1756: Love & Bullets – Chapter Nine

Title: Love & Bullets
Author: MissScorp
Media: Comics
Topic: Batman
Genre: Drama/Romance
URL: Chapter 9
Critiqued by BatJamags (BadJamags and GoodJamags)

What do you need us for? count: 12

Dick is a dick count: 7

Bullet count: 0

Hello, once again, patrons! I’m your guest host, BadJamags…

GoodJamags: … And I’m your guest guest host, GoodJamags…

… And we’re back for more of Love & Bullets, the fic where I’ve literally lost count of how many chapters it’s been since the plot moved forward. So far, the format has just been:

Someone points out something entirely logical.

A pointless flashback meant to counter their point happens, but fails to actually address the point.

A cliffhanger happens that doesn’t actually lead to anything different from what we’ve been seeing this whole time.

GoodJamags: So, let’s hope that chapter nine will actually do something.

If it does, it’ll be after the canned author’s note.

GoodJamags: And the line break! Don’t forget the line break!

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