1766: Tales of Vesperia 2: The Blastia Age Restored – Chapter Six, Part One

Title: Tales of Vesperia 2: The Blastia Age Restored
Author: MrAwesomeMattyDA
Media: Video Game
Topic: Tales of Vesperia
Genre: Adventure/Humor
URL: Chapter Six
Critiqued by SC and Teh Specs

Hello, and welcome back to Tales of Vesperia 2: The Blastia Age Restored, by MrAwesomeMatty! I’m your host, SC, joined by Teh Specs, and last time, Yuri and Repede met up with Estelle and Raven, while Tai was sent off to go be broody somewhere where nobody would have to see it. Tai got a weird feeling that Yuri thought he was a bad guy, so he went to try and clear his name, but was then promptly jumped by the Ginyu Force Schwann Brigade’s best and brightest(?), Adecor and Boccos, who had somehow mistaken him for an assassin of Leviathan’s Claw.

This week, we’re jumping into the next chapter, fittingly titled, “It all goes to hell.” And, might I add, it is so nice to be able to get through chapters quickly again.

Now then!

Well, this day had shaped up to be very annoying to him definitely.

Specs: Kind of like that sentence is annoying to us.

All it started with was a simple beautiful morning with all the chores done so Tai could relax and spend the day lounging around. Then, it went to hell; forced to be a bodyguard for some princess, is kicked out of Halure to go with her, having to fight monsters in which one nearly clipped his leg off, going into not one, but two places with tons of people. And now, these two bogus excuses for knights were pointing their weapons at him. Just… peachy.

This has been a plot summary by Tai.


“Do you have something in your ears, vile fiend? You think you can just walk past us and attack the princess like that?” the short one said.

Considering that you two run the risk of being sent to the hospital after partaking in a pillow fight, I’d say Tai’s actually got the right of things here.

Specs: The walking past you bit, not the attacking Estelle thing.

Yeah, that’s suicide. Especially with Yuri there, now. You think Estelle is powerful? Yuri’s 200 Man Melee is the easiest of the bunch to complete, especially if his gear is up to snuff before you go in. I don’t even bother with strategy, I just hammer B-B-B-A the entire time, even against the bosses from other Tales games.

Specs: That would be circle-circle-circle-X, for PlayStation controllers. And for the record, for anybody who’s not played a Tales game before, that’s the default combo for all combat, all the time, ever.

Look at you, being all smart.

Specs: You using me as a blade-chucking minigun last time hasn’t worn off yet.

Tai glared with a tired look at them, “I wasn’t going to attack the princess; I was just simply wa-”

“Ha! I say, we will not fall for your lies! Agent of Leviathan’s Claw, prepare to taste justice!” the skinny one declared.

“Wait, I’m not apart of this Leviathan’s Claw! What makes you th-,” Tai tried to reason as he shook his head.

“Hah! We caught you lying! You just admitted it!” the skinny one shouted.

Specs: And these are the men who probably got medals and honors when Flynn took office.

They is teh hero.

“No! I said the name because you just rep- … Never mind. Look, it’s not very nice to just go up to people and claim they’re bad guys without proof,” Tai gave up after being interrupted twice and just said to their faces, “Unless you got evidence, then get out of my way.”

“How dare you talk to the imperial knights that way!” the short one scolded him for his attitude as the two.

“Either move or I’m gonna do more than just talk down to you,” Tai threatened as the shadows of his hood covered his face and his evil glare shined through his hood at them, “If you’re smart enough, you’ll catch my drift.”

At which point, several other Knights showed up and steamrolled Tai into the fucking paving stones, because threatening or enacting violence against the Knights is a felony offense that Yuri only got away with because he’s stupid-strong.

Specs: Game Over, reload last save.

Rewinding a bit,

Or we could not?

as Tai began walking up and was stopped by the duo of ignorant knights, Yuri had just tuned back into the conversation that he was having with Raven and Estelle.

Is that how you do POV shifts? Oh, Matty, bro, no!

“Yay! We can travel again, just like we used to, Yuri!” she said, causing him to smile.

“And this will give Flynn a bit of a relief as well. Glad you could spare the time to help us out, Yuri,” Raven said, smirking with him rubbing his chin.

“Hey, I don’t mind. Now…” Yuri said, then deciding to investigate, “About that other person who was with you…”

Specs: Alright, alright! That’s enough copy-pasting last chapter’s dialogue! You cut that crap out!

“Oh, ya mean the newcomer kid that was with us?” Raven smirked, putting his hands on his head and tapping his foot gently on the ground carefree.

“Yeah, him. He looked like an odd guy. Mind telling me what he’s doing traveling with you guys and why he’s over there when I come over? It’s kinda fishy if you ask me, just like the old man,” Yuri asked in a serious tone, getting a glare from Raven, but not caring.

“Yuri, it’s not like he’s a bad guy; he’s just not that social,” Estelle said, trying to defend Tai from her friend’s negative labeling, “He’s really nice and friendly, when you get to know him a little… though it takes time.”

“Yeah, Yuri, don’t take the kid as a downer; he’s a really cool guy,” Raven said, winking.

I see Matty is guilty of making all the characters love the Stu, even if they are canonically wary of everybody like Yuri is.

“Well, can you tell me about him, like his name?” Yuri asked.

But fate had a funny way to stopping it before Tai’s name could be cleared… or even said. Suddenly, a knight from the Flynn Brigade came running down the ramp to the trio. He gently stopped and caught his breath for a bit before addressing the old man.

Specs: Why is Flynn sending his own men as couriers? Don’t they have other shit to be doing? Flynn, you’re the Commandant now, get an actual fucking courier!

“Captain Raven!

Nobody in the Flynn Brigade would ever call him by anything other than Captain Schwann.

We have some urgent news!” he said, sounding tired and worried.

“Well, alright! Whatcha got for ol’ Raven?” the old man asked, dropping into his neutral standing pose.

Specs: His what?

“Some monsters have been sighted near Deidon Hold and Halure and they have brought an army.

I thought you assholes already dealt with Brutal?

Specs: Yes, but they hadn’t ever encountered his even angrier cousin, Broutelle.


Flynn is taking care of the situation, but he would like it if you could come back and help take care of the rest of them with him,” the knight said, bowing and then after taking his leave, hurried back.

“He would like it?” He’s the fuckmothering Commandant, and Raven is under his employ, he can just order Raven’s ass back if he feels it’s necessary.

“Well, I guess that’s ol’ Raven’s cue to get back there and help him clean those monsters out,” Raven said, turning to the other two, “Shall we all com’ together and get to wipin’ them out?”

“I’m ready,” Estelle said, nodded as she looked serious.

“I guess I’m coming too. Nobody gets to kick Flynn’s butt besides me,” Yuri said, smirking as he looked down to his partner, “Right, Repede?”

As the dog tuned in and barked in agreement, the man nodded and turned to Raven, “All right, let’s make our way to Deidon Hold,”

Aaaaand scen-

and then the group turned and ran towards the public quarter, the princess and old man forgetting a certain somebody behind.


Specs: And everybody was accounted for!


Yuri and Repede joined the party.


Ugh, I almost forgot that Matty did that.

And that’ll do it for this week! Thanks for reading, folks, and stay tuned for next time! This part seemed longer than it ended up being, so I guess I should think about tackling whole chapters from now on? Unless Matty started making chapters really long as the fic went on, that is. I guess I’ll know when I get there. In the meantime, I’m SC, and on behalf of Teh Specs, I’ll see you next time!

…I finished two riffs within the span of a few days, and the second one took me less than an hour to write. I must be starting to feel better.

Specs: I’m about to feel worse, given that another crappy fight is coming.

Would you prefer if I called in someone less concerned with how swordfighting works to riff that part?

Specs: Like who, Contacts?

I mean, I could.


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  1. TacoMagic says:

    Raven said, smirking with him rubbing his chin.



    Raven smirked, putting his hands on his head and tapping his foot gently on the ground carefree.



    Yuri said, smirking as he looked down to his partner



    *Cerbersheep sits down panting*

    Gotta pace yourself buddy, if I remember correctly this thing is a smirk parade.

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