Six?” Tali asked shyly as she stood besides Jane.

“Fine, Miss Rayya” The Spartan replied to her.

“You saved my life, Six. You can call me Tali” She wined at him


making Jane and Garrus chuckle at the quarian. She sounded so adorable with her voice.

This ‘fic just never stops being creepy, does it?”

“Miss Rayya will suffice.”Six told the young girl.”We should focus on the mission.” He stated to her making Jane sigh at how blunt he was but none the less agreed with him.

“Right then everybody. Get into the Mako” Jane ordered her team before they all did as they were ordered with Jane getting into the drivers seat. Six and Tali taking the seats in the side of Mako while Garrus sat in the gunner chair.

“So what’s the mission, Commander?” Tali asked from her seat next to Six, who was looking down at the floor with his arms rested on his knees.

” We’re approaching the planet of Therun to find and collect Dr Liara T’soni. The daughter of Benezia. She could have some information on her mother, that we could use against her and Saren” Jane told them.

Because as everybody knows, the best time for a briefing is when you’re in your drop vehicle about to plunge into hostile territory!”

“Would she betray her own mother?” Six asked the Commander making Jane turn her head to look at the Spartan.”We’re a bunch of strangers.”

Couldn’t he have asked this question as soon as Shepard was in the room? Since, somehow, he knew what the mission was about at the very beginning of the scene…

Also, why does he assume it matters whether she wants to help them or not? They’re a whole starship; she’s one kid. It’s not like they need to give her much of a choice.”

“Every bodies a stranger until you say hello.” Jane joked slightly.

That sounds like the sort of thing my grandmother would embroider on a canvas and hang on her kitchen wall.

She wasn’t sure if he found it amusing or not as she stared into his golden visor….it was rather annoying not knowing who was under the helmet.

“Just a joke.” Shepard mumbled.” Going back to your previous question…I truly don’t know, Six. We have though. Its one of our only leads on Saren” Jane told him making the Spartan nod.


“So I see you’ve started using the Avenger rifle now….”Jane said

Santa Claus gave him enough Forerunner bullshit to singlehandedly defeat the Covenant Army and he’s not even gonna use it?”

hoping to make small talk with him.


“Any reason?”

“Field test.”

“You’ve never used one before?” Tali asked Six from her spot next to him.


“How come?” Garrus asked before Tali could making her pout. she wanted to ask him.

“I use bullets.” Six informed the Turian.

“Why would you use bullets in this day and age?” Shepard asked him.

Umm…. everybody but the Covenant uses bullets in ‘this day and age’, actually.”

I would assume he means the distinction between large, explosively-propelled bullets and small, gravitationally-propelled ones, but bullets are bullets regardless of their mode of acceleration.

“Mass effect technology that we use nowadays are superior to simple bullets.”

“We can apply mods to our weapons that do even more damage and we don’t need to carry around magazine’s for them.”The Commander said in a matter of fact tone.

“Untrue.” Six stated to her.


In other news black is white, two equals five, and Logan is a well-adjusted person.”

“What do you mean?” Tali asked making the wolf of Noble team look at her.

“Bullets have more mass to them.” Six told her.”You kinetic shields adapt to the mass of your rounds. Bullets have more mass, hence more damage.” Six told the Quarian who seemed to be thinking on his words.

Ok, so this is another one of those wonderful passages that’s wrong in three or four different ways simultaneously:

1: I have no idea what “You kinetic shields adapt to the mass of your rounds” is even supposed to mean. It sounds like if it were true, the shields would concentrate more power to the point of more massive impacts, which means they would do less damage, but whatever.

2: I strongly suspect that Mass Effect gravi-bullets have a larger effective mass than conventional bullets, because that’s kind of the whole point of using mass-altering fields in a weapon to begin with- by pouring in more energy (?) you can give a tiny needle of a bullet however big of a mass you want. (I think this is also the closest we will get to a road out of Taco’s Fluid-Mechanics Hell, not by necessarily looking at the alteration of projectile mass but at alterations to the numerous different effects that make matter ‘solid’ and how forms of matter with different properties in those areas might interact.)

3: Weapon power is roughly a function of kinetic energy of the bullet, which is determined by its mass times the square of the velocity (and that’s not even considering relativistic effects!). A lighter bullet at a higher velocity will do a lot more damage, and Mass Effect bullets travel at a much higher velocity than conventional ones.

4: We have fairly good ’empirical’ results indicating that, regardless of the specific mechanics behind why, Mass Effect weapons are indeed more powerful than Halo’s conventional-bullet weapons.

Of course Logan didn’t tell them that he was using hard-light rounds that would cause even more damage…he had to keep a few things secret after all.

For… some reason.”

Stingy Stu, remember?

Commander, we’re approaching the drop point now…opening the hanger doors” Jokers voice came through the comms.

“Copy that, Joker” Jane replied to him as she saw the door open up in front of her. Jane started up the engines of the Mako, making it roar to life.

“I guess we’re landing shortly, huh?” Tali asked Shepard.

“Nope” Jane grinned not that they could see as she wasn’t looking at them.

“So….we’re landing now?” Garrus asked uneasily at her cheerful tone.


“Jumping from the ship?” Six asked with a bored tone, making Garrus and Tali look at him like he had lost his mind.

“You got it lieutenant. so everybody sit back , relax and enjoy the Shepard express” Jane said joyfully making Tali and Garrus panic about the sanity of the Commander. Noble Six meanwhile just sat there uncaring about the whole ordeal.

Garrus, like all Hierarchy citizens, did fifteen years of military service. Hell, even Tali has probably seen action movies. They should at least be familiar with the concept of an airborne drop…

“Also, once again, this is really the sort of thing you need to cover before everyone’s in the dropship.”

He had survived worse. plus his amour allowed him to survive falling from space and surviving the fall to orbit.

His armor- sorry, amour– allows him to survive surviving an orbital drop?



*Sigh*… here we go again…

Don’t wait up for me.”

Also, it wasn’t his armor on its own that did that; he had to use a special add-on pack.

Amorous Counter: 37

So this little jump was no big deal to him. it was just another day at the office for Spartan-B312.

And cut! Well here another chapter of The Lone Wolf of the Normandy. I hope you all enjoy it.

Now encase you think Six is talking to much for his character….well he probably is

That, honestly, is the least of his problems.

but I’m to make him talk in short bursts rather then have a long conversation with the crew so it more like…


Rather then….

I am Spartan-B312 of the UNSC. Nice to meet you. You can call me Six or Spartan.” I hope that clears it up a bit at how he talks to people in this story.

That doesn’t excuse his fetishistic use of the word ‘classified’, though.

Or, you know, just him being a douche in general.

So I had Six talk to Garrus a bit unlike the previous story and his little argument with Jane which was a little fun to write. Jane is a full on paragon in this story while Six will be slightly Renegade as he does what it takes to get the job done.

So there a bit like the Yin and Yang of each other, I guess you could say. It could cause problems between the two in the future.

This does not bode well.

This does not bode well at all.


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    Completely unrelated to the story, except maybe for the silliness of shit Spartans do (except this is more or less canon)

    Could someone explain just how the hell this whole plan actually worked?

    Cuz purely going off the dialogue it sincerely sounds as though the Chief himself more or less eyeballed that whole thing, and Admiral Hood- or certainly somebody in charge managed to figure out enough of his plan to have a couple Longswords blow open a hole in the carrier hull

    Iunno, that shit seems like it’d take a lotta proper coordination and communication to pull off is all, could maybe say some stuff was cut out for dramatic effect?

  2. DasCheesenBorgir says:

    sitting on a crate that supported the weight of his armour

    Holy crap they spelled it right for once

  3. DasCheesenBorgir says:

    Spoiler alert: They was.

    Oh no

    They’re going to end up shoehorned into this as well, aren’t they? :(

  4. DasCheesenBorgir says:

    Dot was upgrading the Omni-Tool to increase its storage size, hacking speed and making it be able to have her avatar in the Omni-tool.

    What she prolly could’ve done instead was rewrite the OS into Windows 10 so they could have Cortana with them too

  5. DasCheesenBorgir says:

    “Miss Rayya will suffice.”Six told the young girl.


    • BatJamags says:

      Come to think of it, “Rayya” isn’t actually her surname. It’s Zorah. So Six is just being an idiot, as usual.

      • SC says:

        You know, unless the crewmen of the Rayya and the Neema are all just (x)-removed distant relatives of each other, and Tali is the link between the two.

  6. BatJamags says:

    Mjolnir amour

    There’s a lot of that on the Avengers section of ff.net for some reason.

  7. BatJamags says:

    Six shook his head to forget about that. He was stuck there now and wouldn’t be seeing them again. Was he happy about it?….no. But he would just have to deal with it.

    It’s kinda hard to develop character for someone who’s not at all fazed by anything.

    And I can’t help but get the sneaking suspicion that he doesn’t actually care about stopping Saren, he’s just bored.

    • TacoMagic says:

      Which is fitting, since as a character, he’s also really boring.

      • SC says:

        His most interesting trait was that, prior to becoming a Spartan, he was TOTALLY NOT a pilot in a top secret program that TOTALLY NEVER EXISTED.

        But was conveniently necessary to engage the Covenant ships hanging out in Reach’s orbit.

      • BatJamags says:

        And I mean, we’re told he’s a “lone wolf,” but the only times we see him go it alone are when the mission itself dictates it.

        Again, less personality than the Rookie from ODST despite actually having a voice.

      • SC says:

        Well, there is actually a reason behind the whole “lone wolf” thing not really being all that pertinent in Reach:

        Before you begin the very first mission, as Noble Team is loading into the helicopters, Noble One very plainly tells Six, “hey, I read your file, that lone wolf bullshit ain’t gonna fly here, bud.” And Six, being a guy who follows orders, just kinda shrugged and went, “Kay.”

        …And that’s literally the whole reason.

        Hey, I never said it was a good one.

  8. BatJamags says:

    The young Quarian he saved a few hours ago was now a member of the Normandy crew. Who once saw the Spartan sitting on his own in the hanger came over to him with her thanking him over and over again.

    *Bows head sadly*

    Rest in peace, Tali’s character. You will be remembered.

    But not by badfic authors.

  9. BatJamags says:

    Six saw that the Gunnery chief from Eden Prime glaring at him every chance she got but once Six looked back in her direction she would look away.

    So, if we’ve got Noble Stu’s lust interest narrowed down to Ashley, Shepard, and Liara, pretty much. We don’t know how the author’s going to treat Liara, but Ashley is looking slightly more likely than Shepard.

    Sorry, Ash. In advance.

  10. BatJamags says:

    She was just lucky that he wasn’t Emile. If it was Emile there, then he would of probably walked over there and ripped her throat out with a smile as he watched her bleed out….that was just the crazy sadistic bastard he was…he never though he would miss the crazy bastard.

    It’s been a while, but I don’t remember Emile having that much of a hair trigger. Randomly murdering an ally for looking at him funny seems more up Noble Stu’s alley.

    • SC says:

      Yeah, no, Emile’s biggest dick move was talking shit about Jorge being all feelsy at one point. That was it.

      Though, he did also manly fisticuff an Elite to death after said Elite impaled him through the gut. That’s not a dick move, but if the author cared about making a legit argument about Emile being insane, he’s at least got that detail going for him.

  11. BatJamags says:

    Hmm, I wonder if she could finally show me how to connect to the Internet and download more RAM for my laptop.

    Oh, that’s easy. You just have to delete System32.

  12. BatJamags says:

    “You! You are the most irritating man I have ever come across! Do you know that?”



    I think we all know what this means. Shepard’s going to be the love interest. That is, if she’s not an Awesome McEvil. It all depends on whether we’re dealing with a “Write the idea before thinking it through”-style badficcer or an “I don’t actually care about the story so I’m going to make it as simplistic as possible”-style badficcer.

    • SC says:

      Though, I will admit, either way it goes, it’s kind of interesting to see a fic which goes out of its way to vilify Shepard, of all people, and without attempting to pass it off as Shepard being the ultimate good guy, either.

      Not interesting in a way that I like, but in a way which sparks my morbid curiosity.

  13. BatJamags says:

    Are you a xenophobe?

    OK, first, translate “xenophobe” as “racist.” Second, see what happens when you ask just about anybody if they’re a racist.

    They’ll say no. Because pretty much nobody wants to be a racist.

    Now translate back to xenophobia. That’s why it makes no goddamn sense for Shepard to ask this question, and no goddamn sense for Noble Six to respond…


    … Like that.

  14. BatJamags says:

    From what Dot had found out about the citadel council. Six was not liking them.

    Oh, council bashing! This isn’t overplayed at all!

  15. Jon Arbuckle says:

    “Probably because they don’t have armor that shows off their wide hips and long legs.”

    Not true, look at this sexy beast.

  16. Jon Arbuckle says:

    “… making the other’s obsolete,”

  17. BatJamags says:

    I would assume he means the distinction between large, explosively-propelled bullets and small, gravitationally-propelled ones, but bullets are bullets regardless of their mode of acceleration.

    A bullet’s a bullet, no matter how small.

  18. BatJamags says:

    Also, it wasn’t his armor on its own that did that; he had to use a special add-on pack.

    And it was cooler when Master Chief did it anyway.

  19. BatJamags says:

    This does not bode well.

    This does not bode well at all.

    Man, that bodes the worst.

  20. Leider Hosen says:

    Which would of unnerved a normal man, but B312 wasn’t a normal man. He was a Spartan, the best of the best. He wasn’t there to make friends. He was there to kill Saren then he would report to Hackett for his next assignment. It was strange not to be working for the UNSC as he had done most of his life.

    It felt like he had betrayed them in a way, despite not technically joining the alliance.

    Six needed a purpose in the new universe. He had always had one, always had a mission. A duty to do for mankind.

    *le sigh Do you know what I love the most about these internal monologues in every single wank fest ever?

    *deep breath* Everyone talks like they’re trying to force their lungs out through their esophagus because they are really important and everything they say is of the utmost validity and need to know. Every other sentence is a reinforcement of how kewl they are while meanwhile, my diaphragm feels like it’s dying the slow death trying to force emphasis on every single word, but I am no ordinary user of English so I can-

    *cough hack wheeze* Sorry, I’m asthmatic. But seriously, this same Tryhard tone of voice is used so often my brain made up a cute little Edge Voice just for it. I’d make fun of it more but honestly it’s just tiring at this point.

    • BatJamags says:

      My fallback is Linkara’s Superboy Prime voice. Over in the Shadow Warriors, I’ve assigned Edgelord this nerdy, lispy little high-pitched drone just because it highlights how absurd most of his dialogue is.

    • DasCheesenBorgir says:

      More specific to this kinda wank fest tho, I’ve noticed the whole ‘need a purpose’ thing gets played out pretty half-assedly and pretty often, in conjunction with this kinda tone of voice

      I’ve invoked it myself more than once lol, I get a bit jittery everytime I see it crop up here

    • SC says:

      Between Six and the endless ass-kissing of Sannabe, I’m not sure which I hate worse on the wank-fest chart.

  21. Leider Hosen says:

    “She needs to grow up.” Six stated to his partner.

    *Good Ol’ Fashioned Barstool Clang* Fuck You. *chomps Bradley-level Chill Pills*

    Now for the intemallektional part of my discourse. I don’t wanna get into it too much because he-who-shant-be-named-other-than-that-Bradley-fuck frayed my temper a bit, but I can say from personal experience, it’s pretty obvious when an author has such fragile self-worth they are utterly contemptuous of the very notion of a woman being of more importance than themselves, even when said female is a collection of fucking ones and zeros. It seems Sexism and these ego-boosting SI fics go hand in hand.

    The funny thing is, they ALSO refuse to believe they are prejudicial children because that would hurt their fee fees even more, so they delude themselves into just never acknowledging they are a Shitlord and unironically defend themselves by saying “I don’t see the sexism here,” after writing this sorta shit.

    …It’s actually remarkable how delusional they are, that they continue to defend themselves even when they themselves point out the fucking problem and why they are wrong.

    *Hosen looks down and realizes he’s sinking into the rapidly melting floor* I think I’ll stop now.

    • Leider Hosen says:

      (Hmmm Upon looking back, In THIS ONE INSTANCE, I’m pretty sure that Six is supposed to be in the wrong and you are supposed to side with Shepard. Still, I’ve got my eye on you fic…)

    • AdmiralSakai says:

      Every chapter of this I think I’m finally going to sum all of my complaints up into one review and post it on the story, and every chapter I remember that there’s other things in the next chapter I also want to include.

      • Leider Hosen says:

        Yeaaaaah, like for one I can already see the “romance” between Stingy and Shepard coming in with the subtlety of a B2-Spirit. Honestly, and maybe I’m wrong, the signs are all extremely obvious. The way the author keeps having them “interact” and all the Trajik Backstory baiting Shepherd’s feels, it just seems like obvious set-up.

        Well, I’m all for romance, but Stuble Six has been nothing but contemptuous and condescending towards Shepard and her crew, not to mention outright ABUSIVE. And if that wasn’t enough to charm your panties off, he’s deliberately intimidating Shepard by leering over her like a Michael Myers looking motherfucker and trying to make HER feel guilty for HIS actions even though she’s completely in the right. Can someone say Gaslighting?

        This has all the hallmarks of a TERRIBLE relationship, if this comes to pass. Hopefully not, but I’m pretty sure that’s where this is going.

      • BatJamags says:

        With badfic, you should always expect the worst, and at least you won’t be disappointed most of the time. The operative phrase being “most of the time,” because some authors (EP) will find a way to disappoint you anyway.

        So, I’m expecting Shepard to fall head-over-heels for this dickhead just from watching him fight, and then go all BST and shit for like one chapter before the author starts smooshing them together like a pair of dolls. And I’ll cross my fingers for no brightly colored citric acid-laden fruits to be deployed, because I’m not quite jaded enough to allow myself to predict that. And also so I can be suitably and humorously disgusted when it does happen.

  22. Leider Hosen says:

    Wrex claiming that humans were in danger of extermination by the turians in the Contact War and describing the genophage as the salarians trying to ‘nurture’ the krogan (presumably he meant ‘neuter’);

    Bahhhh Nurture, Neuter, they’re practically the same word! …In all seriousness I HOPE that’s a typo e_0

  23. SC says:

    I think this is also the closest we will get to a road out of Taco’s Fluid-Mechanics Hell

    Careful, he may see this as a challenge.

    • TacoMagic says:

      It’s actually somewhat fair, if indeed Bioware had gone with that as the mechanism of increasing KE. A small projectile fired with an alteration to increase its effective mass would allow you to increase KE without needing physics-breaking velocities (ignoring the fact that mass alteration is magical alien science, of course). In fact, you could feasibly increase the mass far enough that you could fire the round slower than a traditional chemically-accelerated bullet and still do far more damage, though you’d probably have issues punching through armored targets as the frangibility would significantly increase at lower speeds since KE is the square of velocity but momentum is only a product of it (not to mention your accuracy would suffer terribly at any amount of range with slower bullets).

      Unfortunately, via the in-game documentation, that’s not how the technology canonically functions. It states very clearly that they reduce the mass of the round so that it can be sped up beyond normal velocities. To quote the codex itself:

      Accelerator design was revolutionized by element zero. A slug lightened by a mass effect field can be accelerated to greater speeds, permitting projectile velocities that were previously unattainable. If accelerated to a high enough velocity, a simple paint chip can impact with the same destructive force as a nuclear weapon. However, mass accelerators produce recoil equal to their impact energy. This is mitigated somewhat by the mass effect fields that rounds are suspended within, but weapon recoil is still the prime limiting factor on slug velocity.

      So my analysis of why they won’t work still holds. The speeds required to create even the same amount of kinetic energy as a chemically propelled bullet would make Mass Effect weapons eject tiny clouds of mostly harmless super-heated plasma in atmosphere instead of bullets.

      It’s just another example of game developers knowing just enough physics to screw it up.

      • GhostCat says:

        Wait, that’s how the weapons work – by lessening the mass of the projectile to make it go faster? That seems counterintuitive; in order to compensate for the lack of mass in the projectile, you’d have to accelerate it much, much faster than you would a similar projectile with the original mass just to do the same amount of damage. In order to get that “paint chip = nuclear weapon” scenario to work it would have to be going at damn near the speed of light – which according to the relativistic baseball comic on xkcd makes for an ever-expanding ball of death or Taco’s puffs of super-heated plasma.

      • AdmiralSakai says:

        I was more thinking of second-order effects that would 1) make the forces binding individual atoms (or subatomic elements) of the bullet together much stronger, making it harder to disintegrate or vaporise; and 2) weaken the forces that would allow the particles of the bullet and the air to interact, decreasing the amount of energy transferred into the air (although if you do too much of that you end up with neutrino bullets that phase clean through the target).

        Really, I wish that we’d seen… not necessarily the technical details of these processes, but some acknowledgement that there are multiple different parameters that exist and can be ‘tuned’ with various types of ME technology, giving engineers a lot of freedom to design specific weapons or mods for specific applications. Like, shredder rounds versus armor-piercing could in fact involve tweaking the mass-velocity tradeoff to get the level of franging you want.

      • TacoMagic says:

        Once you start doing those sorts of things, though, you have to begin to wonder whether the increased energy cost wouldn’t make other forms of high-energy weapons weapons easier (and more realistic) to pull off.

        Because, in the end, if you have to make the round resistant to atomic fragmentation/pitting, air resistance, and mechanical fusion in order to work, you’re employing more space magic than just saying they’ve got plasma weapons that don’t need ammo and can still somehow project a cohesive plasma blob in atmosphere.

        I think I’m happier just repeating the MST3K mantra than I am trying to make ME’s questionable physics actually work logically.

        • GhostCat says:

          Is the loss of mass a permanent thing, or does it only happen while inside this “mass effect” field? Because the way it looks to me is that the mass is only changed while inside the field so if the field doesn’t extend all the way to the target, as soon as the projectile leaves the area of effect its original mass would return and cause all kinds of fuckery.

      • TacoMagic says:

        It works pretty much like you think. Mass would return to normal as it exited the field. This is how you ultimately increase your kinetic energy beyond conventional acceleration since you’re getting a free lunch on the mass conversion (this is what we call “Space Magic” in the biz).

        I did a workup on Mass Effect weapons a while back in the comments section of some Mass Effect riff. The short story of what happens is that the projectile is going so fast it literally shreds itself at the atomic level when it hits the atmosphere via sputtering, and that’s if it didn’t simply melt and vaporize from slamming into the atmosphere. The energy transfer there would certainly ignite the air in a quick, but fairly localized flash of plasma, but that’s about it. In atmosphere, at best ME weapons would be able to inflict mild burns on targets within about six inches.

      • AdmiralSakai says:

        The big problem is how you handle the conservation of energy in this scenario. Even if the field itself requires energy input in order to change the mass of an object (to prevent it from gaining kinetic energy simply by turning the field off, or rather to make sure that said gained energy actually comes from somewhere), that doesn’t immediately solve the problem of being able to move a very small mass up from a gravity well, allow it to become much heavier, and then drop it for a gain of energy.

      • TacoMagic says:

        This is why I focused more on why the guns themselves wouldn’t work since it delves into physics we actually know, which means proving a lack of functionality can be handled without first having deal with the space magic of Eezo. Since the entire ME universe already depends on aliens developing something which is beyond our current ability to justify, saying that we can’t justify the guns because of that is redundant, and outside the scope of what I was trying to illustrate.

        It’s a much easier and more grounded project to instead show that the guns can’t work even if they could function via some mystical alien science.

        A bit of a nuance, but I rather liked the excuse to do some math.

      • SC says:

        I posted a single comment and sent three people into a physics discourse. I feel accomplished.

        • GhostCat says:

          I find it moderately amusing that I’m struggling to get through pre-algebra but somehow know enough about physics to understand why the Mass Effect weapons shouldn’t work.

      • TacoMagic says:

        These pigs like to wrastle.

        Seriously, though, I really like talking about physics. And I really like talking about talking about physics.

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