1753: Whatever McGill Can Do I Will Do Better – Chapter 2


Title: Whatever McGill Can Do I Will Do Better
Author: Beowulf the Novelborn
Media: Video Game
Topic: Subnautica
Genre: Adventure/”Romance”
URL Chapter 2
Critiqued by Ghostcat



Hola, dear Patrons, and welcome to another chapter of Subnautica fic!

In the last chapter, which was full of asteroid-punching robots that were far less awesome than that sounds, we were introduced to Nero McGill, son of famed survivalist Craig McGill, who is himself a famous adventurer/explorer/survivalist/Stu. Nero, endangering the lives of everyone on the ship by interrupting an important asteroid-punching mission, saved Lt. Jane from possible death – but only after the aforementioned life-endangering interruption caused her to have an accident in the first place. Nero goes back to his room for some zero-G brooding set to eleventh century hymnal music, but is interrupted by Lt. Jane breaking into his room to give him a thank-you shagging.

Now that we’re sufficiently caught up, on to the fic!

Chapter 2: Brace for Impact

:grabs desk:

There better not be a Wall-o-Text heading my way, those things hurt like hell.

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