1752: Fall to Equestria – Chapters Twelve and Thirteen

Title: Fall to Equestria
Author: doomboom1234
Media: Television/Cartoon
Topic: My Little Pony: FIM
Genre: Sex/Comedy/Human/Random/Romance
URL:  Chapter Twelve
Critiqued by AdmiralSakai and Serketry


This is the part where the ‘fic goes completely off the rails and dives straight into hardcore pony sex. It is definitely no longer suitable for work, school, family, or the faint of heart.

Good luck.

Hello hello, all you patrons, and welcome back to Fall to Equestria!

Last time Loser Martin fucked around at the Bridle Gossip Ponyville Day Spa for another whole chapter giving a ‘massage’ to the proprietresses, then was a dick to Princess Celestia and her guards as part of the process of turning the Princess into a stern, emotionless tyrant. Because that’s never been done before.

Lets see how bad this’ll be this time.

Bad Touch Counter: 34

Chapter Ten is called ‘A pleasant massage’- gosh, I wonder what this could involve??

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